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Adelaide Sport Newspaper Archives Sep 12 1924, Page 1

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Adelaide Sport (Newspaper) - September 12, 1924, Adelaide, South AustraliaNational Library of Australia distilleries Cleo Fidrich and bal Teofe Glenlivet outflow n. Scotland a will textile prove three year old port guineas ? port Adelaide to Morri s seven race programme Good horses engaged by beverage for the port club s Spring Mee Ting at Cheltenham Park to Morrow seven races have been set Down. Contrary to the experience which has become aim Ost general lately it was not found necessary to Divide any o f the events. Good sized Fields Promise to be seen in action throughout the Day and As several Classy horses Are engaged including Josef Lemina Leahcim textile and st. Roseate the racing should be full of interest. The three year Olds will b e opposed in the port Adelaide guineas and will have an Opportunity to fight their Adelaide guineas Battle Over again. Rosewater hurdle race. Although Zizzo triumphed at Murray Bridge he was Defeated at Balaklava and is by no Means As Good As 4ie was a year or two Back. Lord Saxon is preferred in the steeplechase Bat stage boy has been galloping nicely and might have a show. Miss Netley beat everything but Zizzo at the Bridge but although the port battens should suit her one is a delicate sort of Mare and not too easy to get right. Woo Roora after a fair showing in the National was nearest to Why a at the business end of the Eastwood hurdle and Kibosh did not experience much trouble in winning at Balaklava. On top of Buzz s creditable Effort at Victoria Park last week one must Accord the sea Prince gelding a Chance and Strathcona or pistol Gwen might provide a dividend. Irra Patana does not stick very Well but Baglio had a Long Lead for the greater portion of his race at Gawler. T woo Roora or Buzz. Juvenile Handicap. Many of those with the right to run Here have never started in a race and it is quite on the cards that one of them will be found equal i to defeating those who have had a Little experience. Of those that have started previously none has yet run into a place and about All a iat of j can do in to suggest a few that have shown some Pace. Anton Prince Wasj prominent for a while both in the Fulham and in Tattersall stakes \ while Elton s brother and inv Rkeith a nay have also run fairly Well for Ward. However both the fillies Hunyadi and postscript finished in i front of this Trio in last saturdays race and one of this pair Mav win. Hunyadi or postscript. Spring Handicap. Three Good performers in Josef Leahcim and Lemina Are at the head of affairs in this and perhaps of this Trio Leahcim will do be. Josef is within 31b. Of iost., and Lemma Nar. Said the for or 7l ice cup win. Leahcim has Kern racing lately while the semaphore pair have been in seclusion since the end of july and i fancy Hopwood s charge will score. A Beroid has been second and third respectively at his last couple of efforts Over a distance and Dongarra won at a mile and a Quarter at Murray Bridge with a Good Deal in hand. Castleton keeps on failing and Sherwood Beau followed up his Fine Tennyson win with a feeble Effort a week ago. Cambray lord May have a show particularly if the track is holding and j steel Bronze reads Best of the oth ers. Leahcim or a Beroid. Port Adelaide guineas. J notwithstanding textile s Inglodi a Ous display in the Dejai i Gumps j the handicapper were this not a fixed weights race would almost certainly have him above the rest of the local Thiec Yeai Olds Ard As his solid Effort in Thi mayor s mile went a Long Way to retrieve his 1 reputation i shall Vole for Himi again. Tiralla beat ble noir Han a Dily enough in the a.ji.,3. Classic j and looks like holding him again at level weights. The three mentioned above Are the Only candidates who have incurred penalties for this contest. Were ble noir to really strike his Early two year old form it would be quite on the cards to see him Down both the other penalised 4 ones but such a contingency is doubtful. Of the others perhaps classical will be the most dangerous. He won his race at the right end last week and covered the tile in fast time. If anything outside those mentioned is to win it May be flying counter Mantellini peaceful chief or Duke silent. Textile or Tiralla. Cheltenham steeplechase. Lord Saxon should not experience much trouble in negotiating this country and if run Here in preference to the hurdle race should win. Epictetus can be depended on to keep plodding along and although Minchin Bury tired last week he should be All the better for his lesson. At Nairne s last appearance he was returned a Winner Over these obstacles and encounter King did better last saturday than was generally expected. I fancy Harasko will run Well. He got round safely Tattersall after his spill in the National and should have his Confidence restored Row. Snip Adona beat Epictetus at the Bridge and Grong Grong has run several Good races in fast times Ever Brush obstacles. Lord Saxon or Hamako. Welter Handicap. Par Vista scored so handsomely last saturday that he must be accorded a Good Chance again and Little Linda showed at Tattersall that a mile in welter company does Lioi come amiss to her. Prince aides e yes not Appeal but brilliance should a Well in the picture. Ken has Hown no form yet on this Side but so Hardric can do better than at Victoria Park a week ago. Pop along has a liking for the port course and Home song has hardly run a bad race lately. Both do Flora and Rellus should be All the better for their outings last saturday and the Victory of either of this pair would not Surprise. Of those lower in the list lieutenant Wally and prion read the likeliest. Par Vista or brilliance. Flying Handicap. Providing the track is not extra heavy st. Roseate should continue jus run of successes Over five Furlong dashes. He won with a bit in hand at his last Outing and if handled in anything like the same style should repeat the dose. Tagala has been out of action for a while but Little Linda is usually dangerous Over this five. Lady Linnea has her Good race in the corporation Handicap As a recommendation. Stage Queen is Likely to win any time Over this distance and Bright poppy could always dash Over a Short course. Labung is one of the record holders for his journey while Here s Luck Jed round the turn at his last Outing of the port course and seems a better now. Jolly Polly has been working Well and the Martyr and Cash Box both go fast Fri a few. Eastgate and Prince acre the latter to firing on Well read the Choice of the balance. St. Roseate or Here s Luck Marmorata and first Olga strike trouble at the Stone Wall during the running of the steeplechase at v i c t o r i a p a r k last saturday. Marmorata is seen caulking at the obstacle Marmorata Ano Dislow ing s Warner Over the f Encey whilst first Olga Kenny bites the dust on the others de the same obstacle. Western chief. The Blankney ii. Hor Wes err. C Lief. Who won sever in races on courses is now co Tig stud duty at Kount Poole Stamon in the far North cast. Victoria Park. Thursday. On account of the heavy Rains the grass and outside track were closed this morning and Only the inside cinder track was available. The following All did easy pacing Mantellini Canna igra Luna Wanna Prince acre Blank Fil stage Queen silverside Castleton the storm Hazel Dora bookable textile Miscal romantic Jolly Polly Pis Tolano Fanrak Nicosa King of All free Acton and others. On wednesday lunar Nna Lindsay. Bookable Dean lady Simon Cilent and Irr Patana w. Tait gave a Good showing Over half a dozen hurdles. Port Adelaide Tances. Accept run saturday. Sept. 12. To Start at 1.30, Rosewater hurdle. About two and a Quarter Miles. Zizzo lord Saxon stage boy miss Netley woo Roora Kibosh Buzz Luna Wanna 10 13 Strathcona 10 11. 10 8 pistol Gwen 9 10 lady Simon 9 9 s 7 9 6 9 probable bag to Tuce rubble. The sport woo Roora or Buzz. Observer Buzz or miss Netley. Chronicle Zizzo or stage boy. Northern sportsman Buzz woo Roora Zizzo. . Worker Zizzo or Buzz. Zizzo. Lord Kane Bov. Miss incl lev Kilos i. Buzz Lucia Waiuli . Ristol oven Sha Lin. Deuce. Riders. Liaci mlle. Slio Pani in in or Cameron ,. A. Niemann. X. Is Aiu. J. . Xiv. Ilani Oij. I. The Dum. I. Mcl Onnist to Start at 2.10. Juvenile Handicap. Four furlongs and 54 Yards. Bestman 8 7 Wigena King Sam 8 7 Elzevir 8 1 Marc Anthony s 7 Anton Prince 8 0 Prince Alfred s 7 Barrier boy 8 0 Eaton Hall 8 5 Elton s Bro. 8 0 lakh Nao 8 5 Inverkeithny 7 13 lord Reading 8 3 lady French 7 12 Greta dare 8 2 Marie Galante 7 12 Princess Spasa s 2 postscript 7 12 Seal Flag s 2 Hunyadi 7 11 Silver dome 8 2 lady Michael Spur wheel 8 2 miss Plassey 7 9 the sport Hunyadi or Fosu crypt. Observer postscript or Hunyadi. Chronicle Anton Prince or Elton s brother. Northern sportsman Hunyadi postscript Anton Prince. . Worker postscript or Anton Prince. Probable Kim Saiu. J Alireal. Wila Eia. Anton i Rinee invert Cirunay Laily Fien ii Mali. Jalwant l Osl script. Riders. C. Ryan. A. Nurmi Iii. J. J.a\vrence. H. l. I Earson. C. Kooris. W. Marshall to Start at 2.50. Spring Handicap. One and a half Miles. Josef 9 11 Mumbray lord 7 Leahcim 9 6 Sicol Bronze 7 Lamine 9 i burnished 6 a Beroid 8 7 my jewel 6 Dongarra 8 2 Cice Majure 6 Castleton 8 2 paving away 6 Sherwood Beau 7 10 the or a Beroid. Observer a Beroid or Leahcim. Chronicle a Beroid or Sherwood Beau. Northern sportsman a Beroid Josef. Lemina. . Worker a Beroid or Shrewood Beau. Probable Leylim Iii. \ Mih Jol j. I . 1 .1 1 Ilai Brav Luid hire Ilione riders. C. Jim mini t. Spilin h. Wilson 1". I in Lii. C. Sulev. to Start at 3.30. Port Adelaide guineas. For three year Olds. One mile one Furlong and 40 Yards. Textile inc. Romantic 8 7-lb. Pen. Peaceful chief 8 ble noir. Inc. E 8 7-lb. Pen. 8 12 Duke silent 8 Tiralla inc. Warr Koo 8 7-lb. Pen. 8 12 squabble 8 Mantellini 8 5 hippy Wohler 8 Taj mahal 8 5 Eila Simon 8 Rostirolla 8 5 Canna igra 8 Sibalis 8 5 flying counter 8 classical 8 5 Hackaday 8 the sport textile or Tiralla. Observer textile or Tiralla. Chronicle classical or Duke silent. Northern sportsman 1textile, Tiralla ble noir. . Worker textile or Tiralla. Probable riders. Textile Bio Xor Tiralla classical m. Tolli i. Romantic. Klonara silk los a pity Zohur l us. Sih ii. Canna i a c. Iju Rii. 1. Law Mici. K. Wry lit. A. Niemann. T. . H. Wilson Xiv. Marshall. 15. . F. Oun Unm to Start at 4.10. Cheltenham Steeple. About two and a Quarter Miles. Lord Saxon 11 13 snip Adona 9 10 Epictetus 11 7 Grong Grong warm Lala 9 6 tick time Irish boy Minchin Bury 11 5 Fia Irne 10 7 noun. King 10 6 Hamako 10 1 the sport lord Saxon or Hamako. Observer Nairne or encounter i Hamako or encounter King. Northern sportsman lord Saxon. Encounter King Irish boy. . Worker Nairne or Hamako. Probable Kli Icterus. In counter Kin maim Olata. I u k tiny. Riders. To Mill. Meg ova. A. to Start at 4.50. Welter Handicap. On e mile. Par Vista 9 bail lie guard s 1 Little Linda 9 6 Blank Fil 7 12 Prince aides 9 1 Lieut. Wally 7 12 brilliance 9 0 prion 7 9 Ken � 8 12 Prince Seal 7 8 so Hardric 8 11 All talk 7 7 pop along 8 9 flashing fire 7 / Home song s 5 Hollywood 7 1 do Flora 8 3 metro 7 7 Rich gift 8 3 tutankhamen 7 7 Rellus 8 2 the sport Par Vista or or v Sta or heme in. Chronicle Home song or Blank Fil. Northern sportsman Par Vista Home song prion. . Worker Home song or Par Vista. Pr03able riders. I r. Sou in Louie a. Ira Liam i i no Audi a. It. Medl Pinsl c. Boom i of i in Lar f. Cameron Fol Aio. Will be screened Here i Tom mix in catch my smoke i and a Paramount special. Next monday and tuesday. Chu Chin Chow walk Erie acceptances. Run saturday sept. 13. Handicap hurdles two Miles. Good morning 10 4 Young Sergius wee orator 10 0 miss lord Srott s Der. 9 13 Wilcannia Stripe 9 12 gunwale arg Stelli 9 11 Billie slow Boucaud boy 9 8 Fin Alan Mark Aranka 9 7 Novice plate . I a furlongs. 8 13 Siram s 9 8 13 Bobby band 7 11 Casie 8 13 Balaton 7 11 pc Nong Mcworthy wee Mark Aranka Black Duck 8 11 lady Estella 7 9 s 9 walk Erie cup Handicap. One and a Quarter Miles. Pistol lad 10 10 Merri Clah Prince aides 10 2 wee orator Anton Mac a str Orient our artillery Bonnie gift sobriquet 9 13 9 10 8 6 8 6 8 3 Loch aryan Simon Laddie Marmorata labor party Young Sergius 7 Handicap jumpers Flat. One and a Quarter Miles. Merri clash 10 5 arg Stelli 9 9 Good morning 10 3 gunwale 9 4 Stripe 10 2 Wilcannia 9 4 spotty s Der. 9 13 Fin Alan 9 0 Simon Laddie 9 12 Billie slow 9 0 wee orator 9 12 irrigation Handicap. Six furlongs. Prince aides 10 5 Black Duck 7 10 Anton Mac 10 6 lady staccato 7 9 Bonnie gift 8 13 is rails 7 s cad a 8 3 gunwale 7 7 Murri clash 8 j lady Estella 7 7 Light Seal 8 2 ant nope 7 7 con Anton 7 13 pc Nong 7 7 labor party 7 10 Holder stakes Handicap. One mile. Pistol lad " 11 2 Simon Laddie 7 12 master Orient 10 2 Marmorata 7 11 out artillery 8 11 Don Anton 7 10 Bennie gift 8 11 Young Sergius 7 8 Wie worthy 7sobriquet 8 8 Slady Estella 7 7 Murri clash 8 2 fastidious 7 7stripu 7 13 Wilcannia 7 7 Loch aryan 7 13 Balaton 7 7 tailed Bend weights. Run saturday sept. 20. Handicap hurdles. Two Miles. Gaveston Martino Orla Kinc lord Selaw sobriquet arg Stelli Novice 10 7 10 0 9 12 9 i 9 11 9 s Simon Laddie Athenna lad Cesarina Wanda a Cenal plate five furlongs . 8 13 miss Hiera Etue 6 8 12 wave b 9 13 Luveria 8 9 s 13 Simon s 8 9 8 13 Siffrin s 3 8 11 Flora Sands 7 9 8 in Nicosa 7 9 8 11 tailed Bend cup. One and a Quarter Miles. " " Buzz 7 Fadoi Melisje 7 l Una Wanna 7 Selwyn 7 King Jeska 7 in feral 7 Wellington stakes. Sox furlongs. Golden Seal Don Anton con Tiley revers it Woodlo Aee. Gingham 7 7 7 7 Handicap jumpers Flat. One and a Quarter Miles. Vesper song 10 Cesar Ionn 9 sobriquet 10 4 Mya air 9 Simon Laddie 9 13 Wanda a 9 Orla Kino 9 10 of Letwyn 9 wee orator 9 in Cenal 9 snip Adona 9 s mob Long 9 Athenna lad 9 6 Handicap trial stakes. Six furlongs. King Frederick 9 0 Marcel wave aus a. Queen Lora so =.so Don Anton Don my Zijair Flora of Tawny the Quanci Gingham ii 7.2 sir Chesson Mickeen Nicosa incl r Lucr my spoon revers it Borneo miss Hirae tasking Jeska Simon s Rose graziers welter. One mile. Pistol lad 10 13 Gulden Seal High Eckett 9 0 Buzz Rometta 8 13 Luna Wanna Martino 8 12 Selwyn Light up 8 Juley lanky g 5 Caris Queen water pistol s 4 Coo Floece or. R. E. Hope had some Luck with his horses last saturday got it both ways. Mirth had so Brill september Handicap Thi s owner a Welling turn Stormy his fetlock in the and had to of course in the will do

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