Advertisement Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Thu, Dec 10, 1953.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, December 10, 1953

TWUTelevision ScheduleTHURSDAY, DEC. 10—The resigning housekeeper lor a lighthouse man tells a new applicant that her employer has “Fool Notions” during KNBH’s (4) Douglas Fairbanks Presents at 7o’clock. He believes his dead nephew will return on his birthday and when the boy docs aopear, intrigue follows . . . Jack Bailey will have some real fun tonight at 7:30 during “Place the Face” when Actor Keenan Wynnand a very famous detective, Raymond Schindler, are participants on KNXT (2). The test of recognizing a face from the past should be an interesting test for Schindler . . . Ski fans will see two former “Ski Girls” during tonight's presentation ol “Ski Trips” at 7:30 over KHJ lt;9) ... Dick Powell stars in “The Room” on “Four Star Playnouse” over KNXT (2) at 8:30. He plays the role of a doctor who sets up fow oanson practice in a Cuban village wheie terror-stricken natives pay tribute to a “voodoo” king . . . Ray Bolger perpetrates a practical joke to cast a poor reflection on his brother’s ability as hisbusiness manager when the Ray Bolger show, “Where’s Raymond?” is seen on KECA (7) at 8:30. Of course he winds up sorry for his actions . . . Joe Friday and his partner, Frank Smith, work out of police bunco detail for tonight’s award-winning “Dragnet” story of a swindler. KNBH (4) is the station at 9.lh% oiiiiwinf? program* arc complied from reports provided by broadcast*!*. We *smme no responsibility for last minute chanrres on their part- T ED,TELEVISION TONIGHTThursday, Dec. 15:00 P IVLI—Spec* Funnies♦—••Atom Sauad 7—aj Jams•—Story Lady I3-Wehster Webfoot5:154-Oabby Hayes4—Oabbv •—Corral•:»4—Bov dy ooody•—Space Funniee•—Western frfuture 7—Jack Rnurke II—Sheriff John13—Televenture6:00 P SC.•—Comedy Short*4—Nutay Clown •—Action Theater5—Newsreel •— Range Rider9—Jew HUi ShowU—Prf PxrhHnste13—Western Revue1:155— Surprise I wist’**—D.N Newsreel7:303—Place the Pace4—Dinah Shore5—Hiiywd opportunity7—Lone Ranger 9—Ski Tips11—Open Road13—Playhouse7:4S4—New* Caravan8:00 P. M.3-8— Meet McNutley4—Oroucho Marx5— Broadway Theater7—Stars of Tomorrow 11—Stairway to Stardom 13—Film Plavbousa10:00 P. M.3—Playhouse4—Martin Kane5—Cltv at Night 7—Racket Squad •—Life Begins at It11—On Your Waylt:13T—Charlie Clifton1»:3»•—New*4— Foreign IntrigueI—News and Sporta •—Beat the Clock•—Don Lee-Nawt11—Close-Up10:45Cobitag;coisaiJNoCojorIontoseedoisueturrmgporinStaspeDea17peaDPaned itar} to lt;to gof t fort, T1of 1herewill!butRelt;SeccnwDani