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Adelaide Sport Newspaper Archives Aug 1 1930, Page 7

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Adelaide Sport (Newspaper) - August 1, 1930, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia t t amateurs s coming events. August 2 three mile walk Plympton club. August 9one and a half mile run on Oval. August 16ten-mile Cross country championship military sports. August 16cadet championship Fenner cup. August 23ten-mile Handicap walk one Mike open run Theberton Oval and seven mile run both j Western District club events. J August 30adelaide to Prospect j run T and walk. September 6one-mile club relay race and 15-mile open walk. September 13 one and a half mile run on Adelaide Oval. September 27one-mile run on Oval. During August and september a number of club and association Oval Road and Cross country events will be a i held. Saunders however cracked up heading for � Keswick 1 and t Joyce was in front nearing the Bridge. Joyce s advantage was Short lived for Gibbs with Prince still in attendance had taken the Lead at Goodwood Road and the two ran together along West Terrace. There was Promise of an interesting finish but Gibbins found his More Youthful opponent too difficult to shake off and Prince scored with Joyce third and Jolly fourth. Result m. Prince Handicap 30 sec 1 c. Gibbins 22 sec. 2 c. Joyce 2.5 3 won by 35 Yards with 45 Yards Between second and third. Winner s finishing time 40min. 55sec. J h. H. Wilson wins walking club s Road race. 1 h. H. Wilson won the w a l k i n g club s Road race from Glenelg to Adelaide on saturday. He walked at such a fast rate in the Early stages that he passed r. Campbell to whom he conceded two minutes before Plympton was reached. Thereafter he outclassed the opposition with the exception of j. Deere who also showed better walking form. The latter took the Lead from j. Long after travelling three quarters of a mile and when passing Plympton Deere had a big Lead Over Long Fishlock Hawkes and Oborn. Approaching the South Road at Black Forest Deere was still piloting the Field with Oborn second and Wilson Only in Yards away third and Reynolds Cocks Northcote following. Wilson passed Oborn without Effort and set after Deere. The latter with a much reduced advantage led towards South Terrace where Wilson was travelling strongly. The state Champion made a great Effort along he Terrace and Drew close to the Leader 200 Yards from the finish aking a further Effort near the Ine he scored by seven Yards from Deere. R. Oborn was third and then followed Cocks and w. Mansfield. Results h. H. Wilson scr 1 j. Deere 8.30 2 r. Oborn 4.10 3 won by seven Yards. To. With born. A Yards away third Winner s time 7 0 fee. Other starters a. � Ai " 1,be 0 u Ftp Mansfield 2.35 Cocks 2.55 j Mccormack 3.20 , 3.40 r. Reynolds 3.40 ? 5 1 1 0 g. Northcote 5.15 j s i 0 Kef i a. ? Hawkes 6.30 l Modi Stach 8.0 a. Long 9.30. British p o l � v a u l x record. At Fenner s ground Cambridge last month Cambridge University met athletes representing the rest of England and sustained a heavier i defeat 78 Points to 40 than has been experienced since this meeting j was instituted in 1927. The Best j performance of the Day was that of i a. T. Bond the old Cambridge Blue who with 12ft. 6 3-8th inches eclipsed his own month old British native pole vault record. The High hurdles provided lord Burghley with pc f n11 ? j Oval Tisdall led him Over j the first flight and he himself brought Down the second Fence Burghley has developed an incredibly Quick chop Down to the Landing which accounts for his again beating 15 seconds. Shed to the pm \ no correspondent he would Haye the T old s record of better from a Impf this year. See Someth " in dad s footsteps. Long retired a. C. Middleton the former International track rider is a proud Man nowadays As two of his daughters Are making names for themselves As racing cyclists. Thelma off 30 seconds finished ahead of her sister Doreen scratch with Jean Snell scratch third in the Essendon women s Amateur cycling club s two mile Handicap. Doreen also gained the time honors. Boxing Stop it said Haines referee. To australian Champion Jack Haines took exactly four and a half minutes on saturday night at Rush cutters Bay stadium to retain his title against Johnny Shields. The fight was mercifully stopped in the second round and Haines was declared the Winner. Shields looked nervous when the j first round began and Haines did not give him time to pull himself together. Driving him to his Corner he had Shields defending his Chin for dear life while the Champion hammered with vigorous rights and lefts Haines repeated the dose on the other Side of the ring flinging rights and lefts to the head. Shields gradually Sank and As the Bell rang Haines cried to referee or. Joe Wallis Stop it Stop it this was a merciful Appeal to the referee for it was apparent that Shields head would Only be a chop Ping Block in the next round. Shields was helped to his Corner and when the Gong went for the second round j he limped groggily from his Corner j Haines again let Fly 3iis rights and lefts. The referee promptly j j stopped the fight. Shi Elds remained standing on the Canvas and As he looked at the disappearing body of the corpulent Joe fleeting from Thering he made use of the Good old australian adjective that connotes one s admiration for another. Shields had no earthly reason for his demonstration of disapproval. He was knocked to a Frazzie and did not even attempt to hit Back. And since the crowd does not attend to witness something that can be seen at the abattoirs the referee did quite right in stopping the contest. Shields is not in Haine s class. Lewis again defeats Deans. At the Unity stadium Perth kid i Lewis 9.7, of Western Australia. I Defeated Arthur Deans 9.8, of Vic Toria by a wide margin on Points on i saturday night. Lewis Defeated j Deans on Points three weeks ago j hut the victorian made a better showing this time. Lewis who did most of the attacking had All his own Way up to the end of the ninth round and was greatly Superior to Deans in the 14th and 15th. Carnera ordered Island. To Ellis Primo camera who was to fight the australian Boxer Cook last week was ordered by the United states customs to proceed immediately to Ellis Island for deportation. Presumably he will not meet Cook. A romantic figure. Schmeling is a romantic figure. Two years ago Carl Brisson brought 3iim to London to seek engagements. Not a single promoter would look at him for Gipsy Daniels then the British cruiserweight Champion had just previously knocked out Schmeling in half a round in Frankfurt Germany. Mainly on account of his cold reception in England he went to America. Schmeling who is Only 23, was originally meant for a business career but earned the displeasure of his family when he took up boxing. One of the most astonishing things about him is that he has lost two fingers on his right j T they were severed at the Iana second joint As the result of an Accident. New British lightweight Champion. A1 Foreman the new British lightweight Champion won his title in a minute by a Knock out Over Fred Webster but he had to stage the show himself. The match was first staged by the ., and with the men in the ring ready to fight Foreman refused to go on unless he was permitted to Wear a pair of american made boxing gloves. Webster was willing but the Refused and the match was called off and Foreman suspended. The following Day he applied for and gained a License to promote a bout for the weight title hired a boxing Hall offered a guarantee to w Ebster with the title at stake got him in the ring and knocked him out in Shi. Punches. And no Man can say Foreman did i t want that title much. Typically Yankee. Hartford conn., saw its local Pride Batt. Battalino retain his world s featherweight championship against the filipino Ignaco Fernandez. The huge open air stadium Wai racked and the fans saw thei filipino hit the dust in the fifth round for the full Battalino played Safe. Fernandez the new world s lightweight Champion was Given a hiding by Al Singer and is on the Way Down the ladder. And As the bout took place at Batt s Hometown he did t even risk a referee. The real challenger and Champion kid chocolate ambled through to another win on the same Day in new York against Luigi Quadrini. The cuban need was never extended. Its a Safe bet that he is the Man Batt will never take along to his Home town to fight for his synthetic Crown. The need is near his 200th fight All wins. Wins and draws line. The color after Al. Singer had knocked the world s lightweight championship Crown off the head of Sammy Mandell in the first round at new York he Drew the color line. For boxers round this weight the color line Means they do not want to tangle with need chocolate. Singer fought chocolate some months ago and just about saw the distance on his feet. As if the need worries about titles he has Emall on the run and ranks with Jack Dempsey and Mickey Walker As a draw card. Boxing come to Mitchell s gymnasium Robert Street West Croydon. Red Mitchell teaches the Art of Sel defence. I charges moderate and satisfaction guaranteed j apply Charley red Mitchell Hanayer and instructor wrestling Koolman on Points. A great match. Wrestling supporters witnessed one of the Best bouts of the season at the City Baths on saturday night. Anton Koolman 11 st Ethoma gamed a Points decision against Jock Mclaughlin 11 st. 5� la Canada. Each Man had a fall to his credit. In the opening round the Canadian i forced Koolman to the mat repeatedly and applied several head locks which Hurt. Koolman by sheer strength lifted himself up and with a Cross buttock threw Mclaughlin across the ring. Mclaughlin had Koolman on the mat with a body scissors and a face bar. The Canadian had a painful Short Arm scissors on the estonian but the Gong saved him. First fall to Mclaughlin Early in the Laughlin had a Man who Wias own legs for those very cleverly Mclaughlin Grabb the wrists of Koolman stepped Forward and sat Back. The shoulders of the estonian were Down in 51 seconds after the beginning of the round. Koolman was using his forearm on Mclaughlin in the next round and kept trying to Force him to the mat. He pinned Mclaughlin with an Arm truss and a body press but the Canadian was too fast and rolled Over and got free. Koolman applied a severe head scissors and Mclaughlin was warned for Kuckling. Clever wrestling was witnessed in the next three rounds. Both men were continually forcing each other to the mat but in each instance they were soon again on their feet. Koolman gets Busy. In the seventh round Koolman As soon As the Gong sounded went for his opponent and applied a full. Nelson r half an hour they howled and raved for an official investigation into audacity s reversal of form. One fellow leaped Over the pickets a Constable and a civilian grabbed him by the Slack of the breeches and yanked him Back clean out r the pickets another Chap got a Bunch of fives. Smash fair on the Point yes they were the Good old Happy go Lucky Days. Whether Bob Lewis and Scobie deserved it All i am not going to say. Strange things eventuate on the racecourse. B j j j m n b n e notes. Will am Muldoon the presiding i Genius of pugilist in America is annoyed Over the Schmeling Sharkey. Contest. He has emphatically an a bounced that although the decision gives the title to Schmeling he does not intend to allow the German _ name to be engraved on the Muldoon Trimey trophy. J Johnny Curley who left Australia undefeated last year fought a 15-, round draw with Sam Steward sex British lightweight Champion at the ring London last month. Curley j was unlucky to share the verdict. Always ask Fob Amsco ice Cream refreshing and invigorating made from pure Cream come and see Amsco ice Cream made Adelaide milk Supply co operative limited &98 Carrington Street City. Phone 3545. Edwards gets Saf on. I t x 1 j 1 Bourne i t s l u v s t 1 attracted by the return of Billy i a i wards 13 st. 8 la who endeavoured to rough House Carl Sarpolis 14 st. That the referee disqualified him for a foul blow. At the end the referee was sitting on Edwards to keep Himl quiet. Sonneberg May visit Australia. I there is a Chance that Gus Sonneberg heavyweight Chart Pion of the world will visit Australia later in the year. When sounded on the matter he named a big sum but his terms have been accepted by stadiums Ltd. He has been kept very Busy for the past year and the idea of the trip with a few matches in Australia appeals to him. World s heavyweight title. U 1 1 j Jim Londos of Greece pinned Dick j Shimkat of Germany to win what j was announced As the world s title of heavyweight championship. Since then Hans Steinke 2501b. German has offered a �2000 Side stake to avenge his countryman s defeat and John Pesek is still howling in the wilderness for a Chance at the Crown. The american association took Pesek s Light heavyweight title away two months ago by declaring the division void. L i English sportsmanship queer Street. In English sportsmanship is not Only being challenged in Cricket. American golfers Are complaining that snobbery is entering that game. At Hoylake Golf House during the play ing of the British open the luncheon marquee was divided is rfcs for professionals Only and Mem cers and temporary members when the american went in to eat Les Deigel. Who is reputed to earn �25,000 a year found he could to have his lunch with pal Bobby Jones to who happens to be an Amateur. Diegel did t like it a Oit and said so asking Why is it it in t Nice to be treated like an Merior Oemig this is an open championship and everybody should be treated cycling. Coming events. August 2state 50-Miles Cham j Pion ship. August 16payneham 50-Miles i Elliott race August event. 30gawier 30-Miles Road september 6attempt on broken 1 Hill Adelaide record. 1 october 1state three Quarter mile championship. I Tweeddale club big race will be. Decided on August 9. This event will begin at the Glynde hotel and will conclude at Tweeddale. It is open to All riders. Open the next Rod race in the Payne Ham club s Calendar is set Down for Ville this race will follow the Glynde course four times round Highbury i to. N p. d i. Close on saturday week. Prizes offered Are �4 and the Elliott cud for first �1 for second and 10/ for l the 50-mile championship of South Australia held by the league will a Over a course four times round the Glynde circuit Zvenit. Onn saturdays a l m v w next e v i August 2. The Handicap prize Money is As follows �5 for first. �2 second �1 third and 10/ fourth. The soft Cial country prizes which have been j included to encourager Urage country riders. Total �3. The champions incl Sash and i �3 will be a awarded to the rider re cording fastest time and �1 will to to the second fastest. 100-mile Road race to l. Hall. There was a crowd of enthusiasts at the Northern hotel Enfield on saturday to witness the Start of the Annua 100-mile state Amateur Cham along main North Road to Gawker and Tarlee by Way of temp a Lars and re turn by same w. Ryan and k. Inkster who were on the limit Mark 21 were started on their Long journey at 10.20. They were out of sight before the next pair p. Cogan and n. Rankin started five minutes later. Followed by f. Hall and j. Newton 13 mind. Slack d. Waite b. Leonard and a. Guinand each 10iw. Stracke capper. Rogers and h. Kith on each 9h t. Mcdonald r. Rees l. Hall and h. Sut a ton each 7sb. Hammond and w. Full her each 6and Callinan r. Ryan and s. H Errman each 1. Inkster fell at Gawker and withdrew from the race. W. Ryan the other limit Man was the first to arrive at Tarlee which he reached at 12.44 o clock. He led by More than a mile from the next Batch which comprised s. Hall Guinand Slack and Leenard All of whom passed through tour minutes behind Ryan at 12.52j Fulcher Hammond Nui Pauj Stracke. L. Hall kith on and Cap = � Herraman and r. Ryan two of the scratch men were still together. Arrive at 12.545. They had gained. Near Gawker through a p111", ,. Be w reached Ryan Wasa Piernot overtake non the Hunt i of m Sojourney. He with non tvs distance hemp however but not a puncture before reaching Enfield. Another unfortunate rider was Fulcher who was v.,11-, of Rymph inv in the leading Bunch of competitors Jintil about 100 Yards from the win Jina line when he was attacked by ramp. Only a few cards separated the first four riders. D. Waite was. Awarded the trophy for the first i Nior to finish Anco k. Rogers that j Fol. The Best advice. Results a. J Hall 4hr. 35m. 30s.1 b. Hami Nond 4.34 1-52 j. Slack 4.38 -53 s. Capper 4.39 3-54. Fastest time was made by r. Ryan 4.33 50. After the race it was announced that r. Ryan and s. Herraman had been selected As South australian representatives in the australian Road championship in Victoria next month. Queensland fifty mile record. A fifty mile record for Queensland and Australia was established by h. O Donnell on saturday when his time for the journey was 2 or. 2 min. 56 sec. Western districts 30-mile Road race. Western districts club held their 30-mile Road race on saturday afternoon. Twenty seven faced the starter. T. Matthews led by a length at the end of the first round from t. Hodgso with f. Mariner third. R. Staunton fell in the second and sus failed sight injuries. N result a. Kurray 1 f. Kerrish fastest 2, h. Hobby 8. Hob mide test. _ Colts race. A three mile race for Colts was held j while the senior race was in Progress starting and finishing at the Glynde hotel. Results a. Phillips 1 f. Penn 2 k. Thompson 3. K. Lindner secured fastest time 8 min. 37 sec. Two bodies claim the new zealand Union has issued a circular stating that they have taken control of cycling Amateur and professional in the Dominion in Man racing cyclists in their Day a re among Mono the vice presidents and re v f is Secretary. There was a t3rae_ in ".whmml. E _ n the % s p Ort enjoyed a great a u � be by zealand but Public inter. T has died away. After being for some time the new zealand Amateur athletic association revived the sport As far As the Amateur was concerned and brought it Back Imo Public favor. That body still claims control and there is no reason Why the control should be i T m them As they were Suc ifs soul m their Endeavor Tom Terest Public. Whether they will take e lat f s t development m the control lying Down is a matter of doubt. Broken time argument. Caustic comment on olympic decision. Commenting on the decision of the International olympic Council to forbid payment for broken time largely due to the Strong opposition of the British olympic Council cycling the pm wish sporting journal in a forceful editorial makes the following caustic comment be England s. Olympic victories have n relatively few in recent yeas Aiki it is Jug y cars a nce she scored one in the cycling Section at any rate. One cannot help thinking that � Tif s e l v Tarcic l hit if � time Resolution England we now have the position that if an athlete obtains leave of absence. And rns salary is paid in the org nary Way. He is t a use 1 As a Simon pure a liar Eurin ? it no wages while a Send or 11he 15 not a worker at a i a Anai i. A Cann d c a a n Orda / be Independent u no n

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