Advertisement Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Mon, Jan 17, 1870.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, January 17, 1870

PROPOSALS.Notice to €lt;mtractors.Grading and macadamizing.~bidswill be receired until the 5th day of Febrnary, 1870, at noon, at the offioe of Robert W. Armstrong, Be-ic/v, own, I** me uluoo wi xvucmrt vy. Armstrong', jrecorder of the Incorporated Tillage of Westwood, forvlt; *dantne grading, macadamiziag and cnlrerta of “Central arenae ” formerly Armstrong road, in said Tillage,—^ ~ . - i._ _____ -__is 1 _ _ a — ^ __-Plats of surrey, profile and specifications can he seen said office. Bids to specify the price of each part ofat ______ .... . . _____the work separately. The right to reject all bids is reserred. By order of Council,F. W. SCHWART*, FRED. OBHLMAR.wm. b. davis,ial5-6t Committee on Itnprorementew n^a nn/tu/iu 4 I y rt l fl W I?