Advertisement Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Sat, Aug 1, 1868.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, August 1, 1868

WINE C.The Paris Exposition.—The golden Eagleand the Red Cross.f i1 HE OTHER DAY WE S#OKE OF THEbrilliant success of the wine-makers of Cin-qjnnati, in excelling all other manufacturers of the gentle beverage in the United States, an %n forcing a most gratifying recognition in the Old World as worthy competitors df their celebrated wine producers.To-day we call attention to the special merits of M. Werk Son, whose wines have given them the first position in the United States. The following notice of American wines exhibited at the great Paris Exposition, is from L’Invention, a leading monthly jourpal of science, published at Paris:“One of the most interesting manufactures of the American Department of the Paris Exhibition, is that of the Still and Sparkling Wines, colored and uncolored, which are exhibited by a score of American wine manufacturers. These wines, after being tested by the best judges, have been pronounced worthy of being compared to the most prized productions of France. These Sparkling Wines come near to the champagnes of the best marks—‘Reims,’ ‘Epemay,’ and ‘Challous,’ and this American manufacture is coining strongly into competition with our own products in the markets of the New World. The grapes which yield this product are the Catawba, the Isabella, the Delaware, the Diana, the Virginia Seedling, e.“Six specimens of these Sparkling Wines have been pointed out by the jury. In the first line, stand the samples of Messrs. Werk lt;fc Son, of Cincinnati, Ohio.”Such a commendation to “Young America” is as justly gratifying to Messrs. Werk Son, as it is liberal to American grapes and to American skill in producing from them the most tasteful beverage.In a report of the Expositiop in HarpersMonthly, the writer, in speaking of American wines there exhibited, and especially of those from Cincinnati as superior to allotbqgB, says: IMr. Werk, however, seems to have brought to the highest culture of which it is susceptible, tho exquisite flavor of the Catawba grape, a flavor which the Old World noes not hold in all its suns and soils, Ureat ears of Indian corn and lofty stalks of sugarcane form a fit frame about these wines.”In addition to M. Werk Soo’s “Golden Eagle,” so highly spoken of abroad, they have very lately produced another champagne wine from our new and already celebrated Ives’ Seedling. They have christened this the “Red Cross,” a sample of which was tested last Saturday by the Wine Growers’ Association, enthusiastically admired, and pronounced perfect.Messrs. Werk , Son are determined to persevere in the manufacture ofpure wines of all kiuds, until the best judges everywhere shall bo compelled to admit that their products are equal to the best manufactured anywhere on the globe.—[Cincin-einnati Daily Gazette. lt-8pii