Advertisement Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Tue, May 10, 1955.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, May 10, 1955

Would Cost Millionr!if*By Ralph KaminskyA possible “majoi shoreline park'* in the Oxnard beachesarea costing roughly $! million for the site is a major feature ofa preliminary draft of a master plan which considers $12.9 million worth of potential beach porks In the county.The master plan, covering potential park development overvirtually the entire 42-mlle county coast line wilt 1m* scheduled for a public hearing in ,hme. Planning Director Louis J. Borstel-mann told the County Planning Commission yesterday in «uh-mltting the rough draft | ----------------------........... “*Adoption of the master plan among 20 beach sites for fir*t not only would create a gnide-ipDorit v in acquisition, begin-post to beach park development ’bug at the river mouth, in-but also will create a program elude: \for acquisition of park sites with Gonzales unit, 755 acres, es-ihe assistance of the state Park timated cost, $375,000, McGrath Commission, the report stated, unit, 270 acres, $150,000, Manda-It. pointed out that in March hay unit, MX) acres, $380,000,JO.M the state agency had noil-!Hollywood Keach unit, 273 acres, fled the county that Its alloca- SI20,000 (already owned by thei,tion of $943,250 for site acquisi- county) and the Fab Hollywood 11ion was to be cut and gave as Beach unit. 6.0 acres, $.36,000. one reason the fact that the The 20 beach sites given first county had no apparent plan priority would cost an esti-for beach development. j mated $0.7 million to acquire.31.1-Mile Park The sites are spotted along theI One of the highlights of the county's roa-.t from the Rincon plan is a proposed “Santa Clara1,urea north of Ventura to Sol-he Dunes Beach Park’* which would ts-stretch down-coast, from theto|santa Clara river for 5 Mi milesr\romar Beach near the T.os Angeles County line and totalsome 2u inilrs nf leach frontage.These 20 are considered to beng and have an area of more than te. 1,600 acres.The area would 1m* along “a “Beach areas determined as hems j beautiful. broad i n and would consist of “sancT dunesin,unique in Southern California.”! *ald, adding that nd Here, the report said, “The op-'Binris may he used to purchase las portunities for development of them, so a major shoreline park of unnit usual Interest are great.”sandv beach” big needed jn public ownershipas. early as feasible,” the reportstate parkB A , ,v A -A♦ *Hrcond Priorityv sIn second priority are listedThe proposed park would con- SPVf.n potential park locations, slst of five units, including a totalling 7.4 miles, as areasvas McGrath 1 nit, beginning some,needed in public ownership but 11.000 feet from the Santa Clara«acqulsition of which Js «lt;not urnvrt* and running 27,500 feet, which wouldsuitable for a 270-acre site for a “complete park with locationsgent. Estimated cost i ** $82,3.000.given atThird in priority are seven,, . » . .locations adding up to 5.2 milesfor all sorts of outdoor »port*;wWch w ,rabV for public,*|c«mptn* and picmrkinR as wall ownership. But the report saidas the usual beach swimming. ..... r *____s eetui-toiveigntilsas the usual beach svvtmmtngj^py a,.p “suitable for rosidon-and sunning.tin I occupancy and are compara-0lt; tively costly to acquire. The estimated cost is $5.4 million.The master plan for actual sites adds up to an acquisition of .32.8 miles of coast line. The remainder of the plan J includes consideration of the. ... The first annual Festival of 1 **ort Hueneme and Point Mugnis-,Flowers show, sponsored bv the!^'lt;u‘b M filiations atid beach'o- Oxnard Council of Garden riuhJfro,;u^ W*'! hv ^te for i ... . . . . . .. ______Mrks ant hisrhwav nurrmpcar-IshThe fh lt;' units, allGarden Clubs Flower FestivalPlanned in Junefo-jOxnard et- will be held at the Community Center on June 9 and P|. arrnnffementc. tableer arrangements,and highway purpose? The master plan lavs the development of beach parks in a setting which predicts that bvand horticultural *pecHJM0 vcntura County, it It con-Kntrltmens will be featured.inf* are open to anyone in the community, Both entries and admission to the show are free Ribbons will be awarded towinners following judging o;i the morning of the first day.ifi-thethe*0)1tinues growing at its presentrate, vvill reach a population of290,000.I.iire I viand ResidentsDevelopment of the county’s j beaches will be a lure not onlvZnco ro-Deadline for entry is May 23. 'lt;* thp roun‘v residents but will«r • '~-4r w 1 sflowers11must be at a m. June 0,(’enter by Further information ma\. ’ (attract people from the hot San iFernando Valley. With growing1tfreeway construction the effect..of the beaches “vvill even he,felt in the Snn Joaquin Valiev,” Barker, president of the Oxnardreport statedobtained from*W8frit(‘outicil i Hunterof Garden Clubs, a*3-8181: or from Mrs.The master plan pointed out that beach development in the,pjJames Shaw, Jr.. general chair- county will have a terrific irn-man of the show, at. Hunter pact on Oxnard area roads, mak-.3-2925.The five clubsireor-oro toll ise re.»u Idthenthwmcn compose the council are tho Oxnard Garden Club, Southside Garden Club, Gardenalres,Wagon and Friday Garden Oxnard road (connected to Dempsey road), Woolev road. West Fifth street and Gonzalesroad the major arteries siphon-Welcome ing traffic from the freewaysand the city to the ocean.All Oxnard beach frontage islisted in the first priority of the.... New Trial; To Appeal plan 0lher locations listed arel(‘H CLEVELAND m — Dr. Sani-11 url H. Sheppard today pinnedfor freedom on theDr. Shepoard Deniedi e rtheiersiignburit a niceow-msc.Hollywood by the Sea. 330 acres, estimated cost, $797,000, for \ o-tential use as a small boat har-, . . . . .hor, West Silver Strand Beach,decision nf a three mdse courti2j» ; cre«, S2I.000, and Ea.t O -of appeals i a; will rule this mond Beach. 150 acres. $73,500. month on his plea for a newtrial on grounds of judicial, ...... *TThe Bond Mugu Naval lest chrrmurri i .,i Center’s 3.652 acres are listed atehaoe fne . , V ,3’‘ in estimated cost of $1.6 millionchance for a new trial yes^er- (et1cral governmentMugu afternoon when Judge Bd ward Blythin denied him a new trial on grounds of fresh evi-tell donee.should release all or part of the area.In other sections of the countyfirst priority is given to WestUniversity of California crim- and East Rincon Reaches, Padre inologist Dr. Paul Kirk who Juan Reach, East Dulah Beach,San Miguelito Beach, the Taylor Ranch Beach, all north of Ventura. the San BuenaventurahisII (assisted the osteopath in bill attempt to get a new trial, says from the evidence he gathered in the for’,Dr. Sheppard murder case clef-Reach Bark (now owned b\ the