Advertisement Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Sun, Jan 1, 1882.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, January 1, 1882

The Narrow Gauge CcmQiutera Define TheirPosition.About forty commuters of the Westwood Narrow Gauge met at tho Town Hall, last Friday night, to : protest against the proposed increase in fare on the Westwood Kaiiroad, and to provide other means I of transportation.t The Rev. Dr. Baumes, Chairman of the committee appointed to wait upon the Directors, and present the resolutions adopted at the last meeting of the commuters, reported that they had a conference with some of the Directors on Monday night, hut nothing definite was decided upon* Later in the week he had received a communication from the management stating that they would remove the quarterly tiokets, butwould retain tho monthlies (an increase of $1 a month over the old rates).A question from a commuter revealed the fact that ihe good Doctor had neglected to deliver the | resolutions to the Directors. He staled, iu explanation, that the committee decided that it would le poor policy to presept them, as it would wound tho feeiiegs of the Directors, and would tend lo w iden tho hi each already existing between the commuters and the Directors of the Westwood Railroud.The commuters then proceeded to scothe fthe lacerated feelings of the management by reaffirming the resolutions unanimously.The resolutions read us follows:“Whereas,The commuters on toe Westwood Nsr-row-suuge Railroad having seeu a notice placed in the Westwood Railroad’s passenger coach that on and after the 1st of January, 1882, the company will not issue any quarterly or monthly ticaets, and,Whereas, We are forced to believe that thisla official, therefore, bo itResolved, By the commuters of the Westwood Railroad, in meeting assembled, that we desire in towsfiobe offensive in our position, but wehereby state and give notice to the oompany that if this order is carried out, we will cease to patronize the Westwood Railroad; blit if it is not carried out, and the order is rescinded, we will continue to patronize the road as heretofore.Quite an elaborate comparison wafe made in the latter part of the Doctor’s report, showing thatthe rates charged upon the Westwood road were higher than on any other road entering Cincinnati.The Committee on Transportation reported the lowest bid received to bo Mr. Reardon's, who agreed to carry tho commuters by ’bus, making all , | necessary train connections, for five dollars a ii month, if guaranteed thirty-five passengers forI ninety days. Afore than half tue required number j of passengers were guaranteed Immediately, and it is expected that tho tuli number will be made up by Saturday night. The rest of the commuters will nde iu their own convcvances.As the Directors of the Westwood road had not j seen the resolutions adopted at tho last meeting of the commuters, a copy was ordered to be transmitted to them, as the commuters’ ultimatum.The meeting at^journed to meet on Saturday at 8P.M.