Advertisement Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Mon, May 3, 1875.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, May 3, 1875

81. BHiNABD. •A Rrand concert will be Riven on ^fjrnday evening,May 23, at Tbamann’s Hall, by the Daytou Brothers’Minatrela, for tbo benefit of Paul Good, a yonng man,a resident of St. Bernard, wbo lost one of bla eyea, onthe 2»th of March, by a Dailfiying into liis face whiletaking down tbo stage at Eckert’s IT all. where a concert had been held the Digbt previous for the benefit ofSt. Clemens Church, in which Mr. Good had taken a The obiect of the concert is very meritorious.