Advertisement Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Mon, Mar 11, 1878.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, March 11, 1878

ST. IB EIFL IDT-A. :RJD .POLITICAL MATTERS,The MHicreek Township Democratic Conventionwill be held next Saturday afternoon, at 2 o’clock, atHarrison Allen’s (Kemper’s old comer), Ludlow Grove,for the purpose of nominating three^andidates for Township Trustees, one Clerk, Treasurer, two Constables, and one Asanasor for each precinct. It is .staled that Mi. ,r. H. W. Rott will 1m? a candidate for reuoininatiou as Treasurer, and William Stephenson for Constable. Other candidates have not yet made their appearance.The tin 10 for holding a convention for dominating candidates lor officers of the corporation of St. Bernard has not yet been decided upon, hut It will be fixed by theagents of t lie corporal ion. For Council, among others who’ havtj been suggested, are Ernst Manthey, the liorist, Andrew Attenneyer, and Josiali Kay lor. For Clerk, Ii. A. Crew son and Henry Slacke. For Marshal, Robert Kemper, W. H. Rode, and Barney Blochriu r. Ia»uis Kateukump is the most prominent candidate lor MayoriOfat.''i he successful case of body-snatching at St.John’s Cemetery, which occurred last Monday or Tuesday night, mention of which was made in yesterday’s papers, has startled owners of lots who have friends or relatives buried hi that cemetery into a sense of tho necessity of providing for night watchmen to prevent such occurrences in i ue future. It is somewhat strange that a successful ease of resurrecting could occur iu the midst of a densely populated place like St. Bernard, and persons living so near the cemetery. Three or four years ago. when Barney Brookmann was Snj*erinten«l-eut, this thing could not have been successfully done, lor he and his son always main tain oil a night watch,and body-snatchers had no appetite for facing the contents of a shotgun.