Advertisement Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Sat, Aug 17, 1878.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, August 17, 1878

W IE ORT.Hugle and the Turnpike.We mentioned a few dare ago that the case of the Alexandria Pike Company vs. J. R. nngle, would come up for trial to-morrow. Yesterday Mr. Hugle pleaded guilty to the charge of one warrant, and paid the fine of $10 and costs, and in consideration of it the other warrant wag withdrawn. Exactly what brought forth thefollowing w© are unable to say. It may be tliat the Socialists, of whom Mr. Hugle is a member, oounted the charge a retaliation, as they had insult* the high rates of toil oil the pike a party issue, aud were load in the denunciation of this affair. Tins is one solution, but here is the seemingly strange resolution: 1“Resolved, That we, the Directors of the Campbell County Turnpike Company, fully indorse the action of Mr. J. R. Anderson. President of this company, in making complaint and obtaining a warrant lor the arrest of Mr, J. ft. Hugle, for evading the payment of toll on said turnpike.“Done at a special meeting of the Board, this loth day of August. 1878. Yeas—C. Merman, J. Hawthorne, Hamuel MorHdge and P.. T. Thornton; nays—none, the President not voting.“WALTER OVERTON, Secretary.”To the Editor of the Commercial;Notwithstanding the indorsement of the actions of J. R. Anderson by t no Board of the Campbell Turnpike Company, the action of Amlorson points in ever3' way towards malice to me. Every one that is acquainted with me knows that as far as evading payuieut of toil or defrauding a turnpike company intentionally out of a cent, or anv one else, I would not do it. I leave the public to j udgo. J. R. H U G LE.