Advertisement Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Mon, Mar 12, 1877.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, March 12, 1877

THB IKCOBPORATIOS QUMTION'—A MRCT1NG DP THROXIMKKS.Pursuant to notices posted around in several places, a large meeting ol the citizens of St. Bernard and Ludlow Grove was held Saturday evening, at the engine-honee.Mr. Katenkamp was called tuthe chair, and Henry Slacke made Secretary.Messrs. Geo. Knapke and Jacob Rios, the committee appointed at a previous meeting to circulate the petition tor siguatuies in favor of being incorporated into a village for municipal, presented tlieir report, and showed a petition signed by fifty citizens, alt prong erty holders, in lavot of an act of incorporation. The report was accepted.Mr. Wm. Bode stated that he had writteD, on Tuesday, to Representative Dirr, at Columhus, requesting him to forward a copy of the bill authorizing Incorporated village* to annex additionalterritory without the consent of the peopleresiding therein, hut that he had receivedno reply to his letter,'and now, as there was no prospect ot having iwintlow Grove and St. Bernard Incorporated as one village, he was in favor of allowing Clifton and Avondale to gobble them up without any show of resistance.Mr. Audrew Attermeyer then made amotion that the meeting adjourn, which was sustained, the opposition to incorporation being largely in the majority and determined to squelch any further discussion throwing any light npou the advantages of self-inoorporatlon, and evidently being desirous of allowing Clifton and Avondale to annex their territory under the new law without opposition.The public verdict will be “served ’em right,” if theyare gobbled up by existing corporations.There will be another meeting, this evening, of the citizens, at the Engine-house, to discuss the* question of being incorporated, but it is not likely that the Chatrfnan of the Saturday night meeting will be present to be •*bnil dozed.” Mr. Slacke, the Secretary, will doubtless see the thing through.There are four candidates for the nomination of Township ( lerk before the Democratic Convention of Mill* creek Township, which meets next Saturday at Eckert's Hull: Mr. Robert Kemper, Hoary Brockmann, Charles Townsend and J. H. Thamanu.several names liRve been mentioned for Township Trustees, three of whom are to be elected—Beu. Bon-nell and Henry hammers, of Carthage; George Shively.of College Hill; Pat. McAvoy, of Clifton; William T. Roller, of West Fork, and fr r«hk Btoxtermaon, of Ludlow Grove.No opposition is yet named against Mr. J. H. W. Butt, the present Treasurer.Two Constables are to be nominated. Frank Feldman, of Clifton, HaiTlson Alien, of Lndlow Grove, andJohn W*uppenber«er, of Srarchtowu, are the only candidatos yet spoken of.Per Assessor of St. Bernard Precinct Mr. IJenry Slacks is mentioned, and has no opposition thus far.The Mlllereek Township Democratic Convention willbe held at Eckert's Hall, 8t. Bernard, next 8a turd ay at 1 P.Id.,.to nominate candidates for township officers. Each precinct, of whloh tnere are eight, (Carthage, St. Bernard, Bond Hill, Avondale, Clttton, West Fork, College Hill-and Winton Place) is entitled to five delegates.