Theresa Barlage Property John Street

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, August 25, 1868

Kent Estate IranMfm.Rkoeivrd August 24.Western Baptist Educational Society, per Sheriff, to Samuel Proome, part of lot No. 285, In Bryant Trevor’s subdivision, in rairuiount, 40 by 50 feet; $425.Vincent Lam pert and wife to Charles Spaeter, lot No. 54. iu the town of St. Peters, 25 by 100 feet; $800.William Parviu and others to Leonard Baumgartner, lot 22 bv 94 feet, north side of Second street, 145 feet west of Ludlow street^ $7, lt;lt;5.A. H. Warburg to John Brogan. Lots 8 and 9 in Warburg’s addition to the town of Madison, each 50 by 100 feet: $500.John Ziegel to Edward Benlor, leasehold on the north side of Wiiitewater canal, 120 feet front, in Section 29, Storrs Township; $11,000.Barbara Meisel to C. F. Wiftefeld, lot 20 by 81 feet, on the north side of Oehler street, west of Freeman;$1,640.A. K. Fehleisen to H. H. Voijohan, the undivided half of 46* acres, in Section 35, Sycamore Township; $1,500.O. K. David to Charles Lippert, lot 50 by 180 feet, on the south side of Corry street, west of Jefferson street, in Corryville; $500. ., * r FT .Joseph Gobs to Theresa Barlage, lot 20 by 90 feet, on the east side of John street, 55 feet north of Clinton street (quitclaim); $1,000.Henry Engelbrink ami wife to William Box, lot 20 by 130 feet, on the south side of Corporation alley, 115 feet east of Young street; $1,400. *