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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Sep 15 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - September 15, 1944, Adelaide, South AustraliaNational Library of Australia Spain Why Campaign of hate and calumny British author s plea hardly a week passes without effusion of bitterness against the government and people of Spain and occasionally the press adds the spice of calumny against the Church to heighten the effect of its Spanish Here condensed from the London illustrated news june 17 is the comment of the distinguished English author and historian Arthur Bryant on this sorry business. Or. Churchill s recent remarks on Spain in the House of commons rubbed a number of Well meaning people up the wrong Way. Those who formerly viewed the Spanish civil War As a testing Battlefield Between democracy and fascism seem to feel about Spain to Day much As the More pious kind of Schoolboy feels when grown up about his old school and the Homeric contests of his Happy Fero Cious partisan youth. They want of course like everyone else to beat Hitler. But the satisfaction of doing so would seem almost a sober pleasure to them compared with the ecstatic poetic satisfaction to be got from see ing dictator Franco violently Slung out. It was in Spain that they first pinned their hearts to an embattled ideology and there is something even in Bloomsbury about a first love that no later attachments can Ever quite obliterate. Yet leaving ideology for a moment out of the question what Are the fundamental facts about Spain so far As they affect this country and the cause for which it is fighting the first is that enunciated by or. Churchill in the House the other Day. In the sum Mer of 1940, when our plight was Al most desperate this valiant English Man whom even the most Bellicose non belligerent has never dared to Call an appeaser warned both Italy and Spain in turn to keep out of the War declaring at the same time that we had no militant designs against them or their institutions and that we had no wish but to remain at peace with them. In this he was probably speak ing for 99 out of 100 British people. Mussolini s Italy chose to disregard that Friendly advice and warning. By doing so before she ruined herself she nearly brought Down our cause and that of human Liberty throughout the world. She Cut the Mediterranean in half isolated Malta and encircled our forces in Egypt which with the out numbered Mediterranean Fleet alone then stood Between Hitler and his ambition of an Axis bloc from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Tens of thousands of our countrymen lost their lives As a result and a Long period was prob ably added to the War. Spain on the other hand though her entry into the War in the summer of 1940 would have let the germans into North Africa Given them the French Fleet closed the Western Mediterranean and exposed our vital and precarious South Atlantic Trade and Supply routes to overwhelming attack deliberately and wisely chose to keep the peace. She did so again in the autumn of 1942, when As or. Churchill revealed it Lay within her Power to wreck our crucial North african expedition at the out set. For whatever motives and in the Teeth of ideological differences her government preferred peace with Bri Tain to subservience to Germany and in 1940, at any rate such a preference in a state with a land Frontier exposed to the German army showed a cer Tain courage if nothing More. Yet our would be ideological crusaders urge us now to Mak no distinction Between Italy and Spain. Both they declare were fascist and both must therefore be treated alike. In other words the Friendship the prime minis Ter offered to Spain in the Day of our weakness is to be repudiated by. Us in the Day of our strength. This is a Little like the morality of Herr Ribbentrop. It would ill become eng land and ill serve her cause in the world to show such machiavellian duplicity. Nor would such an act of cynical bad Faith redound to the credit. Or ultimate welfare of the Spanish party or faction it assisted. It would almost certainly make it intensely in popular. Spaniards resent foreign interference in their affairs even More if possible than we. This is not to say that we in this country wapt to see Franco or any other dictator permanently established As the ruler of Spain or for one moment approve of such a Conception of government. Most englishmen would gladly give their lives rather than allow a similar Rule to be established in this country. But most englishmen i fancy would give their lives list were they Ever by ill Hance brought face to face with it to terminate in their own Law abiding land the anarchy lawlessness and violence which existed in Spain continued on Page two established 1847 special old dry Sherry How Catholic soldiers prepared for invasion 95 per cent at sacraments Luj Uuk june following references to the spiritual preparations made by Catholic soldiers of the armies that invaded the shores of Normandy is Given by the Catholic press Here to Catholic Soldier embarked on the invasion of France without being first Given every Opportunity of pre paring. Himself spiritually for the ordeal which he had to face. The huge majority took advantage of the facilities and received holy communion. Long before the invasion Day the military authorities approached the senior Catholic chaplain with suggestions and plans for religious facilities for the men who were to go into the special invasion Camps. The plans were singularly appreciative of the particular needs of Catholic soldiers. On their own initiative for instance the authorities proposed that special marquees would be needed for Catho Lic men where the blessed sacrament could be reserved and a place set aside for confession. Special chaplains were asked for in these Camps As part of the Perma nent staff. This was to ensure that any troops who passed through the special invasion Camps arid who did not carry their own chaplains would not go unprovided for. As a result when the time came for the troops to be marshalled in the special Camps they found in them what was aptly or termed a Cathedral Square with a marquee Chapel set aside for catholics in which the blessed sacrament was reserved. The Camp chaplains who had been specially appointed for the work had collected and devised furnishings and Orna ments. Some marquees even had altar frontal stations of the Cross holy water fonts and a Bookstall. The chaplain s own tent was next to the Church and he was available at All times. The plans of the authorities even included broadcasts Over the Camp radio system of the times of mass and confession. Never in the experience of the Catholic chaplains concerned have Catho Lic men responded so magnificently to this a st Opportunity of approaching the sacraments before Battle. In some Camps the chaplains re ported that 95 per cent of the total Catholic strength received holy com Munion notwithstanding the fact that. For months previously during missions retreats and other devotions Given by their own chaplains the majority had already availed themselves of the opportunities of receiving the Sacra ments. Miserere in place of the do penance. Vatican sunday july ii the holy father left the Vatican and went to the Church of st. Ignatius on a pilgrimage of thanks to our lady for the preservation of Rome. It had been the Pope s intention to visit the Church on Trinity Sun Day the very Day on which borne was liberated to join in the Novena of supplication for the safety of Rome. Instead said Vatican radio his Pil Grimage was turned into one of thanksgiving for the remarkable preservation of the City. In st. Ignatius which is the Prin Cipal Church of the society of Jesus in Rome is a much venerated 14th Century image of our lady which has been Given the title of our lady of divine although the event was kept a close secret immense crowds had gathered in the Square before the Church As though the people had sensed that he would come Church itself overflowed with its congregation. It was just after 6 o clock when the Pope s motor car left the Vatican City. It was unaccompanied by any other car and the holy father s sole companion was mgr. Montini. The Pope entered the Church by the Side Entrance and was received by the vicar general of the jesuits for. De Boynes . It was with difficulty that he walked through the crowded congregation to the Sanctuary amid tumultuous applause. Cardinal Pizzardi and various archbishops and Bishops were pre sent. The choir of st. John Lateran Sang the miserere which the Pope ordered instead of the the deum because of the intense sorrow still in the world. The ave Maria was then sung1, after which the holy father mounted the pulpit and preached giving his bless j i ing at the end of the Sermon. 1 i during exposition of the blessed sacrament the Pope performed the in sensations. Benediction was Given by the vicar general of the order of preachers. As the Pope left the Church s main door at the end of the service the people tried to reach him to kiss his hand. With the greatest difficulty he made his Way to his car although protected by a cordon of volunteers who included two Allied soldiers. In his Sermon the holy father said that he had been about to join with his people in prayers of supplication to Mary Mother of divine love for the preservation Jpn Rome when the supplications were turned to thanks giving for said his holiness we have witnessed such a preservation that should fill us with gratitude to god and to his blessed Mother. The holy father then appealed to his audience to offer prayers to god and to his Mother for All men who have been afflicted by the War and who Are suffering. These prayers however must ascend to heaven from pure hearts and a True spirit of Peni tence must possess All. With fresh Zeal we must again turn to that immutable Justice to that eternal Law from which the world should never have turned away and which sooner or later with the inevitable certainty of cause and effect brings severe punishment while divine mercy never ceases from admonishing men and from calling them Back to the right path in a thousand ways. Search your hearts do penance and believe in the gospel. There is no other Way of attaining salvation said the holy father neither for a society nor for an individual except by re turning to penance to the fundamental principles of ethics and to Faith in the to wish to escape trials and punish ment without doing penance and with out a genuine change of heart would mean to want sin to remain unpunished to want to assume the right to Lead a life contrary to the Laws of ethics and always to yield to the Call of passions. Bagpipes and resounding cheers far Pope Pius Allied soldiers at Vatican London Jane 24.the following reports of the Allied armies in Rome and of the thousands of soldiers who had audience with the i Ope Are taken from the Catholic Herald the Tablet the universe and the Catholic times j Ope Pius Xii received general Harold Alexander commander in chief of the Allied forces in Italy in private audience last Alexander was accompanied by the British minister to the holy see. He later presented members of his staff including Captain sir Rupert Clarke his aide de Camp. Almost every Day there is a Gene ral audience for troops of the Allied armies in Rome usually in the Aula Bened Zione the Large Hall above the Entrance to st. Peter s in which is the famous Balcony from which the Pope gives his blessings on special occasions to the crowds in the Piazza. No fewer than 4,000 troops were received on sunday june. 11. After the Pope had addressed them in French and English he was hailed says the Vatican wireless with re sounding on the following Day a group of Irish soldiers under general Andrew Scott was received in the Sala Concis Tori ale. The Pope reminded them of the words of st. Patrick you Are christians and romans and Here again very loud cheers punctuated the words of the afterwards the pipers played some Irish airs to the holy father on their Irish were followed by groups of French and americans. The French said How sorry they were to have come to the eternal City As warriors and not As pilgrims. Four thousand officers and men of the eighth Amy nearly All of them catholics were received by the holy father in audience on june 20, and heard his holiness speaking in eng Lish say it is a real Joy for us to Welcome you All Here within the very Home of the common father of Chris on the previous Day in the Sala Ducale the holy father received in special audience 59 eighth army chaplains. The troops went to the Vatican after assisting at mass in the Church of st. Mary of the Angels celebrated by for. Scanlan senior Catholic Chap lain of the eighth assisted by Cana Dian new zealand and South african chaplains. General Leese commander of the eighth army was represented at the mass by brigadier siggers. The holy father was received with great applause when he entered the Hall of the blessings Over the main Entrance of st. Peters to address the troops. After his opening words of Welcome and continuing to speak in English his holiness said god has provided that we should be the common father at a period of human history when the world As continued on Page two How Long is life we hear frequent reference to the allotted Span of three score years and ten but we know from our experience of the world just How Uncertain is the tenure of life. It is Well to remember this when appointing an executor of your will. Is it Wise to appoint a Friend when it May be ten Twenty thirty or even More years before your will comes up for administration ? remember if your appointed executor is no longer available to act when the time comes there May be cd sorts of Legal com plications leading to delay expense and disappointment for your dependants. It is by far the Wiser course to appoint elder s trustee and executor company As your executor. The com Pany will be there ready to act when required no matter How Distant the time. In addition the. Company has All the experience and facilities to adminis Ter your estate promptly efficiently and impartially. Ask for free Booklet wills and executors available on application to. Elder s trustee and executor. Company limited r elder House 37-39 Aguirie st., Adelaide. E3t

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