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Adelaide Sport Newspaper Archives Sep 16 1927, Page 5

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Adelaide Sport (Newspaper) - September 16, 1927, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia morning spoil s pose you can feel the tango sprang at last the fruit Trees Are coming out into full Blossom the Little and big Birds Are mating the old Beckhum is his 18-Carat thirst not that he Ever lost it mind you Only he enjoys looking into a fat pot o Beer an helluva lot More in Bright sunshiny weather than he does when the to Herrom. Is Down to Zero. Don t care what you say the weather makes All the diff. To a Cove s thrust but look Here now and Tel Nisi if you Don t think this old world of ours is out of joint. Well not the s world to be exact but the people in it. Time was and not beyond the memories of old cols., when thought j Ful men and women used to concen to trate their interest on Able men grappling to with great issues. To Day the world seems to work itself up into j a frenzy Over the deeds of he Cham a Pion wrestlers or in the prize rings to say Noth Jav or the fanatical outbursts at a toe fill match. Why they go ratty Over Hocker or shiny As we used to Call it when i was a boy. Don t be surprised to use the mob going wild Over a game of marbles Between the boys of say the i Norwood school and the boys of the port Adl Ide ditto. Towards the More serious problems of life those problems Over which men in other Days engaged in Gigantic struggles modern c v miss Ilion affects to practise a cultured tolerance if not exactly indifference. Whatever his religious Faith each old timer held firmly to his own and despised his neighbor s. Today it is erroneously assumed that religion has been lifted to a worthier level. All that happened is that hosts of n in and women Are lacking a Spir Hial intensity religion has become merely a desirable social asset. I have been rending about the Days of the inquisition which from this distance does not seem an attractive institution. Its activities were cruelly misdirected but it cannot be denied that the men who ran it were tremendously in Earnest. This generation s trouble is that it has not sufficient Rel pious conviction to set up an in quis Tion even if to were possible the Al eged decline in religious life is not the fault of the lunch Mai Ned a i Ray. It is far More the fault of their conventional hearers to whom religion is largely a matter of excellent choirs and eloquent preachers. 1 it is no libel to say that modern Church members Are markedly diff rent in Fibre from ancient crusaders and martyrs. The slut on to the poor Church attendance simple the careless will Start to fill thei i churches when they see signs of in ter.?Ity of conviction and of consuming Pastil on the part of those who at present frequent them. Religious life is in no worse a plight than social life or political l be. It is f familiar and Well founded remark that social life is merely veneer. Its in Sceri i ties Are transparent to every intelligent onlooker. Some measure of social life is unavoidable but its excessive use leads to ins nicer it in speech to conventionality in thought. Devotees of society think in sets they Are much More eager to say the Correct thing than to think the right thing. Their thinking is extremely so so. They have opinions on every passing subject but Thev hold Themi so that thru can to st on them if necessary. Political life is suffering from the same blight. Politicians Are above All things politic. Manv a modern politician is As ready to readjust his principles but As h s principles belong to the party he belongs to he does not feel anxious about the readjusting stunt. To Seg veh for truth at All times to follow truth at All costs these doctrines do not appear to find favor with Many politicians. Thai fact explains much of tace present political decadence. How about keening on a bit longer now that i m in my rights Well practically every citizen has some kind of opinion but the great mass of that opinion is on sided. Take cur politicians for instance and Tell me if they should not be leaders of thought but they Are not. Their sole and Ety is to play for safety. The nation s political Hope lies m the women of the younger generation that Section not dancing mad and Pitcher show demented. There never was such urgent need for the Advent of youth i Asp j be d with ambition to serve the state. Youth should not allow any Uch ambitions to be blasted by the of the cynics. If there is not j n f u s on of youth i moral courage there will be abundant reason to Rel Gid with apprehension Australia s political future. In politics Partick j Early there is a Call for a new spirit of earnestness. The older men have settled Down on their Lees. They have come to look upon politics As their exclusive Job. The Young men have been driven off by lofty allusions to the necessity for experience. The Young men should remind themselves that it is not experience that is supremely needed. History abounds a t h instances of men who have done m mighty things not by intellectual skill but by unselfish Zeal. To take one single instance of Many that could be quoted take the Case of William Booth. When he started he was no ther scholar nor an administrator but he built up the salvation army. Let our Young men throw Down the Gage to the old a a Xiamen i tary barnacles and pres letting or-1 Manisa torts " to fact 1 let our Young men make up their Fri kinds that party politics must go " Here Yudeth the first lesson. " me digging into a solid phase of present Day life but a Little cd fit Chat like i be Giyei you Doss a Cove Good and makes people think i m not the garrulous Barber the have summed me up to a be. it me Pink but i be got to Deal with Lipil Appey to pics. With most of my clients who would think i had a bib ratty if i hurled at them some of the solid stuff i be just heaved off my Chest. Cripes used some of the ? or words that How to use my r 5nt? would want to know if i had swallowed a dictionary. Get me Well some other time i la give you a bit More of my philosophy. Every an should be a philosopher More or a when he grows old and you know my he flapper Days were left Ennd so Long ago that you d be Suri a ised if you knew How Long. Ehe or professor George Douglas May a the oldest to sorial artist in Active commission to Day but you can Tell a m there Are others in the proves 5 5 0 " Ai e no chickens. Yes i m one of the old brigade and proud of. The fact. So some of the Flash Young coves who come in. Here had better h Ank their fires and go slew when jes r Start slinging the old timers 5 l � 711 z offs and last year s. That sort 0. 1 " stuff cuts no be but is Likely to i use the ire of old cols so much that the youngsters May get a Nasty rude Short some of these Days. No. X Ftp. J not chucking out a threat Only a w a Ning. Get me Well you might tei1 the Young smarties to Cut out. The 0 r Ough. If they Don t Well then Somei old uns them the " 1 Sunrise Thev Ever had. 1 to last saturday s footy til Illk ? i enjoy it Well it All depends upon what you Call enjoyment. Some people enjoy themselves when they see Good sport spoiled by rough House stuff. Those people inc f sat Day and so did those who like to rest scrapping. Plenty of both served out on saturday. But those who went to see Good football did t get it. The Torrens did not a la y up to expectations. A they seemed and Ous to do was to serve it rough stuff full and plenty and cwt is Obi cited to be receivers of All the hard knocks and there you Are. We had roughest game seen in this Section for Donkey years. All i can say is that our Tomball legislators will have to alter the rules of the game if they want to keep it going after the present generation of play ers have gone the Way of. All other generations. You see parents Are. Now telling their sons to get the australian game off their minds and lots of the Iti Dies Don t want much Tell no take it from me for when they get a kick or two on tire ankle or another kid s Elbow Well into their ribs they Start looking around for another game that has the rough stuff Cut out of it. Of course they snot the soccer game and they say that will do them. Spare me Days if i even thought i d live to see a Day when i d go sour on the australian game of footy but i can t help Nei ther can heaps of my customers who can t look. The Stern Parent enough when they declare that they will Tan the hide off their kiddies if they Ever think scout Inyong Tecc australian r r game As it is played at present. That s Tinkum and if you Don t believe me t Chat the first dad of any Young sons you meet. Or Well i think i have. Up ruined enough for one helping and so if you have no objection i la warble a ext please tata h o elephant and Castle hotel West Terrace Walkerville and Haussen s ale on draught. M. S. W. Kenny proprietor Phou 4140. Call and see our new bar the Host up to Date in Adb Feama ? Clapham beats Karasick close and exciting struggle another big crowd packed the exhibition Hall last saturday night when a Karasick Clapham match was staged by or. Lecornu who has succeeded in placing wrestling on a solid foundation in Adelaide. Some disappointment was caused a couple of Days prior to saturday when news came from Melbourne to the effect that Billy Edwards acting under medical advice had to pull out of his arranged bout with v a1 Karasick but a popular substitute in Sarp Cla Harvi Jas hurried from to Adelaide to fill the bal. It was a Wise Choice for the englishman is a wrestler always Well tvo rth watching for there Are never any . W. Tactics on. To when., he is on a e mat and As Karasick is built in a similar live wire sort of Way it can be taken As a matter of course that there was any amount of fireworks about when such a pair of Man handlers got into Holts. Both men were so Earnest in their efforts that referee Honroth had to poke his bib in now and again to peace and Good order of the mat. A Fine curtain Raiser was. A six live minute set to Between Hugh Ahriman and Alfred Marr. The latter was an unknown Quantity As a wrestler but sturdy j tie big Hughie was known As the recognised middleweight Champion of Australia being ii bout the Only Man in the Commonwealth Able to beat the wily Indian sunni Ali who downed All Comers � couple of years ago bar Lias a. Lot to learn about the Fine Points of the game and n 1 when he does get that he will a hard wan to beat. He saw i rounds out but. Whitman to o f. Things comfortably and this ahead on Points when the end me � so it was.,no Surprise to see 111 crowned As the Winner the main bout had to e big crowd jumping out of their skins with excitement most of the time. Clapham s great strength got him out of he danger zone time and time again but the russian never let up in tii attempts to keep Sam s Broad Shoul Ders Down on the mat for the regu lation three seconds. However Samuel not agreeable to such an undignified position and gave Karasick All he was looking for in the Way of rough stuff. Once or twice Karasick broke the rules by kicking in the Ruck while the englishman was reminded by the Ivree that it was no boxing match. How Ever their Little diversions gave the Rob a Chance to Hycl out their objections. A a Nai Ano Joud to combined tone of voice. All the. Various holds Wei a Well tried by both ithe Nihof it first one up and. The hey Down while the Clever was out of what looked like Dea in grips and holds is right a to real Cha nip Oish a irm. I was. In to tee sixth round that the Only fall of the match was secured the russian was doing some High and lofty tumbling aided by Isam s powerful Aniis n6 doubt that Kar Asiclo was Gettin a bit too for pm Clapham fell Bak ads and right cd top of his opponent. Sani went Dowie Ker Flop on the surprised russian who Wais dazed by hitting his head Beavly on the mat. When he gathered Back his scattered wits Irro Good shape once again it was Only to find that Clapham had pinned 1w his shoulders a f Down � in longl0n ? enough for the referee to signify Al flir a emf that a recognised fall had been scored.7 during the next two rounds Karasick worked overtime to even up matters but the englishman was Conte in to play for safety first so much so that the russian nearly beat him self in his attempts to beat the Man from John Bull s country. It was spectacular Battle Between two Matteri earmarked Al at Lloyd Soi wherever they keep Tab on the Lacker jacks of the mat. At times pack looked to have Sam settled but the britishers is a stolid individual. And simply would not submit to Karasick s unkind attentions and to nations. So the Battle waged to the end when Sam s solitary fall landed him the was a Quarter to eleven before hostilities ceased but none of the crowd seemed to mind. In fact they varied on As if they wanted to be e in two mat gladiators make an ailing i j Job of it. Kilonis and Thye a rough bout. By a Melbourne correspondent ted Thye obliterated any pretentious John Kilonis May have had for a t the bout when they met last saturday n get at the Melbourne stadium the contest was not exciting yet it was in a strenuous manner by both men but even the uninitiated in the science could see who was master and that one was certainly not or. John Kilonis. Thy e was Down. In the fourth round the greek had j a. Species of leg. Hold on. Thye and such a Good fixture it was that ted Thye was certainly on his shoulders for the requisite time of three seconds. It or. Bridges failed to notice the fall. It was a very Pecus a. Arid cute Effort which enabled Thye to gain his fall in the seventh rounds famous Boston crab. The Boston crab patented by Kilonis had by some Means or other lost its pincers when it was most needed. I at the crucial moment As John was we on the to Multi to Tillon cleverly and with malice aforethought caught Kilonis by the Ankles and kicked violently. Down went the poor greek with a thud and Hurt his Lead in Contact with the mat. It was easy for the to Spring on top of Kilonis and pin his shoulders to the Nat for the requisite three seconds John Lay still even after ted Thye was Back in irs Corner and ragged up. The greek s second a fellow ".ountryman, did not seem to know what to do until or. Bridges came o the Rescue and tried to take the prostrate greek to his Corner. Then the second a pop up but John Sidn to not even when he was set on his chair in his Comer poor John fell off that yet in the Short interval he came too and forced the Pace in the last round. These wrestlers have wonderful Powers of recovery and vital Fly one minute insensible and the next fighting like trojans. Good upper Cut. Speaking about fighting in the fifth round rough work predominated culminating in Thye Landing a splendid. Uppercut on Kilonis Chin which caused the greek s to come into violent Contact with the mat. John sat there and appealed for a four but the referee heard him 4.11 the same Thye should have been disqualified for such a serious breach of the rules. The fans seem to like the rough stuff that is probably the reason Why uie referee allows it Ana Why the wrestlers adopt it. So alls Well that ends Well. The White Flag has been hoi Steil since i last wrote you. Pou Parlers ire going on. To Day s monday bulletin states that definite arrangements w 11 be made for Santel and Thye to meet in title combat. The stadium Generalissimo insists on Santel signing for two matches. The . San elites agreed if Clapham was to be the other opponent. But the stadium official again with insistence reserves the right to choose whoever they like. The san testes whose main objection is Thye will in All likelihood accede providing they be assured of a Thye Battle. If the Battle does eventuate it will Cost the thrill seekers of this great City and District carloads of shekels of Silver to obtain ocular demonstration Anent the relative merits of three two great gladiators. If any Dubi Ety May exist in Adelaide regarding Bain s claim to be British lightweight Champion he will furnish full details of who he Defeated for the t tie also the venue and Date. Some people May consider Sam Clapham is the British Champion and although Bain admits Clapham a a i eat wrestler he can prove he is not the British Champion. Bain would like to meet Sam in a contest in Adelaide or broken Hill. The Western. District coursing club closed Down for the season last week when five stakes were run on the Tadina and Wallaroo Plumpton. With Fine weather to assist and the hares in g6od running condition excellent coursing was witnessed by those who attended the meeting. Or. J. T. Rule officiated As judge in which capacity he gave every satisfaction. Or. W. J. Wilkins did the slipping and the Secretary or. L. R. Heath had All arrangements up to Date. Twenty one went to the slips in the Maiden stakes and like Wilkie which had the Bye. In the second ties was slipped with win in the final the first named raising the winning Flag. The Winner is owned by messes. Turner and Kinnear and is by Wilkie colons for likeness. Win is the property of or. Jas. Rowe and is by Baltimore from King s maid. The All aged stakes for which 16 dogs were slipped went to or. C. C. Tucker s inquisitor by imported who s Hooper with messes. M. And r. Jonnoi s Clever doctor by shrewd head mural runner up. went to the slips in the Bracelet stakes and mrs. A. A Cul Len s finality by another jumbo from ejector Queen beat mrs. Handerson s the shrew. By great limes she in the final. A Novice stake for twelve dogs was won by or. E. A. Travis s scotch like by Good Oil scotch jewel and messes. Pearce Bererly and Orchard s miss Vic by Victor Lincoln Urilda was runner up. Eight went to slips in the mixed sapling stakes which went to or. M. S. Be me s effective service by Telephone Kante beater and or. S. A Kellett took second Money with sue by shrewd head Henry s Joy. Another club that held its fifth and probably last meeting of the was the Murra Bridge. Two la dog stakes and a number of events for saplings were run off. The All aged stake was divided Between Queen High and Pioneer both owned by air. R. C. Thatcher. The first named which is by King High from Bissex s lass has run prominently throughout the season. Early this year she won the Richmond stakes on the City Plumpton in which she beat another Francisn the final. After winning one course in the licensed Victualler championship cup at Bir Kalla she was Defeated rather easily by Pioneer which is by Shady spot from Moolman in the first ties. Francis comedy accounted for Pioneer n the second ties of the cup. The class stake went to i m Hooper by imported who s Hooper from Romance and Typo Lee was runner up. Two stakes for dog saplings were won by master agric and Quick Reward and two for Bitch saplings by i to Batione and Quick Deal. The stake for mixed saplings was won by anosh tone. In last week s notes referring to Garney s Perfi Mances his Best performance for the 1926 season in connection with a Murray Bridge meeting should have read his . Waterloo cup win was achieved in 11 26, and that of course i Anks As his Best performance in that year. The Middle North Plumpton club ran off two stakes at James own last week. Or. E. E. Laubis or judged the meeting and or. J. Ahoy was Slipper. Par Vista circulation the gleam and Shingle Las remained in the All ged stake after the first ties Ere run off and Par Vista and Shingle lass were coupled in the final. The latter was firs 1 up for a which she scored one Pinand was two and a half Points to the Good at the finish of the course. Shingle lass is by sir Francis Cream puff and owned by or. L. I Asker. Par Vista which represented miss e. Daly is by Wilkie col wins from Wina Aina. Brilliance beat lady Flinders and Tom Collins beat Tiger shackles in the second ties of the Leash cup. And messes. C Newman and w. A dwell b representative brilliance by great limes sparkle and or. B. J May s Tom Collins went to slips the final. The latter is a brother to Par Vista runner up in the All aged stakes. _ brilliance was the a fables to the Hare and after exchanging finished up three Points to the Good. An eight dog stake run off by the Naracoorte club was won by Knave of diamonds owned by the president of the club or pm j. Pettigrew. Or a. Coutanche s beware took second Money. The Winner is by foot hold s King from Vanora arid the runner up by footwear swivel. The interstate championship promoted by the Melbourne coursing club was run off at Craigie Burn at the latter end. Of last week. The victorian Waterloo cup Winner jew s Harp was beaten by the new South Wales representative big a own in the first round and Shyanna put Riverdale out of the stake Karp Tea a brother to Riverdale was � g ads on for his course against Yam Bunna and raised a winning Flag f or South Australia in the first round. In the licensed Victualler cup run on the Adelaide Plumpton Karaite led Garney in the final and was beaten by half a Point Only. Flying footstep 6 to 4 on Bea t Gold dust in he other course. Varatta was beaten in the first ties by the new South Wales representative flying footstep and Shyanna outed big Brown. Shyanna which represented Victoria was at 7 to 4 on when slipped in the final with Little footstep and the favorite raised the winning Flag. This week the Adelaide Plumpton coursing club wound up the season s operations on the Plumpton at Bir Kalla. Beyond the fact that entries received for the closing meeting were satisfactory and that there Ovey Promise of Good sport other matters in connection with the meeting will have to be held Over until the Issue of the h for the a sop stakes. 24 dogs went to slips and i each in the Farewell. 1 a stakes and o Brien stakes. A number of shakes for dog and Bitch saplings were run off yesterday thursday. The first ties of the other events were run on then eng Day. Tm0rs0w night s whistle Al Karasick and John Kilonis. There should be razors flying through the air to Morrow night at the exhibition bulding when two Man eaters will get to it in Cavemen give and take style. John Kilonis is the greek who has already Given the invading Yankee madmen All they anted a run a stuff and therefore is clash with Al Karasick should one or tiie Best mat Battles or. Leo be Cornu has Given us. Therefore it will be a Case of getting in Early to avoid the Tjui a. Or. Be Cornu has been wonderfully successful in giving us evenly matched wrestlers and to Morrow night s contest will prove no except 1 ion to the dry cleaned or dyed to satisfy your Pride Superior work and lower charges furs / costumes suits a none too .ph0ne\ " Greasy Centra la 9 or dirty dry cleaners dyers co Dreuet 1 vol Nelll Good cheap Quick service r it duct Olrea Blue taxis for hire Opp. . Phone 2824 in cheapest and Best hire cars in the 7 world inspect and enquire. Compare our cars with the others on the Road. You must admit we Are the e Best. Our charge is one shilling per mile and four shillings per hour detention. Thus a 20 Rii Iles tour and wait one hour Coats you with us 24/, and we carry seven passengers. Other companies operating would charge you 28/9 few to neoame nip. Give us a trial. Every car is driven by be owner if aus ensuing safety train and boats met ring Central 2824 i look for Blue Liq Ftp ? Squires and Williams fierce fighting from our Sydney representative a fierce tag Fri. Between Johnny squares heavyweight Champion of South Africa and sunny Jim Williams coloured american Light heavyweight at the Sydney stadium last saturday night ended in a draw. This was the second contest Between the two the first also ending in a draw. The Gate receipts showed an improvement of Over �100 on last week s takings the amount being �435. Williams did far the greater part of the punching but he lost a Large number of Points because he used the kidney arid Rabbit killer punches and hit with the inside of his closed gloves and often held his Man All of which Are disallowed. Squires hitting was. As usual clean and Crisp but he frequently displeased through turning his Back to his opponent when attacked. Early in the contest the skin broke on the left Side of the Small of Squires Back owing to Williams Ising the kidney at tiniest Squires fought with re Nar Kaible dash. On these Occa dons his hitting was skilfully executed some of his work being quite n a Par with the outstanding exhibitions of Len Johnson when he Defeated Tommy Uren. The weights were Williams 12st. 51b., Squires 12sfc. 61b. The fighting was particularly attractive in the first four rounds of which Squires had much the better Sarly in the first session he placed a heavy right to the Chin causing Williams at the Knees. The american held and steadied himself before he attempted any More fight no the crowd cheered Square so Whir King he had Williams beaten. The milling became fierce. Squires display being. Skilful while that of Williams was crude in comparison. In the fifth Williams employed his 3ld actives of forcing the fighting swinging rights for the head jumping about changing from the orthodox to the left handed style of shaping up and while on the Retreat placing punches to the free with he Back of the right hand. " Squires fought brilliantly at times but on occasions appeared to. Be. A a defensive l r tactics i l j of which the a a Fine exponent. At the end of the 1, eth round Squires was loudly cheered for Briliant work end in the next round he fought in Fine style. His Best blows throughout were a left to the face left and right uppercuts and a Rig Bri Cross. In the last three sessions Williams ,. To Knock v Outt Squires but the latter also fought Well and i placed some heavy blows to body and notes. The screening of the Dempsey Sharkey fight is now on View in Melbourne and we suppose Adelaide will be Given a Chance to see it. A Melbourne writer says three right hand jolts to the stomach Jack Sharkey his face distorted with pain looks at the referee tac try claiming a foul. While he does so. Lack Dempsey floors him with a lightning left Hook. Sharkey makes s desperate Effort to a ise but fails. The last phase of the fight is shown in Dow motion. Dempsey s blows seem quite legitimate. Sharkey is seer punish no Dempsey badly in this first b round but As the fight progresses the sex Champion improves. It is however apparent that Dempsey is not Man he was. He is not so fast is defence is not difficult to Pierce and he is somewhat erratic. H a ringside description of the fight Between Gene Turney and Jack h Dempsey on september 23 for the o world s heavyweight title will be w broadcast on a new Short wave system. Australia and England will hear f 1 this greatest broadcast in history says a recent Cable. I wish the fight were to Morrow i am ready now for the Battle of my life. I shall never i be better declared Tunney who is taking two Days rest to allow a split Eyebrow to Lieal. Dempsey who weighs 14 st. 4 lb., expects to enter the ring at 13 . He has resumed private sparring with a Nev Crew of a str evs. I if men designed to develop his Speed. The Day s news from the Camps of Tunney and Dempsey who Are ing for their flight on september 23, is this. Dempsey is playing better Golf than Ever. 3t�d his i shins yesterday was the Best in seven years. Tunney donned his evening clothes and sat Between the daughters of two Las Multi millionaires at a dinner night. He made a tremendous hit As a social lion with the same Graceful aplomb with which he set new York upon its Unciul flowered ear. Tex Richard the Light prompter is Selling Piore Manthan verve r f r. The Public in so Elev to witness this Battle that they Are buy no seats without Ever seeing the plan. Rickard has promised to publish the plan some Day before the fight to allow purchasers to obtain a sight idea of what they Are paying �8 for. A Good a few years ago walking along th6 Street of a Yorkshire town says a picture dealer saw some workmen engaged in., Clearing away rubbish from premises preparatory to reconstruction. They were throwing it into a cart and a boy was holding a Canvas Stretcher which he was about to throw on the cart Nihon Csc old Timber Rusty Spike rails Etc i thought it had the look of an Oil painting and i called. Ill give you sixpence for that Tak ode. An Gie us ode 7 he replied. The Deal was made. A customer of mine cleaned it for me and when it came Back it looked like a newly painted picture. The subject was a Huntsman standing on a Small Kholl holding up a Fox by the Brush which he. Was to sever with a Grey Steed beside him. And the hounds crowded Iron nil him. On. Doncaster septembers race meeting 1901, i placed it in the window of my shop in Doncaster on the st. Leger morning three gentlemen walked in and asked to be allowed to examine it. " what will you take Foht asked one. V. Twenty pounds said 1101. Knowing whether it was Worth As Many shillings or not. Ill give you fifteen Foi it to said. I Don t like to alter my i replied although i would have altered it to five. I will Tell you what i will give final very Well. Agreed said i. That was the Best bargain i Ever made. A july grime s hardships. Or. Caldwell. Billy in hi3 first Light Josh old at least have been i vein but Points Are counted differently in America to the system operating in Australia after Billy s i attic with Snell we had a Chat with the referee who stated that in his opinion a clean Knock Down counts As two Points against the Man. Who had been sent to the Canvas. By being dropped three times it Cost buy six rounds despite what he. D d3� other fellow Between visits Job the floor and . Is. According to that viewpoint of scoring a Man who had delivered thre punches Only in a fight a of is x rounds and on each dec Adios had punched sufficiently hard to Down his opponent the latter would lose notwithstanding the fact that pfc might have literally peppered the former but with not sufficient Foice to drop h m. According to the american referee boxing is no longer an Art but merely a test of hard hitting. Harry Stone writes. Our old Friend Harry Stone writes from san Francisco on july 31 i am sorry grime has not done As Well is expected. He beat his secon opponent but Good judges wer of the opinion that the other fellow deserved the verdict. Though he soundly laced his third opponent a Good Lodimer grime Aid not greatly impress because he d d not Knock his Man but for the count.". V a. Canadian Eddie Thompson drops a inc from Vancouver on August 3. Lis letter reads i am sorry Billy it too Weli Over this there Are too Many sharing in is earnings. Isio matter what he Nakes he will get Little out of it he beat Picco Mclean who f much account. He shone go it Here he would get a Chance a Eatherie get title match kid Lewis 9 st. 7 la Defeated Jack Dennis 9 st. La on Points n a 15-rounds contest at the Unity Fum Les outpaced and outwitted the sex Champion and won six of the rounds decisively. " Dennis was credited with three rounds while six were even. T a recent Cable from Chicago the proposal to Toad a a a description of the t Dempsey Tunney % it an unprecedented ical by the Shoi. Wave system is encountering some obstacles and the present Outlook is that there will be simultaneous broadcast " by a dozen Lions throughout. America each on / s own regular wavelengths Tufa later announce men t will be made if Short wave is to be used. It is possible that the broadcast will be Seafa in Britain and Australia.-. Is or. Tex Rickard his announced that the rip already ave passed the �45, j0oflinark7 Allt in �8 and �6 seats have be a sold these Nese include roue 40tw oof ringside arid 30,000 �6 positions

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