Agnes Barlage Club Event

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, February 10, 1882

C. 0. E. CLUB.1 AN ELEGANT RECEPTION AT GAS HALL—THE ATTENDANTS.I - ,»■ it/j' vv la' / j hVw*.The members of the C. O. E. Club enjoyed their Fourth Assembly last evening at Gas Hall.The affair was a repetition of its three predecessors in the success of all its details. The party was managed by Messrs. George E. Cayton. Harry G. Mann, Harry B. Clutes, George W. Johnson. John L. Havlin, Wallace A. McGowan and William J. Fegan, whose every care was exerted in making the Club’s friends comfortable and happy.Currier's full orchestra was present to lend enchanting music to the other brilliant features of the enter ainment.'fihe ladies who graced the occasion with their presence were generally attired in light shades ot rich fabrics, white satin and brocade predominating. Twenty-two tcrpsiehorean exercises were Indulged in, and the pleasure of the trippers of the light fantastic seemed to be complete.Those in attendance will anticipate with pleasure the next party, which will occur after the termination of Lent. This will be the last of the season’s receptions.Among the number present last night were recognized the following ladles and gentlemen:Miss Mamie Tompkins. Miss Cora Smith.Mir.sLcna Foster. Miss Jennie Booth,Miss Nettie Littell, Miss Frank, pMiss Fannie Snnue, Miss Emma Danner,Miss Florence Killmartin, Miss 8uste 11. Carey,Ml-8 May McFarland. Miss Gertie Hackerthorn, Miss Clara Schw eg ui an n rM i hg Mollie Booth,Bflss Lizzie Smith, Miss Lena Keckert, |fMips Carrie Embshoff, Mien Anna Bernard, UMi«* Torio Rogg, Mn-s Lillie. Van Dokura,Mifis Annie Humphreys, Mies May White,Mrs. J. llarlage, Miss Lulu Jones,