Advertisement Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Fri, Aug 24, 1877.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial , August 24, 1877

NOTICE.■J^TOTICE 19 HEREBY GIVEN TO ALL PARTIES 11 interested, that a petition was presented on the 18!h day of August, 1877, to the Commissioners of Hamilton County, Ohio, signed by more than thirty qualified and legal voters, residing on tho. territory hereinafter described, in, Mirlcreek Township, Hamilton County, Ohio, accompanied by an accurate map or plat of said territory, praying for its incorporation as an incorporated village for general purposes under the name of “St. Bernard,” the supposed number of Inhabitants residing mi said territory being more than throe hundred. The following is the description of said territory, Ttz.: , .Commencing at the intersection of the center lines of the Carthage Turnpike and Mitchell avenue; thence eastwarrily along the center lino of Mitchell avenue to an aneie ixpsaid avenue, near the southeast comer of David Brown’s land; thence continuing eastward.v in the samo StialghLline through Robert Mitchell’s landto the west line of the Blachiey Farm subdivision; thence northwardly along said west line to the county road; thence crossing the county road and continuing northwardly in a straight lino along the line between N. Babb and John Huffman, and through the land of John Zumstein, to the center of the Cincinnati and Marietta Railroad track; tLen .e westwardly along said center line to* the centet of the Carthage turnpike; thence northwardly along the center ot the Carthage turnpike to the north lino of tho Ludlow Grove subdivision; thence westwardly along said north line to the center* of Spring Giove avenue; tbouce southwardly along the center of Spring Grove avenue about 220 feet, to earner of the Ludlow Grove subdivision; thence southwesterly along the said subdivision line to tho center of Ross Run; thence along the center of Ross Run to the center of Mill Creek; thence southwardly along the centor of Mill Creek to the west line of Fred. Worpenberg’s land; thence south along said west lloo to the south line ot said Worpenberg’s land; theoce eastwardly along said south Ihie continued to the center of the Carthage turnpike; thence along the center of said turnpike to the place of beginning, containing less than 1,500 acres of land, * *The said petition wili be heard bv the Countv Commissioners at their office at the Court-house, in the city of Cincinnati, on the 24th day of October, 1877, at 10 o’clock A. YU ANDREW DUEBEL, Chairman.f T BL H. NURRF,LAWRENCE SCHRODER,HENRY -ATTERMEYER,an23-61 JOSEPH FINKE.