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Advance Newspaper Archives Nov 21 1874, Page 1

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Advance (Newspaper) - November 21, 1874, Tipton, Indiana The s Bates in 1 Ink pm 1 11 7 Rwjr weave adj Horning by to Rush a Martom Lala Jeffery in door from year or Rootha per s sir b 00 Foroi sch 13 pm Hobt november and Wilt not be Deriv Ltd from Rona duration to per Iva glibly is official Price Fork handle for Tough White and Blue Ash Butts we will Pat the following Price 6 Csc i Cliea b inc Bei do 9 do do 10 do do 11 do do 12 do do 13 do do 14 in to 15 do do 1c do b must be straight Antl Clea of Timber larger than Fork Natl Hoe handles a will pay for at rate of per 1000 second Boa to firework and Bon joining Arater the Eola of Pirtz Triumph i it is the old Story tonight Width it u time to me what of critic Victory Amounda to Cost to gain and what a of in the Glrst g Lacka much of being the we Hare the a they a we can defeat any Bill or the Radical they c Rigi Natida with to if our newly ele proceeds to extreme mean ate will refuse to pass the business will be at a odium of an expend lira negress will be thrown upon go to the country u circumstance in we confine of Raeljr Down the most extra Vag entailed on the people by to thoroughly Inre brigate fraud that Hare become Branch of the adm Eistrat that Unity of feeling which Cussion of the financial live o Tariff and currency in our if we secure Dom of election and halt Tion of the Citi Law in the developed great water of the South and West a if we give fair room for t ambition of lie Young me of Crecy those who by re of the Resias born of cooled do us great Demound what it vre can make eat As it a it route of the House of the i nation with a defeat an i democratic led majority ires the Send Public till and the Sioa of us and we under Adverse on the other a to cutting Udics Rule he thousand Art of every and await further disc Tiona eclair ill developed perfect Freer Jimmu Nicanon id above at e Talent and of the dear years and most fully ment then we resin aging a Long one supreme Public leaders True aro3ul prompted d by a Clear t or to Rule c approbation and cheap Auch a As courts the not Jess Nuat be men a Ileal within e utterly Beto manipulate Ier chimerical Voorhees Are at the people is and Ora to barring any the election Moc Ralic lick1 ced the came Lea Kingsley Bis prophetic crawl to Joar in lord a citizens open Tow the elder november Nate the Advance has denounced that which was wrong and jaded that which was right tha school and people of Tipton Bate said 15 i would a what everybody knows Kate Overman feels himself very badly every fellow that Way when his greed becomes and is shown he fancies that a newspaper did it that Only assisted his course was such to make our Best citizens and the Young men of Tipton his All Thea was brewed Ftp hts from Bis knowing him can rely upon what he says who can rely upon him As a Friend f he has not been personally but politically i admit be has Icen torn he deserved it Tipton county is better for the he didst get a lick he goes into Iba newspaper business or the purpose of revenging himself and that 19 All there is to but he can Good Brave a Pieper As the Advance is and has he has the Advani Aro of but id i that of newspaper there is not a Man in Tipton county who can better afford o lose Money on a realy looks a if the be was indefinite y it would be Well if we could use the Grade w tit fono a lion of a gravel circuit f Dutt tar school editor the following is tha report and Roll of Honor of the Tipton for the month of october whole number avenge average 97 Uriu be seen by the above that the school is semen Bat we ought to have More than 296 Peop a ought to like advantage of this Fino weather and Send their children to the following pupils nude an average Grade of 95 per Erastos 99 Everett offs Albert 93 Belle Cox 99 Frankie Nellie 98 Charlie 07 John 9 Josie 96 Lottie 96 Rany 96 Sinford 96 95 Mary 95 Ella 05 95 John 95 Ida Boom Slat lie 100 May Blount 300 09 Alzorah 99 Sadie 99 Ufary 98 Ettie 98 Georgia of Oner Eriend 97 Jesse 97 Alna 07 India 95 Ora i Boom Nellie Ella Lizzie Luie Dpi Leo Era Kittie Carrie Emma lieu bunion Erie Gorens Robby Dora Boom Archey Leslie Sarah Otis Boom Willie Joll Wiltrio Frank Ora Mattio de Ella Rosa addle Otic Thoi Socarr Orri Ciss Armstrong Tiaa Orr a Small decor dry Mac rear Taro Are i Wright tow5soip to bustles Cibere it Richer la Borer a k Wildcat Ultra Hanoi Veker Jeff Roa Bunch for Alryc jew bought Tho times for the purpose of routing out the an institution from he bad come after a six months on tha evening of the he told several that there were eight men a Tipton county on intended to grow the paper reads exactly As Overman might a expected to by its stupidity be Timpas to make u he always Regini Bis speeches by hoisting of his honesty just As he enters upon his journalistic life by hinting at the purity of his Nis Rojas or Tifton it would very strange if to didst Laye a very poor opinion of Tipton but we wish to say what the letter class of our people know and feels to his Sharae Tipton has lost nothing in the life of the it Las done a Good there Sre none with the exception of he Overman to deny Here is what be said in i paper of last week a person with the of our county who should happen to read 80 a of these would imagine that our county is peopled with illiterate thieves and and Mould have but Little desire to cast thai Root among when the Advance came to tip Lon it found a Saloon keeper who was locked upon As a political that fee per had a newspaper and regarded the Advance u a business his newspaper did the county the Money for that work was paid to said Saloon keeper bad his lawyer that lawyer controlled Tho sheriff that lawyer would write the names of gentlemen in wished nub ceded As and the sheriff would get them in the that s the class of men that High carnival Over the political spoil of Tipton it was a disgrace Good citizens Felt the shame most the Advance opened a broadside upon this state of affairs and the old Craft went it is Tho Only fair paper we Ever lad in its the Only Tipton that Ever had weight in Tipton county its Good deeds will not soon e forgotten by the the Colstr Overman May get some of Tho county but everybody who took part in the Campaign knows that he Doest deserve one and if he had any grit he would not ask when he held that patronage in the Hallow of his hand the writer asked him for a division and his reply no a line will i if 10 can run a paper Here without the county As the has he will evince a spirit and Energy worthy of Overman himself us established the precedent of giving All the printing to one he to use the language of the j yielding to Public in the same article Overman says a Large number of the very Best citizen soothe town and county hive come to us and us to Placo our Pat Ier on a higher to place it above Letty strikes and to mild up rather than tear to strive o elevate the character people and not to Broder and disgrace i to use a Slang a Large dumber of our citizens Hare been Codding that kind of a paper could be publish f he Arbnot fight he cant Jet above respectable living n Glass Bouso he cant throw be wont pull nobody sex peeled that he build log up is he built political combination on dead mens u was a disgrace to this to saw that pulled he Doest like to see things pulled quite int u f in another foreshadowing Ila he unconsciously pays High tribute to the he says of the Public acts of Public men Are Public and we without favor or denounce hat which is and Laud that which is a no narrow sense do we make these 3 very regardless of his religious or political in an thud Tad anal in Vlra for meritorious acts Comroe Paioa of this nor shall his religion or politics shield him from just a of thit Jour paper has i read every it bos been ust tha kind of paper the every regard lean of his Oll tics has received commendation for ill Good bin him from just let ices of the peace Cicero John Long tiptoe j Mcann Elfia Wildcat Tilo Woll Windfall k Arnett tvs Palm Jam Rue Madison Jaa Harvill last act Cortlan Luln Fly or deserves to Loose More Lor that torte by wire i Benjman John v Lyra arts m cleric corporation graded the following is a report of the Sharpsville graced school for the month ending Days males 13 females Tipton Sannan such vices x it Caryln at 10t Xaiv al Ina link Liim jilt f and cd Flor at Schulla to and associates a in Accord with Public sent Hope to carry a Deta Dent in 167c and to fully reign of the Lerson of the hour is that must be men of Clem Ham that High tone of by a Brave and guid which Atoka to mainly from a Tore of not that Brief and Begotten of the stump Ora patriotism of lie love of Public approbation Calm eternal verdict of fut our leaders in Tho Cou than the slate and of the highest Type of in our and they roust Pond tap icon of seeking politics to purely personal Theta it Flection tre Nei nor Butler and alike learning the lesson la Are Wear of Brilliant ibid rival salary and implicit in of brilliancy of an Benefit and sound d it in our own info moral of the death of ring to Retro years Cuba wrote apolitical song with Burden coir Irdi and Aeop to Joor Rotas id Tho Day average daily 39 recitations heard perday4 whole number Days males 13 Fejna Lea average daily 21 recitations heard per whole number Jennie Phi Tabt Days males 15 females 0 average daily recitations heard per Cense a l be Days total males 41 total females m grand total total recitations Beard per total recitations for grand average attendance per respectfully qty Tlemcen of the Board i take much pleasure to submitting the above report of your schools for the month just closed As it a steady increase Tom our daily record from week 16 no i rouble of any consequence has a risen and it is but just to say the school is in Tho utmost Onward no damage to any school furniture or eave one broken confessed to have been broken by William Morgan ibo agreed to pay you for Tho your out Santti Rdv on or Sifore each full business and professional and in office and in Ffinlo of a Barker Plit dicing the hogs were Selling at four and four and a half cents we advised our readers to hold of to now thai they have reached six and six and a half we dont know so much about at any rate advise Farmers to save to very Best animals for Breeding physician and Elan and or Arr ent Tohn Adorney at Law Mcc North Cit Comer the of Tipton undersigned citizens of Tho town of tip Lon and resident voters of said town of m6st respectfully notify your honorable body that we Are opposed to Iba Wile of intoxicating liquors a the and hereby pledge ourselves not to sign or authorize any one to sign our nannies o the application of any one who May desire a permit from the Board of commissioners of Tipton county to retail pm thus liquors to be drank on the premises where sold in our and to also hereby inform Juu that hereafter any petition presented to you for permits to sell As above referred and bearing our names or any of will be without our knowledge and r m Ronat m v b newcomer w s win Ficici j Wii on John Arch e Minall j e Ramsey e a Overman it j m Clarnc u j Grady j f Mccreary ii Hill turn k Cut Casar we Grinfield Sac incl Smith t j Alexander Thomaa Cope c p Smith a w s j Goar re Porter j p to ions g w Holycr in Walnea m Collm j v Banta l t Bane h s Graham p w ii Price Louis pm Taylor Joil recce Luv Huier j fave Jod lab Martin rail Lima Edmond Copo Walcy Raics a k Wilson we Cercia John North non jilt her to Henn is bar scr b f knot Luther Wal Lioni John Long Charles decay try m v b Vic cry Sylvester Turpin t j Smith j w stay Frank re atone j c l by tonns i Jonca Jack Union Waffler s g k o Kana f 11 Nob Naan John b w 8 Flwler we Benjamin butt Duvert Tiu Orga Bra Lindalu m l bowl a a inns b Moore John a child Henry feel dons c c Richard a a Montgomery j m j k Taylor w c hater of Shurlan we Barlow j u Marley Klc Holm j we Cavell i sur office or door eoe w s Richardson gos wite Crane grocery Corner East t jeff3rson s i full and Complete Slock of family groceries Alt Rayt on Aida old vary Law Cash or Alcorne and at once f the Tohn 4 j Saddle and Vav t Armstrong quiet and Rohn attorney ant Ira Fhy Nucian and City proprietor Windfall from Groo your correspondent is ii correspondents of the and everybody Saya that is the beat Tipton paper t this Edwards and Uncle were in Tipton Usi Friday making i dont s and but Hope it to Node talks Olmo be will buy lumber b the Way we have a grower its i tuesday night said that on next Moron of 28 and that they were and speedy they claim to have Bate i from one we want they Are of a p streaked and Jacobs l a bidding Adieu to my life and expanding Towt econ of that Noble old in Tipton i trod upon the i got h and it sailed upon me b my dilapidated Ward Richard him Elf from a ii the store for the poor for cloth Inanod i if not Sahara of to this Cikas sign ornamental r Obar Ekil and Glazier health Asce always be Advance at comes to Cardwell were a scaly under ans nothing ring to b u 4beookbahx of wagons Job work and All Kolodn of inc enc and Iro Loic done to of to ant pm Nung Koko Iio Democrat is sprightly and no the editors Are Roung men of great swot land and Sweet represented Windfall a he circuit court during the Piffl on she had 21 Nat boasted Ull feathered growth d 20 turkeys some of that in liar strike like d the of a of i Noble Repie Outing Aad made not taking a pocket Hare Tao to Fin tar willbe no heat Tolj Joha of Las been attending some cases of pick near in this depot lace a Eona Tantle on had a full apply of con Cufari and i i ice Cream and Charles Philips we received the appointment of Secretary to a very will upend the Winter in the City of magnificent distances has ruined Many a Clover but we dont App Rebind that will i Tilc to will find it to their interest to at tie White Crant fort Dii Robin of produce 3ll Galt on Good will to has became the apparent motto of the the litigated cases in court Aro few and to attorneys Aro seriously meditating he cultivation of Large truck patches next is reported that Tonips Well known in this town and was found dead on the sidewalk of the canal at Indianapolis a few Days we Ioco ibo Rumor is without Homos was one of those easily Good Leir Ted whom the rum floods ire Apt to two million White or Burr talc lorber for car Hwan Oah com1 y 1 Cambridge
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