Advertisement Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Sat, Apr 22, 1882.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, April 22, 1882

MAST felt COMMISSIONER'S SALE.MASTER COMMISSIONER’S SALE.FINE DWELLING AND BEAUTIFUL LOTSAT ST. BERNARD.](iitti\iIrTHE STATE OF OHIO. HAMILTON COUNTY.L s8.—Pursuant ro the command of an order for If saie Ensued by the Court of Common Pleas of Hamilton County. Ohio. I will offer for sale, on iiie promises, in tlie town of St. Bernard, m said county, commencing 011 MONDAY, tbs 24th day of April, in the year 1882, at. 10 o’clock a.m., the following lot of lnnd, situated m Schroder’s addition lt;o tnotowD of St. Bernard, in the County or Hamilton and Stare of Ohio, as per mat recorded in Plat Book No. 2, pugcs 288 aud 289, of the Recorder's ollice of said county, aud hounded and de-! scribed as follows: Commencing at a stone jn theE. linte of Section Sixteen (16), T. Three (3), F. R.Two (2), MHicreek Township, 300 6-10 icet 8.* of ihe center of Church st reet, being the N. E. corner of Lot 30 on said snodirision; thenco N. 1° 19' E. along said section linp 300 0-10 feet to the ceutcrof Church street; thence N. 824*° W. 37feet:thence76° 45' W. 50 feet; thence N. 09° 50' W. 50 feet; tlieuce N. 03° 30' W. 50 feet; thenco N. 53b 2(V W. 50 feet; thence N. 46° 35' W. 50feet; thence N. 52° 15' Wr 105 5-10 feet; t lienee S. 40° 20' W. on a line parallel with Philo-meua street 97 6-10 feet to the 8. line of the lot numbered thirtv one on said plat; thence S. 36° 35' E. 430 feat; llienee S. 49° 15' E. 129 5-10 feet; and thence S 71°35'E. 99 5-10 leet to said section line at t he place Of beginning, being all of Lot Jeuui be r#L cm the *aid yjitfrorSchroder's addition, except a strip of thirty feet wide off the N. W. end thereof, heretofore conveyed to -— YVeighaus. Appraised at $750.Also, the following real estate, known and designated as Lot Number Twenty-seven on said pint of Schroder's addition to the town of St. Bernard, described as follows, to-wit: Beginning at a point on the S. E. side of Phiiomena street, being the center of a continuation of Beatus street; thence along the S. E. side of Phiiomena street JN. 46° 20'E. 215 feet; thence S. 44° 20' £. 260 feet; thence 8. 0° 30' E. 102 5-10 feet to the center of the extension of Beatus street; thence with the extension or Beauts street N..58® W. 60 feet; thence N.7o°30' W. 60 feet; thence S. 85° W. 100 feet; thence N. 83® W. 40 feet; thence N. 47° 30' W. 60 feet, and thence N. 44° Y\ . 70 feet to the place of beginning. Appraised at $1,800.Also, the following described real estate, to-wit: Lots Number One (1), Two (2). Three (3). Four (4), Five (5j, Six (6). Iliirteeu lt;13), Fourteen (14). Fifteen (15) aud Sixteen (16; on said plat of Schroder’s addition to the town of St. Bernard., Appraised at $200 each.Ah o, Lot Number Two (2) and 24 feet off of the south end of Lot Number One tl), running back between parallel lines to Lot Number Three (3) of Schroder’s subdivision of Lots Twenty-live aud Twenty-six per plat recorded in Plat Boole No. 3, page 179, Hamilton County, Onio, Records. pAppraised at $2,002 50.Also, the following tract of land situate in Hamilton County Ohio, in Section Ten, Township Three, F. R. two of the Miami Purchase, described as follows, to-wit.:Beginning on the S. line of Stephen Kemper’stract at a point 141 47-100 feet 8. 86° 20' E. fromfee va(scflt.aa8tv1tsas01]tvtl.iiiit 1 s cdP0evtc](ta(i1ins S.W corner: thence runningB. 86° 20' E.aloug lug S. iine 46 16-100 chains more or less to the IV. line of the forfeiture in sanl Section; thence S. with said line 3 42-100 chains to the N. line of the E. part of H. II. Nurr’s tract: thence N. 85V3 W. along said N. icne 11 41-100 chains to the N. W. corner of said East pnrt; thence S. 2 80-100 chainsmore or less to the N. F. corner of the \V. part of the said Nai r’s tract; thence N. 88° 5' W. along the N. line of the said Nurr’s tract; tLience N. 88° 5'W. along the N. lino of said YV. part 34 80-100 chains more or less to Richard Schroder’s 1 48-100 acre lot; thenco N. with the E. line of said lot 6 90-100 chains to the place of beginning, containing 21 91-100 acres, inpre or less.Appraised at $6,573. rA!so, the following lots of land, »s numberedand designated on a certain plat of subdivision of part of Lot No. 25 of said Schroder addition to the town of St. Bernard, made by Master Commissioner herein, bv order of Court, and duly recorded m the Recorder’s ollice of Hamilton County, , -Ohio, in Plat Boole No. 5. page 297, and bounded tvand described as follows: ™Lot No. 23, on Hie S. K- corner of the Carthage pike and Beat us st., and having'h front of 47 feet on said pike, and a depth of 130 feet, more or loss, on Beams st. 4Appraised at $997 50.Lor 24. having a irontage of 47 feet on the Carthago pike and a depth of 130 feet, more or less.Appraised at $893.Lot 23. having a front of 47 feet on the Carthage pike and a depth of 130 foet, more or less.Appraised at $799.Lot 26, having -a frpnt of 49 14-100 feet on theOarrbage pika, and a depth ot 130 leet, moreor less.Appr aised at $835 38. ' A -Lot 27. tiaviug a front of 44 feet on the Carthage puce and a depth of 130 feet, more or less. Appraised at $748.Lot 2S. having a front of 44 feet on the Carthage pike and a depth of 130 tect, more or iees. Appraised at $748.Lot 29. having a front of 44 feet on the Carthage pike, and a depth of 131 24-100 feet, more or less. Appraised at $704.Lot 30. having a front of 49 92-100 feet on theP £*oehtititti1(Hi11Adg$itAb*1tlCarthage pike, and adepth of 137 38-100 feet, more j Por less.Appraised ar $79S 72. t f Lot 31, having a front of 35 feet on tbp Carthage ! p pfke. and a depth oi 137 38-100 feet, more or less. ; p Appraised at $560. |sLot 32, on the N. E. cor. of the Carthage pike and Orcbaid St., and having a front of 35 22-100 feet on said pike, and a depth of 132 47-100 feet, more or less, oa said street.Appraised at $598 74.Lot 33. having a front of 40 feet on BcatusstreetnaiiAt:*and a depth of 100 feet on Home street. ! slt;1tiPiivsw,tltlt!Appraised at $320.Lots 34.35 and 36, each having a front of 40 feet on Ceatus street, aud u depth of 100 feet.Appraised at $320 eacn.Lot 37. Laviug a frontage of 40 feet on Beafus 8t. and a depth on sides of 100 foet and 85 10-100reet, more or less. ;Appraised at $280. ,I Ait 30. at the junction of Beatus end Spring streets, irregular in shape, having a front of 27 J 60 100 feet, more or less, on Beams street. 50 j o feet, mere or less, on Spring street, aud a depth of w 85 10-100 feet, moreor less.A ppm; sod at $200.Lot 40. havfng a rront of 40 feet on Spring street,and a depth of 100 feet.Apprabed ar $3u0i.Lot 41, on the N.YV. corner of Orchard and Springttt!ePntlstreets, and having a front of 36 50-100 fe*t. more I cor less, on Spring street, aud a depth of 100 feet ou Orchard sLeet. ■Appraised at $365. «Lr-.•Also, the homer1 end lot on said Commissioner'sPirkrlt;plat, together with a tine 2-ntory briok house-, sta- ! n□Ottaole and outhouses, dcscritied as follows: Commencing ou Orchard street, at iear line of Lor 32, thenfce along Orchard street 308 feet more or less, to rear hue of Lot 41; thence wlih rearlicesof Lots 41 aud 40, 76 50-100 feet more or less; Oien ae | a 228 50-100 feet, more or less, to the line dividing ; U Lots 24 and 25. aud thence along lines of Lots j p 257 72 100 feet to the place of beginning.Appraised at $5,250.To be sold by order of Court, in the ca*e wherein?.in Caseitnir liaumnun. administrator of Catherine Schroder, deceased, is plain riff, and Richard Schroder and others are defendants. Case No. 65,081.Terms of sale—Cash on day of sale, or one-fourth cash, balance in equal payments in ond, two. three and four years, with 6 per cent, per annum interest; deferred payments secured by mortgage ou premises sold.CASSIMIR BAUMANN, Special Master Commissioner.tiLsiPf.iVaOrs.yplt;olttAYV