Advertisement Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Thu, Mar 14, 1963.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, March 14, 1963

School candidates hold divergentopinions onfacto//By Ralph Kaminskyour erf the five candidates runcussing this have taken a step “It would be asinine to ship we gain anything by mixing in the right direction.” our children across the city toithem?”different schools,” he said.ning for the Oxnard elementarymel”ber1 •*! _..... the NAACP. said I hone the elec- and Mexican people don’t consid-1 horhood schools“1 feel the majority of Negro “completelyThe NACP suggestion wouldschool board of trustees haveourtion will notdivergent opinions on the prob-be on raciallem of “de facto” segregationin the city schoolswoulder the Colonia area as a segregation problem for the schools,”However, three of thethat thew wouldmenDR. CHARLES REACH««IagreetheopposeCP ‘desegregation’’ pro-] further before expressing “De facto segregation is some- Dr. Reach suggested that if opinion on them. “There thing dreamed up by some bu- the NAACP wants to see the shut-hope the district attorneysavs we do not have to do anything.”Dr.may be certain problems in- reaucrat.ftstudentsDrquestioned the va- then the proposed “pairing” ofthe city to end de facto so*re-:.volvKl ta ^anrfemng cluldrengation at various schools as pro- 0,11 one sc'100‘ t0 another, he Iidity of the concept of de facto schools should involve the twoposed by the National Association saif1- '001 ** advantage- segregation, claiming that “it has schools in the Colonia area andfor the Advancement of Colored 0U5*” wt been Proven legally valid.” McKinna and DriffilJ schools,He said he agrees with the both of which have higher per-NAACPproposal needs further study but State Department of Education• «I’d be happy to haul their t entages of Negrosome aspects of it “may not be opinion inai ouimmg a school on •*««. — ■«* U,J* Culbert site children to go to neighborhood And then they can leave theadvantageous.”Theopinions come from incumbent Robert Pfeiler who is seeking re-election, Bert Ham-the controversialmight be de facto segregation., schools where they can walk to rest of us alone,” he declared.“I will accept whatever opinion schlt;K)l and ' can wal!1 to m “If ‘h*“ Pe?Plc are reall’ is lesal on this. he said, refer- of V , «med about being seprcgated iiring to the trustees' request for a .. . quMttooed the wisdom ofithe Colonia they can move oumond, Oxnard High School teach- ](^,a| opinio from fhp district mixmc k,s from a lower eeo- of the area, he saider, Rollo K Van Slyke, I, and! attorney Dr Charles Reach.nomic level with children from Dr Reach said he lives in the wealthier areas.” Brittell School area and “the“It’s rather ridiculous ” he said “'^ese children are poorly mo- people in my area are up in arms Thomas Kane, clothing mer- j0( ^ 35^^ that the ismic ,ivate^ anc* have a ,ower over the NAACP proposal.has been fostered by persons from outside Ventura County. tVIPWS IHe said “the bulk” of mem-• tfttoThe candidates were asked for(bership in the county NAACPtheir opinion of the de facto seg- group lives in Oxnard.regation in the Colonia area “It’s an erroneous o.which became an issue in the say the plan for “desegregationwas the doing of the NAACP, . _ .. , field secretary, he said.They also were asked for their “She was asked to give theunions pf the NAACP proposal board that report. And the sug-pair certain schools in the gestj0ns on the fifth and sixthielection last Januarytoand save on import costs. Your new VW can be waiting forwest side of Oxnard with those m gracJes were not of her making the Colonia to eliminate aegre- The asked speoiftcally toschoolsyou in Europe, if you order now. As your Authorized Dealer, we can deliver vour Volkswagen with U. S. specifications.Following are each candidatescomments:to make the proposals ROLLO K. VAN SLYKEOXNARD IMPORTED CARS“I don’t think there is anysegregation problem in Oxnard.ROBERT PFEILER 7110 Pul)i,s are haPPy in theirDe facto segregation is one of own ^’hools anf^ a niajoiity ol the biggest problems the Oxnard f)aren,s aro satisfied district has ever faced. It's the ^an Slyke sa'd in his opin-same as in Urs Angeles and San ,on ' ihcre ,s racia,j prejudice Francisco. When the larger dis- in j^c c.,fy aa '' wou a ,er'1555 So. Oxnard BlvdHU 6-7317•iiiFree: INim lt;spim! »11 t ra t brorlmri* and prtrr |iM1 NameIiiifiidecide what the solution is 1thing if these people they will set the pattern for the ou^'”e developedAdd ret*ZoneStalesmaller districts.mindsMr. Pfeiler predicted that, the hoard of trustees “certainly will not overthrow the concept of neighborhood schools that has existed in the United States for 200years.MHe said the proposal to “desegregate schools by transferring students from one area to anothercomes from people side the county. They are to do a job.”‘We could solve this thing overstayed out of it,” henight if they said.“I can’t agree with the theory that a Negro child will benefit if he rubs elbows with a child with a better background whohas better aptitudes. No study has ever shown this to be true.There’s a danger of just the opposite happening.“The boy v ith the better background can lose as a result of being forced to associate with the others. He can pick up the standards and attitudes of the person of low intelligence, and that can be disastrous.MBERT HAMMOND“I feel that the board and thedownsnr*ASLOW$ASLowest price quality. 19 Hand-wiredPower transfonscope monopolModel 19T-17.NoMoneyDownUp To36