Advertisement Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Mon, May 21, 1866.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, May 21, 1866

By J. 4. Hunt,Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 38 West Thirdstreet, Cincinnati, 0.A Complete Country Seat and Seventeen Acres}on the Harrison Pike, at Auction.On MONDAY AFTERNOON, May 21, 1866,At 4 o’clock, will be sold at public auction, on the premises, that beautiful residenceof E. J. Wilson, Esq., and 17 acres of choice ground. This property is situated on the Harrison Pike, miles from the Brighton House. A portion of the place is laid out in handsomelawn, highly ornamented with shade and evergreen trees, shrubs and flowers; a good stone and gravel road from the pike through the lawn, encircles the house to the barn ; gravel walks to the green-house and kitchen garden. There is a fine orchard of choice fruit trees,consisting of apples, pears, cherries, plums, Ac. The improvements are a substantial 2-story frame dwelling, modern style, 40 by 60 feet, with tower; an 8-foot hall in the center: saloon-parlor and library-room on the left, sitting ana dining-rooms on the right, and kitchen and pantry in the rear; and a wide hall between diningroom and kitchen ; a pump and sink in the kitchen. On the second floor are five good-sized sleeping rooms, with closets in each room, and a small room over the library; over the rear hall is a large store closet; also, one small room in the tower. On the front, cast, and rear sides of the building are convenient porches. The house is papered and grained throughout, with theexception of the rear hall and hack stairway. An excellent well and cistern are convenient to the house. There is aUoa new 2-story barn, 24 by 36 feet; granary and carriage-house, and a good well of water. There is also a wagon, wood, and cow-shed; hen-house, chicken* yard and tenant house of three rooms, near the barn. On the premises is a surplus of evergreen trees that can be disposed of. For health and natural scenery, this is the most pleasant drive or location for a country residence in the immediate neighborhood of the city. Omnibuses pass to and from the city three times a day. The Harrison Pike is being rapidly improved with handsome residences, among which are those of J. D. Minor, Esq., M. Werk, Esq., JT. M. Miller, Esq., Thos. 8. Ireland, Esq., Thos. Morgan, Esq., I. B. Bruce, Esqs., and others.The title is indisputable and sale positive; oh easy terms.Omnibuses will leave my office, 38 W. Third st., at 2^ o'clock. my!3 8uTuThSuMHu