Advertisement Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Sat, Jun 24, 1882.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, June 24, 1882

rtietsf to tore bis good judgment.Ar f«»r Je.nahuff** attempt uc umpiring, the least wuid about it w'H|trobabli be I bo bent. Alamnzoo no uonbr makes a good Court-house watlt;*bmnn cwhen the Court house is well anchored), bat whatbe Ut csn't know about umpiring would till two of j the AmorpXMi base bail books. He knows u bat when be, one, and euu with h little study distinguish u ijifcd fnoiu a buao-bag. But vrlien it comes downro a foul ball, a strike or an out, bisknowledge goes teick on him. Much tilings are beyond tne depth of the shallows 01 li's percep-tiou. Jenuliits might do to keep score in a game or craps, but the nob!* calling of umpiring is too rich for Ins blood. \es-ttrdaj‘8 effort to that direction will last him ’ this siinu!ser. No inure will his IU«iHtrto(i3 name muminate t be t ail end of a base- ! ball score in Cincinnati. His patronymic willnevermore roll bein-avb Manager rinyder’s eloquent tongue wbeti he in recittug the names ofumpires to a visit In*^ club tor a enotce to In- madefrom luctu. In tfw- more fimpl. vernacular of the town, fcujder has shot that umpire; rub laid huu from the list. IMr. Jennings wa», tio doubt, honest in bis decisions yesterday. He probably persuaded himself j that bo bad umpired according to Spniding and j Mann, but If be did be was alone in his 1 opinion. The spectators agreed that worse urn- j pn lng bad probably never been done, and the : borne club got it. lie called Summer and Macuiier 1 out on suites twice when both should hare bad j their nase. With Macuiier the effect was to break | him up eomniete'y. i£e retused to give uu out to j Luff in the fourth inning, because, in catching a low-thrown bail, Luff -felt forward onMshamU, and lor this the scorer* had to give Luff an undeserved ei: or. He refused ro give two plain oute to McPhoe at second on men who ufrerward scored in the seventh inning. Ho gave Fuluier out on tlrstwhen the Jaite.r had beaten tlie*. ball by h step.This was in the elguth. where a correct pidgment might huve saved the game to ibe ( incinnatis. !We ni*e not prepared to say tlmt Jennings gave I the game awav, hut we will venture to hkv in allgoou fuiih that good, acinare umpiring would navel mauc a mom wonderful difference in tbe result. I