Advertisement Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Mon, Mar 19, 1877.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, March 19, 1877

bT. B£C.\AE1.The Democracy of Millcreck Township met at Eckert's Hall, Saturday afternoon, with ’Squire Kemper in the chair and Boh Kemper aa Secretary, and nominated the foliowing ticket: For Trustees, W. T. Roller, of West Fork; P. McAvo y, of Clifton, and Henry hammers, of Carthage; for Treasurer, J. H. W. Rott, of«t. Bernard; for Clerk, Robt. Kemper, of Ludlow Grove; for Constables, Harrison Allen, of Ludlow Grove, and Nick Blattuer, of West Fork.The Democracy of St. Bernard met on Friday evening and nominated KemySlacke lor Assessor of the precinct.The Republicans of Mlllcreek Township will holdtheir couveution next Saturday afternoon, at HowellExchange (Heor’s Hall), Ludlow Grove, to nominate candidates for township officers.Mr. Aszmau, of Avondale, is spoken of for Treasurer.