Advertisement Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Sat, Jun 24, 1882.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, June 24, 1882

I be Cincinnati! loet the toss and went to the field. The Pitttfbitigei* faced McCormick ana retired in order For the t incinimtis .Sommerfor three bases. Harrv was lett at third, however.Ijv Carpenter itvlfcir out. •tp to the seventh 1111110? but three men or the Pittsburg mm: laid faced McCormick In eitheritthiug. Three men had gotteu to 11 rat b;t«e. huttwo Lad I wen thrown out at seeontf iy Powers uud McCbrmiPk enujjbi rho third (Lane) napping ut first. 1'hV seventh though who the fatal Inning. Swart wood was en*ir dtipovcd of uu a Hy to lleCormit k. lhen Mansell lifted a ioul fij u*right, vridett WheCler on ft dead run muffed full two fee! outsold ot the lout line, Jennings tu his stupidity, nowevor, pate it a lair bit decision, and the batter was on second.Hi!* was the turn of the tide, and won tile game tor the visitors,lt;|jh«ter as it may seem, Petat t got11, a eiioCce UU to middle, on whieh ’■,ain-eli scored li ieiuam of Tow is muffing Viactlller’w fhrow to tin plate. Petrie ineamv title gout? • o seeortd. and ouuilitp home ou 1/v.ryT two-n».c«rei to right,tylug the score. Tam hit To Icti aud vjorton toright, bringing in tiuorlier rtnt. I’hcri Btirtef sentiaitf h grounder, who threw iow to the plate and the ball went t*u*t Powers. jetting tn two mot.runs. deCornttek let in the sixth run with u wild pUelij and i Ue crowd hegau to wildly cheer the Pittsburger*. Swart wood made the second out tor him •sell in that inuito:. thus ending ’he eighth uuiiug the visitors ciim iied their % iwt«*t v vs it Li ’ wo earned rutiK off Manncll'M ehuiice fat?. Leary’s tbrecshagger and Latte’s double.t'ne t.'incinuatis inodw u brave rally to wresttue vietory from the visitors, with tiio score eight 11» two ftgaihbt thctu. In the eighth Wheeler led off with t two hugger to center, and ei.ine home ou Cur pi* ft lets mBgft*. Umkory stole second, when i.nfPs Iitr sent httu to third. t.ufl ran down and l*oth came home on McPhee’s hit. Mac, Sk is his custom,-dole second mid I lieu third, but was leftthere, Mnctlller strikingout..In the taut in nine *nu*»iicr nmda a hit, but wasto - -tu _ ]nuetti to lout bis good judgment.A« fur Je.nuiua-* attempt at umpiring, the least