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Adelaide Sport Newspaper Archives Jun 26 1914, Page 4

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Adelaide Sport (Newspaper) - June 26, 1914, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia ? Petersburg pin pricks., Alicec. And A. Will saying Jill _ ,. M. Do you know going to use Hall water now look out m. Hughie my. And Were going Home be night. What happened at the Corner L.?to. ,. 5-,- Or has turned your Down Highie a what was wrong t J and g. M. Are looking for a dress for the dance. M it Don t you see And b. Are having a game with you Jamestown jokes. Sinner stiff stablemate writ be Given some jumping lessons before going Back to Holland. Billy Looked to be stung at the footy dance. Was it. Ale or . S breath Bill the Cotton Weaver would be a better kid if he did t put on much guff when dancing. Bally Has Only been Back a few Days but made Good headway with. Dreamy doll. Freddy s.,i Sec the tart is Back again. Sport spotted miss Coming Home from Church with Billy What Are you relieving old Steve a and Terry Are looking Bright since their lost loves have come Back. Pink lost his Money when Roach Field got left at the. Barrier on saturday week. Dick p., has been married five years and no Bonus yet. What the matter with father Gerte. And v. T. Were blowing round the Street Corners last saturday night trying to catch boys but no Luck. If Lena t. Was to leave the children Home she might catch a about time Kate is took a pull after saturday afternoon. Sport reporter heard that there was a great dance Down Moyle own and the lord provided everything. Sporty thinks Billie g. Must be pretty slow a Zhenhe could t catch a funeral. Snow town snips. Sport thinks there will soon be another wedding in Snow town As Maudie and Tamie Are engaged. A kit and mrs. Looked like newly engaged couple the ragtime boarding House where they dish ragtime sausages ragtime chops r ragtime liver ragtime Lamb ragtime Chicken ragtime Ham. Where you get the ragtime band. Footy training Did five rounds and finished on the bit. Jean Laughs at other people in How do you like this Jean Koko made a mistake on. Saturday night Don t you know your gang get Frank snowy footballers Are taking Epsom against i Beecham I wonder which will win on monday Is going to retire at the end of the month Good Garden for Sale in. July 1st" 1914. Tom j., i thought you said your tart was a Tai Loress. It does t look like it by your trousers. Elsie and Ethel caught two Bonza boys on saturday night i Don t think. Fred. C., Bob s., Reg. B., g. S., , looked Good on pints thursday night Bill Has returned from his Holiday or honeymoon. Pup kit says things Are bad at present cheer up plenty of boarders later on. What was wrong with Harold c. At the Tennis dance was In the Way of was it D ? = what was Matt a and Irene a doing in the trap coming from Snow town tuesday with the sulky tied behind. Was it cold mat going Strong with e. What have you done with the Blyth Tabby Harold. Why did Harold c. And Tom Change girls was Ett too Small for you Harold. Hoyleton howls. Sport thinks Paddy m. Ought to stick to the Little girl he is engaged to at Blyth and not be mashing others. Beware girls he has been engage for Over twelve months. Otto be would look alright if he did t get tight ted l., the Boss of the store wonders Why the boxing show went Bung but sport reckons when a Man takes his boots off it time Gull gut. Knight n. Try to Rui a lot of tabbies on that Little wee screw of his. There the Burg girl he Fani by Bridge Tabby and the bal two Irimie two miss a g were pleased their names were not in sport last week but Here it is again girls. Dora And Edie Are still on the shelf boys. Put in lads,.-put in Charlie e. Says he likes to see his name in the dear old Jim a would be liked better by All hands was to in ind his own business and not other people Ambrose g says he will stand the reporter on his head if he were certain who it " was. Beware Jock he might be Strong. Vin Mac. The cigarette hum has Giyei tip tired life Arij singing b Etty As Hes if lie gets terrible dry. Jacoc a. I 4 a find doer wit i $ e Al Khury to a. It is Tipsie Yogi went in for old Anay present Jack sport has t seen Dick return this Way lately. What the matter with Dick _ our local Porter has Given up his Little twist and turned dowser. Norman g. Had better break the news to father or else Millie will. There is a girl called Anna and Anna is our Cook give her a Chance and she will give you a Glauce Wink her eafe if Yoy Joof " to Niue her own business pot other people Reporter a Akons of is for Sidgy who the Pace does go. G is for Gertie who claims Flash Mick / As hers. is for Horace the boy who gives showers. Al is i d like to be. J is Lor Johnny r., As silly As he. K is for Katie a Saddler assistant she. L is for Lovie that what she Calls Harry. M is for Maggie who Doris does adore. N is for 9-30, when she meets him at the door. 0 is for Olive the Belle 6f Tintown she. P is for Phillis which the girls at the pub dubbed me. Q is for Queen a boat that flies the Murray. ". _ r is for Richard l who left Here in j a. Hurry. = is for Stella who soon j o town will _. Go ,. To is for Pinksy who is Edna Dusky Beau. U is for you Inow what l am going to write v. A is for divvy the lightest of the Light " " w is for Wolly wog who ought to change his socks. A is for b.o.x., and Nail them in a _ Box. Y is for yesterday when Long went out with Jerry. Z is for zing of the profits Lier nationality. There is a Young girl named Ella a a real Good pianist is she. If. She Only knew what a Goat she looked in that Brown coat she d Pawn it and lose the ticket you see. Sport would like to know the reason Why Parrot nosed a. From the O., does not hang abound by place now. Won t she stand you now Algy or is the hops More fascinating there was a Young lad named Harry who tried to put in on Tot and Flossy but och the dear Little things were 1booked, for once Harry dough was cooked. Men beware of Public meetings held at boarding House Gates on sunday nights As it frightens the Little tabbies from going out for they Are not used to such Broad language. Why not go around the Back and have the argument out Otto d., the Painter was seen talking last night with a Tabby. Why not take her Home instead of leaving her go on Lier own sporty hears that Adolph e was simply shocked at his intended sister in Law haying her name put in the sport Well Adolph old boy How do you like yours sport heard D. In t going to the dance any More because A has gone away. Poor Bill fat Mick the Feather bed traveller says that somebody else ought to have a turn in sport did t Bill Snort when he i name Iff port never mini we my know Yop can t Swallow Raspberry seeds and that you Only work 8 hours a Day. Sporty would like to know when Katie is going to work Over at the f Saddler shop As she frequents the place often j mrs. T. Said she would stand in her doorway m spite of sporty. Ton a looks a bit lonely since his Iown Tabby has gone Home again. Why not marry the girl Tom sporty is on the tracks of the culprits who Shook the Pinky from the punt. Stiff Luck ted losing your Ned Willie b. Have Given up the idea of catching the Bonus and Are starting a Lizard farm shortly. Sporty advises Bill Not to spy on Sarah Now Dolly a gone to town. Let the girl have a flutter Jill. Heinied., Why Don t you take on a big twit As Flossie i too Young to 5be Taj of t of the n. Told sporty he does work h a f Beau ehg a a a to Cpd of biscuits in one Day. Sporty would like to know Why Tot j went Dowie the Basic Street sunday afternoon did you milk Carl 1 did e. Help you Alee. W. Wants to know who put Liis name in sport and says he will to find out Candy still does his duty with the school girl at 9-30 on hop night. Watch the boat lad. Spooning couples need to look out for creeping Nettie Should be More careful Bojt ,ng5ng her Hook to Palmer. 1 h a r r y g. To Paw old hat and lose the ticket. And Filda a. Are going his a g Ste m to Adam m and Algie of were seen by reporter in the two Bob seats at the movies. Where did they get the splash a. A A and a. M. The Heads from Sam a ranch went Shooti n they captured a native Bear and drought it Home through the Street. One of them looked funny with a Bear behind. A. A Tonus at Nettie Would make 3 a Pool Cau Acy if she fa5 of a be Lbw dress Ayer leg Pgggy of f such any Lily e. Ought to Pawn that Rabbit hat of hers and lose the ticket. It a pity Nettie Must always Nave a Chaperon when she goes to the dances. A 4k 41 Summe of Jilb a Loftes. Erwin of is going Strong with Agnes Since he met her at the party last thursday. August n. Thinks he could Cut any Bloke out of his tart sport reporter advises Elvira To look out for her Tabby e Pas he said the he fell deeply in love with Hilda At a party. The girls reckon Arnold Would look a lot prettier if he d leave his and shave his moustache Said she t fell in love with Henry The. Other night better look out else As he is going with another. Paul m. Ought to buy himself Box of beat polish As the Wear and fear of his boots is Worth More than double the Cost of the polish. Reporter wonders Why Bert Took Linda Home sunday night As she Only makes a fool of him. Arthur w., the Telegraph Post thinks he could Cut Edgar Out of his Tabby Elizabeth b. Reporter would like to know How Ben r got on tip at a on sunday night. Better shake it up a bit Ben. Mount pleasant memos sport advises Murray b. Not to run Down to the pub much. Does he go Over Jov feed a horse or what does he do v Jack Is still going Good with his Tabby. When Are you going to do the trick John sporty would like to know who the boys were that carted mrs. And miss To the show ground sunday. Sporty would like to know How much it Cost Sam A week to keep his nose red. How Many times does Norm. A. Fun to magnum to see Frank Go it Norm catch and keep your Eye on him. A Palmer pars. Did t Glady e. Kid herself playing the guano at the Palmer euchre party ? the Summerfeldt boys were Over Here to the euchre taping to catch Palmer Tabor but had no Chance. What Price Hooking on to one of the Flash girls in Blue. No Chance for you s., they like de smell of de syst sporty advises Art When he brings Lou to our dance again to put her in a Cage or muffle her Mouth up she can t scream loud. Lose her or the scream Arthur. Jack o. Should t drink much cold Tea when he. Comes up to our hop As sen Sens won t drown the smell of cold Tea. " sporty would like to know who the boys were that Shook the cake and sandwiches out of the Basket at the Back of Institute. Burnong punts. " next time Bert g. Takes Grace b. For a walk he d better Square his Small brother not to make enquiries As to their whereabouts. Sport reporter would like to know what takes Up to Burnong dances. Is there a woman in the Case Why did mavi6 seem Cross could t she catch a John on saturday night week where was Bob. Elvery t. Is a. Nice girl pm sure. She serves out the lollies in . S store but when she was told she d appear in sport y she vowed she would smash up the Man who d report. Elvery i m told has a real Tinkum boy les. Is the name of this big Lump of Joy Eurelia extras. Boys and girls think there is no sport reporter in Eurelia that where they make a mistake. Freddie Has been seen with a Golden haired Tabby under his Wing. Good boy Fred. " was tji Jat Pouf. Intended wife you were tailing a at the railway station the ? go it Era k., sporty saw you. What is 1 Willie to do when g. Goes to the West coast have a Holiday Bill a said he will be 40 before he gets married Sporty would like to know Why Raffy Can t catch a tart. Bund Aleer bumps. Black Peter k., from the Springs looked Blocker than Ever at the dance the Othet night who Are the two Best sports in bund Aleer Lou q and Joe a course. Wild Kitty from the Back blocks is a flyer in t she boys the government ought to circulate More expenses in bund Aleer As the two sports see Mech to Haye a Job. To collect enough. By Dodge taif of Section Jhong. Have the wild Oats dried off or Are they Only waiting for rain ask Pearl she ought to know. Brink Worth Brevi ties. Is you. Should t teach your cocky to follow you up the Street. It tells tales Bill. F. M. Seemed to think his name should have appeared in sport Here it is Freddie. Millie went away by the train on saturday week did Eva m. Docs not sound much but there might a g 1 lot in it Millie. Took trip to Georgetown saturday night. What can t leave g. E. For one night Hartley a. M. Is looking very sad since . Went away. Cheer up old Boj a your name port Aga. G. W. Hah to give n. A. A Mark for round the Neek on saturday night week Erri c says tie sport reporter is a real Nark for putting him in As he kids his Moonta tart he is a Homer. Naughty boy Ern be True. What Price R., our Flash kid ? look out for the girls Len. F. And m. C., have take a Short Holiday at Kadi. What will be Yair ii ext trip Fred ? " a. A. Looked very Nice m dress on a i ought to Cath Onkeles Hector with a Tabby sunday afternoon. Be careful Freadie sport was watching you. W. Was seen taking e. W. Out to see Bis a on sunday. D Is looking pleased now Is Back. And Should let 4 the choir Titi i go Poirie after Church instead of keeping them in the Street. Sport got a Shock on saturday night to see With � Tabby. Where did you catch her Sayn " Thinks he has a Nice quiet Stooge with his Tabby but sport knows More thaa Yogi Tinl Sty a. M. Thought it was Oyer the Fence Sheji she saw her name in . Clare cheer. Jack m. With his Vir gin Nell in a suit new looked quite a swell and May still remain to go Well until some Day in future. Roys Why Doh t Yogi stick to one Tabby is it the Fisher stakes you re after Roy. Tom Looks very sick since his Twenty quid double was struck. What about the motor Bike Tom. M. J. Is putting in Well with mrs. A. Cut it out Boss. Bung c was there when faces were Given to monkeys you Are ugly Algie. Jack m. "has--bl6wh Back from town with his Little Nellie. You did t sport the ring Jack must have her on an eleven years lease. Bister a Hose is getting More fiery every Day. Sport would like to know whether it is Cliea grog or frosty mornings have the hotel girls turned the motor crowd Down or Are they Only dodging Cecil Got a spill off scale Chestnut Crock. You should practice on a clothes horse old boy. Hughie Was looking for a bit of skirt on sunday night. had his Eye on F. Charlie s.-, the Dungaree mule Tamer has started poin Mie fancying. Sport Truid. Like to know if Fred q. Pays the rates for driving round the Back roads with the Little nurse in the Brake. The nurse looked very neat up in the High seat. Clarrie Thinks he can ride Buck jumpers but sport thinks he could ride in a cart with a pig net Over it better. Gertie Likes to see her name in the dear old sport Here it is. Sport would like to know if mrs. Has that Well taught Bird yet. Hap he Learnt to swear any More lately n. H., of Blyth looks very sad lately. Sport would like to know what is wrong Nell did another Johnnie turn you Down. Where was ted c. Hailing from coming up the South Road at one o clock on thursday morning june 17th? was it the tango or the Bunny hug that g. Vic. Was doing in the motor car at Dudley dance spiff Has thrown up the 14 hands tart and taken on a heavy weight at a certain hotel. Sport would like to know what occupies A attention at a certain boarding House. Is it the Mother or. The daughter what was Frank a doing travelling South with the Salmon coloured Tabby at one a.m., june 17th., the Sid Flirtation. Something doing at last in Clare phones Are speaking it everywhere The other night was seen kissing a lady Alt Serene. had his wound tightly round her and closely to him he tightly bound her. Then Down upon his Knees he fell and of his love he then did Tell. I love Yob love Yosu Darling dear i love you better than Bacca or Beer i d do anything for j # the lady replied too True too then sport knew the reason Why The knot was going to tie and laughed to think my word of rather when sport would Call on A � father. But soon i think Well change our tune when a The Bonus starts to Boom and when we arc married our Fate Well bemoan that Exhausted the funds of the baby Bone. And the lady name is Well find out for Would t like it to get about and when she married Shell be miss Ore. Three cheers for encore, encore. Saddleworth sardines. Jessie f., the Saddleworth Queen thinks herself a perfect dream but the boys All now she padded by the Way she walked and swaggered. We the dark headed Porter says he will hit the Man who put his name in try cracking stones Billy W. Sayk that name has not been m sport yet. Here it is Art you looked weft at map Oora the . Look out girls t. Cannot keep anything to himself he is like the =-=blpw8"it about. N. Looked very Well with a. The other night. When Are you going to pop the question Norm Lucy Has a football team but every one has Little Steaki. She talks to everyone through the door and asks politely Are you from semaphore mrs. Is very Lucky that one of in family mends boots by the walking she is Ong. Blimey giggles like a Goat in # cabbage Garden at anything. I wonder if hell Giggle now Andy h., Herb s., and if. A Are going Good for Baj Ferat competitions but it is a Long walk Whispered that she was glad her Tiame never appeared in sport Here you Are Myrtle old dear. Ted v. Is undoubtedly the greatest hum in the town Jim my. Can t make him Gallop. Cis b. Was doing a Lap after the dance with the Jack Johnson Porter. Martha Says she won t be a old to raid she is determined about that mrs. W. Tto her daughter if a news a. Here is yours for tooth a i my the fowl King intends Star Ting a poultry farm in july with two roosters and a Hen. Jim Is training Chase me Charlie to race Toms Doodle do before the Waterloo Cour ing t Otto t. Runs Home soon As he wins two or Tif. Pools. Jack the High stepper has offered f 1,060 Reward if anyone catches him buying a booze. Dick the Lizard can t play the botnet t for nuts but he the news Pajader at Jerst Stig to " " it Townie Is hereby awarded the a a certificate without comment. Fatty Is doing Good work with Gladys c. Old Poley is his Back Stop. Have Refuses to Stop Home at set. Is Tea old Cli ecsa a Nark pave port Pirie personalities Keg tie won 4/ at a the other night while his two cobbers gazed on in wonder. Kettle gave Pudden The Novice 15 out of up and got Well licked he puts his failure Down to new tables. Who does Claude v. Go with a. Or b. H.? he was seen with a A lot on saturday night _ Art b was Seda in the Street after .9.30 on saturday night must be something wrong. Roy b. And Frances m. Must find the Park cold these nights especially the Tennis court Fence. Ernie. G. Ought to try some of or. Sheldon lotion for swelled Heads. Billy g. Will most Likely be found on the Fiat at the next race meeting paying the old seven and six and no Norman Looks very lonely and miserable now that he has turned his lady Down. Two Little Maidens Eva and May a earing red dresses and looking Gay Are seen every morning wending their Way across Ellen Street to put in the Day not walking quickly but just a Mere trip afraid to run for fear their tight skirts will split if it takes a boy an hour and a half to walk a mile and a half How Long will it take Lucky George to Wash his socks ? Percy a the Butcher boy has got his cab horse Clara Back from Eulunda. Oily Is always wearing her new coat. Do you sleep in it ? Rhoda Puts on a lot of Dawg with her -3/9 furs. Are they imported Rhoda Eva and May Think they Are just Lovely with their new Blue Coats. Roy b. Represented a fireman at the masquerade Ball but looked More like a fishmonger. Scobie Reckons lie holds the world championship for humming fags and he is not far out Claude v. Has had his Mailer tied up since lil. Sat on it hands off and eyes on is the Best problem. Claude. Col. Y. Was seen putting in with fiddler Dick daughter tie other evening. Look out for slops col. Herb Likes to let people see him smile lie can show his Gold tooth. _ oily Has composed a new ragtime. Entitled the pot Willoper revenge on the dirty Timmy a. Is Getty Grin train for the umbrella stakes. It is rumoured that he will be in the capable hands of Terry my. Jim thinks he is sure to take out. A drunk passing through a hotel Yard a few nights ago roared ouf fire Albert the flour bag lifter rung up the brigade but it was Maude a hair that the drunk had sen through a Back window. Nellie a boy earned 3/1 in commission last week. Never mind webby e you will never go hungry while Nellie got a Ginger nut " Rhoda a was seen walking Home with something last saturday night was it your boy or your father Rodda he looked old enough. Nellie o. Was heard singing where is my wandering boy you should have been singing i wonder who kissing him now because you know Nellie Jack is a bit of a flirt when he gets away. ? Tattersall meeting on monday practically concludes the. Season racing in this state but owners and trainers will have plenty to amuse themselves at broken Hill. 4 Pali whom or. M. Rasheed purchased specially to win the Silver City has been working Well at Morphet Tville of late. On saturday the Duke of Melbourne horse galloped a mile in 1.52i, and went exceptionally Well throughout. Providing he is not Over Uttof denied with weight Ptah will take a tremendous amount of Sto ushing and he is in great heart just at present out of three starts at mount Gambier last week Wor Tupa won two races and on the other occasion was second. The handicapper Down at the mount had a poor opinion of Wor Tupa both As a hurdler and a sprinter and practically threw him into three races at a Stone less than he was entitled to. Wor Tupa did not. Start in the hurdles but he captured the other two races which he was pitch forked into. Ill epistle who won the welter at the recent port Adelaide meeting was at one time owned by a prominent lawyer who has been much in the limelight of late. Epistle however is now the property of his old owner or. Gerald Gillen. Epistle can Gallop when he likes but the trouble is he does not often feel that Way disposed. crops up a Winner occasionally but he must have Cost his connections a Small Fortune during the past couple of seasons. However now that he has renewed the judge acquaintance he May put More heart into his work in future. M or. Lewis has abandoned the idea of sending Mir halite to Melbourne and it Woutos seem As if the pistol horse has not made the improvement it was expected. Still it would not be altogether Wise to condemn tie on account of one or two faille for he has not experience the Best of Luck in some hrs Joe Mccann is said to have designs on the Maiden hurdle race at the forthcoming meeting with lady pistol. This Mare Lias fair form on the Flat to recommend her and being Young and improving May go close to scoring. A lot of Money went on common King Here in Adelaide for the hurdle the . Meeting on saturday but the Best the common looking son of wee Brig left could do was to finish sixth. Tom Kilmartin have fancied common King on Saturn Day As he started at 12 to 1. Haragus who has done nothing but fail for some considerable time has changed hands his purchaser being or t. O Dea of Murray Bridge. Haragus will be tried across country and at this Branch of the business May make Good. Great shot is doing no better in Leybourne than lie did in Adelaide. was a starter in the Cambria welter at Caulfield on saturday but never showed up at any part of the journey. Master Koran who has not appeared in Public for some considerable time is moving along nicely on the training tracks again and it should not be Long before Jimmy Henderson picks up a race with the son of Koran. The Western australian horseman a Audas who has been Riding Success fully of late met with a slight Accident while Riding work the other morning and had to spend two or three Days the Hospital. Hie Ratus is a rather Peculiar animal and he must be a lion at Home but a Lamb in Public. On the training tracks he Jias registered some rattling Good gallops but quite fails to run up to them in Public. Still he will win shortly but i dare say it will be when Many of admirers have tired of following him. It does not say much for Adelaide form when Hamburg Belle who won both the Adelaide and Alderman cups failed to get a place in the Richmond at Caulfield on saturday. Still As the Mare Price in the betting was 5 to 1, perhaps too much attention need not be paid to her performance. Or. D. Kiley a Well known Adelaide sportsman Tias secured an interest in the Chaser Vulcan and he intends giving the old fellow a further trial 011 metropolitan courses. The . Grand National weights were issued last week and naturally they have been freely commented up who is Down to make his fifth Start in the grand National hurdles. Has already two victories to his credit. Last year he won easily by eight lengths with 11.7 on.4iis Back and it cannot be said that he is badly rated on this occasion with 11.13. It will take something pretty Good to beat him but one i think that will maker him move is Arque Buse at 11.9. There is 110 getting away from the fact that the pistol gelding is in real buckle we saw him win the first hurdles on Goodwood Handicap Day with 12.6 on his Back and also saw him just beaten by Celt on the closing Day with 13 est. 011 his Back. That was enough to Stop any horse and to make matters worse Arque Buse put in a couple of bad jumps. M m i Cloi Taft was in winning humor of easter time when he won three races off the reel two at Randwick and one at Caulfield and he scored in a jumper Flat a Ceon wednesday. Lord Walla was a fast horse on the track and he is reported to have taken kindly to the jumping business. has a big following in Melbourne. St. Medic is the Sydney horse from whom great things were expected in the big handicaps of last Spring but he failed to run up to expectations and in the meantime has been put to hurdle racing. Celt should run Well with his 10 . is a horse of exceptional Promise. There Are Many others with chances but at this period we will pick Arque Buse. Obi clo Taft and lord is plenty of time ahead to Deal with the grand National Steeple Chase. Vanguard Heads the list with 12.5, which is one Pound less than he carried to Victory last easter monday at Onka paring. In the past he has not shown such a liking for Flemington As he does Onka paring. _ on saturday form icon the fou year old Grafton gelding in Jai pics Scobie stable must be Given a great Chance at 9.11. V the Hunter Anaf Rioh made his first appearance in open country on saturday. When he finished up a Good Sec ond to icon and another horse after National honors in Corad Jil followed the pair Home. United kingdom is one that take a lot of beating with 12 . However at the present i will stand by icon United King Dom and anacreon

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