Advertisement Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Tue, Aug 26, 1879.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, August 26, 1879

ST. BERNARD.* • IThere was a little unpleasantness at Korn’s Sunday evening, between Marshal Boden, Bill and George Knapke, whlcli came near resulting in a personal collision. The Marshal asserted that Mr. Knapke and J. II. Thamann, delegates to the late Democratic Convention from St Bernard, were hostile to tlio starch works because they wanted to vote for Mr. *Sextro for Senator. and Sextro had favored the passage of a bill in the Legislature requiring starch faetovios to turn their refuse into wells dug for that purpose, instead of running it into living and running streams, atnd thereby corrupting and poisoning the waters thereof.Mr. Knapke retorted that ho and Mr. Thamann were not opposed to the starch factory. They only supported Mr. Sextro for the Senate because they thought lie wasa good man, and they did not have Ihe' starfcli question in their mind when they spoke of voting for him. Mr. Knapke added, however, that there were fOHr votes in the delegation for Adorn Geis for Treasurer, but that Mr. Bode, as chairman of the delegation, cast them all for Charley Miller, contrary to their wishes, and without their knowledge, and Intimated that Mr. Bode had heen improperly influenced,” whatever that term inaj-imply.This assertion so roused the Marshal's Ire. that heshook his fist under Knapke's nose and threatened to demolish him then and thero. The appearances for a time were that somebody would have to be called upon to lock up the Marshal for disoiderly conductor assault and battery, but no blows were struck, and he finally cooled down. * .In view of the assertions mad£ by Marshal Bode. Mr. Knapke and Mr. Thamann have joined in publishingthe following card: TV? ci ■ •St. Bernard. Angnst 25.To the Editor of the Commercial:We, the undersigned, as delegates from St. Bernard to the late Democratic County Convention, herewithdeclare that we were never opposed to Erfcenbrecher’s starch-works, as a certain Win. Bode has stated, and we further protested against that gentleman. Chairman of our delegation iu the Convention, as he did not present the votes as thev were given to him.GEORGE KNAPKB,Jno. II. Thamann.