Advertisement Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Sat, Jun 24, 1882.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, June 24, 1882

AFTER MANY DAYSt i - — 11 ———IfTHE CINCINNATI8 ARE FINALLY DEFEATED.■•#. ; fr 11 , ...*•• * *THEY SURRENDERED THEIR THIRTEENTHGAME AT HOME TO PITTSBURG'S BIORATTERS YESTERDAY.AN EXCITING GAME MARRED B'l AN ALLEGED UMPIRE-IFAREWELL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME OF THE PITTSBURGS AT HALF-PAST 3 TO DAY.GAMES AT OTHER PEACES YESTERDAY. ■Well, it is done tat last, and to the big batters iiota Pittsburg belongs the distinguished honor.After winning tvnelve successive games, the On-vienatis were defeated yesterday, after an exeit-1lug contest. * jThe day was lair up to noon, but at 1 o'clock the | western and northern sky became black with •tortn-elonds, and thunder hud lightning ro'ared wnd flashed In the distance. Botli nine* reported on the field to play, but it was with poor hope* of pla.ving the game. The eiub would have willingly’ postponed it till j Monday had wot the Pittsburg managers insisted on playing, it was not believed that five hundred | people would veuture oat, ) c; a few over one thousand paid admission. and theie were besides, u large attendance of ladies. For the condition of the weather the attendance was sarprisingly large. It was raining slowly when the game be-1 gait, and kept at 1* through the first two innings, j when tho clouds thinned and finally broke. The J dav was, after nil. a delightful one tor u gnms of hnlh I •