Advertisement Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Thu, Dec 21, 1865.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, December 21, 1865

Make the Childrens’ Heart Glad.—The friends of Mission Sunday-schools, should not fail to send in their donation of provisions, to the City Hall school, on Christmas morning by nine o’clock. The school now numbers 300, and is doing a good work ,in tho much neglected field. Donations in money to purchase books, papers and such, are much needed. This is a Union school, and all denominations should% - - 9 ** *^fr‘feel interested. Remember the cause and hand to;•# * 5 ■ f 1 ' i; • * *F, m 4any qne of the teachers, or the Superintendent Mr. Simpson, sach Ihms as the cause merits.vx.' n/to t