Advertisement Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Fri, Jan 18, 1963.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, January 18, 1963

Principals fail to sway opposition to school bondsPteis by two Oxnard schooli is invited |same minimurp qualifications amiprincipals last night failed to dent The CSO first took a stand to receive uniform salaries the determination of the Com- oppose the bonds last week Eddie Flores, treasurer of themunity Sendee Organization to op- Last night s meeting at the CSO CSO, complained that turnoverpose the $3 2 million school bond headquarters drew about 20 per- was heavier among teachers in the plan in next Tuesday’s election. sons. Many of the speakers spoke two Colonia schools. Principals Jim Ingersoll Spanish and then translated in-of Juanita School and Dommgoito English, so that everyone could Martinez of Harrington School de understand. was ^ ^ nm ^niorf that th^ Oxnard Elc’in^ntary, Cloromiro ( a macho* president “Our* present superintendent (Har~ School District wanted to create)of the CSO. noted that part of 0jd DePue) has vowed that he a segregated junior high school the bond money would fo used wants io spend more money here_ * I .1' flhl » m m m .Principal Ingersoll denied this.“There was a time when thisbut not now.” he said.Colonia area The juniorjto build a junior high school inofm _______ „high is part of a 68-classmom the Colonia area, populated almost building project to be financed by entirely by Negroes and Mexican(Continued on Page 20)the bond The bonds also were backed bvAmericansThis is complete discrimination.' he .said “If a school isbuilt here, it would lie T) per cent Mexican or Negro Therefore Defeat of the bonds would lie a this is a segregated school “Ernestine Webb, executive direr tor of the Teen Toppers, a eoun tywidc youth organization“disaster.” Mrs Webb told the( SOHe also complained fhat teachers do not want toShe said that if the bonds dn in the Colonia not pass it would be the children, rathei than adults, who would sul- mona fer_ area smentary schools. Juanil’ goodteachtwo ele-NAACP joinsfoes of bondsThe Oxnard School District’s$3 2 million bond issue on which ..Is, Juan,la and Ha- vn|prs „|(| ras, ba|Jol; wx, Tucvday will le opposed bv the Veii-This denied by Principal tura County chajXer of the Na-tional Association for the Advance-Despite the pro-bonds argu- Martinez, ments, the CSO. a Mexican-Amer- “No child of Mexican descent ican organization. vtXed to hold is forced to go to a specific publican executive board meeting to- school,” he said “There are Mex- NAACP decided last night to take morrow at 10 a m. to mao a icans ui all the school of Ox-ment of Colored People The executive boardof f.hlt;a stand against the bond issue which would finance constructionmap ai icans in campaign to defeat the bonds. Thejnard ” meeting will be held at the CSO He also noted that teachers in 0f ^ classrooms and lead to theoffice, 400 Grant, and the public all Oxnard schools must have the elimination of much of the half-WWW «IMI mmmi !•—■ ■nwnmiiii ■ I ...................................... —.«■»»-•« mi inn mo I'll rnwp»— - ■ mm ■IHM—i—,i—III ■ ■ I —m I —I I day sessions at five of the district's schools.The executive board issued the following statement “The Ventura County chapter of the NAACP opposes the proposedLongshoremen, on strike along jbond issue. We base our opposition upon that part of the issue for Miami on a chartered Red worked at regular pay rates yes- related to construction of a junior90 U. S. citizens leaveCuba on Red Cross planeHAVANA HlPfi - Ninety UScitizens fleeing Cuba left today the East Coast and Gulf ports.plane which earlier had terday to load the ship despite the high school on the Culbert site in five tons of ransom sup- walkout in the colonia area.About am tons were loaded: “,n our opinion this plan reaboard the boat here after it ar- sulLs intn dr fact0 segregation andCrossflownpliesThe departure of the Americanrived from Baltimonarranged with the Castro regime 0j tiie good by the Swiss Embassy represent-U.S. interests here, and Redwith most already aboardmgCross officialsTin•ml= Pan Americancargo on the Shirley Lykes brings to about one-third the percentage of the $53 million ransom --i-., rtpiiv«red to; the prison-is not in keeping with the policies ot our -tate Department of Education‘We support quality education for all children of Oxnard, hou-ever we cantuX endorse segregation in any form