Advertisement Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Sun, Jan 26, 1873.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, January 26, 1873

JH5at-30-asrd,il,ip-;liem-chtide3U-We use 25,000 pieces tight and slack work eacn sea son ourselves, and it is a good point for selling work outside. Address - w. B. WHITNEY lt;fe CO., Ja22-30t*5p Pork-packera, Columbus, Ind.JoHN STEFFEN Sc SON, DAIRYMEN, NOWhave increased facilities for supplying the citizens of Covington with PURE MILK, in quantities to suit. Clean stables and dry feed in winter, and bine grass pasture in summer. Order through Post-office at Covington ot Latonia Springs, giving name of street and number of house. Ja25-2toi/roN heco iyiends fahnestock.-“Dr. Fahnestock (No. 154 Fourth st.) thoroughly understands his business. Those desiring to nave