Advertisement Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Tue, May 11, 1971.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, May 11, 1971

Federalart Ruling DueOn Oxnard School Integration(Continued from Page 1)♦he students ac-'the segregation.Juanita, Ramona and RoseAvenue schools’ Anglo populations decreased from 6 to 4 per cent, 4 to 3 per cent andsegregate. it , . . cording to race,” or the resultwhich filed the lawsuit against factors beyond board control, the Oxnard School District .. , .months ago in federal district Undisputed facts in the casecourt. include:Rut Kalkh saiH tho m-nim has The Coionia area, including!1® t0 9 cent after busing. Hut hdlish said the group has . .. R mnna -,nn Rn^ the attorneys said, as a resultdespaired of anv voluntary J.uanj,a’ . ^amona and ™s,e of jh busing- ^licyuriinn inHnHina nHnntmn nt n AvenUC, “IS almost entirely’ 0IU. '[ie U^n 778action, mcluding adoption ot a ... N ... . .:which the board has claimedtt r one of .he steps againstallegedly has contributed de °.f 278 Anglo and 2,031 mmorityjsegregation.^jure overtones” - or a stamp e nic S1*011?5-of government approval — to The northwest area - in-,. . .. noliriesMarina Westlhaveu used th® ;same policieswhich aggravated segregationThe antipoverty attorneys claimed the school board couldde facto segregation recognized eluding Curren,for almost a decade. and Sierra Linda schools, ‘.‘is “PPrrvmandPring” houn-•almost entirely An^lo ” with gorrvmanncring nounThe judge appeared especially | t d t ioDuIation lastidarles- busin§* increasing size of impressed with studies by the November of . AneIo and existing schools through port-school district’s own staff which INOVemDer Angio anajoKU „Ioccw—cindicate that racial segregationmay be harmful to children.‘•I read those with great in- w VrYTn'g t n n“‘Kamala “and terest.” he interrupted, when Harrington, Raraata and347 minority.The south-central area, with Brittell, Driffill, Elm,able classrooms or choosing new school sites — to promote integration.Instead, they charged, allu i • • 11 i three schools built in the 1960s—Kalish started to recite con- mSntitShC ^ HpntS rtS?innlMarina West and Sierra Linda elusions from a staff report on 298^ S|in Predominately Anglo areas,IQ and reading test results of lai\l , ™ minnriiv Angl0!as well as Rose Avenue in theCoionia students who have been and 1,7/4 y„ „ , Coionia - have been designedbused to schools outside the1 Attorney Tom Malley of the to perpetuate and aggravateghetto area Legal Aid Services in Oxnard,“4n investigation of achieve- aided ^ Kalish and Peter RoosmJr k of the Western Center on Lawnment by schools suggests that . Povprtv in , Angelesluanita, Ramona and Rose and 7le7(llm ^ , u g !?’Avenue (Coionia schools) have a['^Ved nJm-ie^HnHnCT the°1q7fu the lowest medians whilel. ,gp, duung 19/0-racial imbalance. Predominantly Anglo Marina West, for example, was enlarged with portables at the same time classroom space was available at McKinna, where the AngloCurren, theifBrittell and Elm are highest,” Kalish was quoting from the staff report. ‘Mexican American, Negro and Miglo pupils at these threeschools . . . exceed Mexican\merican, Negro and Anglo students at Juanita, Ramonaand Rose Avenue (in testoerformance). Thus, it would appear that achievement is Better related to school of at-;endance than it is to ethnicBackground.Asst. County Counsel William ‘Tony” Waters, representing: :he school district, said he was ready to stipulate for the record that school segregation provides ‘inherently unequal” opportunity for children. But he said the district feels it deserves a trial on the question of whether “the distribution off the student population is the result of a concerted policy of the board, intentionally designed to improperly,71 school year have aggravated population was declining.Younger To Probe Reagan Tax LeakSACRAMENTO (AP) - Atty, Gen. Evelie Younger says his office has launched an investigation to find out if Gov. Rea*-gan’s 1970 state income tax return was leaked illegally.“This department is undertaking an appropriate investigation in cooperation with Franchise Tax Board personnel and will take whatever action is warranted by the facts obtained.” Younger said Mondayin a letter to Sen. Dennis Carpenter, R-Newport Beach.Carpenter had asked for the probe, saying state tax returns are confidential by law.Reagan’s office issued astatement last week saying the governor had paid no state income taxes for last year because of business reverses. The one-sentence statement was issued after Reagan was questioned about his taxes at his regular weekly news conference .The Sacramento State College student journalist who first broadcast the rumor that Reagan has not paid state income taxes for 1970, Rosemarie King, has refused to disclose how she came across the information,despite questioning from an investigator from the Franchise Tax Board.