Advertisement Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Thu, Jul 6, 1876.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, July 6, 1876

LUDLOW GBOYE. *lt;Accidental Shooting.—John Heer, proprietor of theHowell Exchange, wag accidentally shot through theleft hand on the afternoon of the Fourth, pcoduoi^ apainful hut not necessarily dangerous wound. Bestarted out with his shot-gun, in company wit. atriend, to have a pisreon shooting mg Ch. rhey stopped at Babb's'* on the avomie tor some refreshments, ami Mr. Beer treated, tie had his gun by his side and his pocket-book: open to [tay for the drinks, when some one passed behind him md accidentally struck the gun with his foot. The jrnn ttruck on a bench and was discharged, the load lodging u Mr. Beer’s hand. The wound, fortunately, is not of mch a character as to require a severe surgical operation, and amputation will not be necessary.