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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - October 27, 1944, Adelaide, South AustraliaNational Library of Australia holy see denied reported soviet approach to the Pope what of Warsaw s Fate London August 14."nothing is known about reports that the soviet govern ment has proposed coordinated action with the Vatican in a Post War solution of moral and social problems states the holy see in one of its rare official denials of a news report says renter. Atthe very nature of the. Rumor and the Means by which it has been spread have already induced More than one newspaper to inquire As to its possible truth says the1 Osser Vatore Romano Vatican newspaper commenting on the Story. Our press service has already denied this report but As it often happens that a Rumor once circulated continues to be repeated it is As Well to affirm once again that it has no truth following the original report there has been a further Rumor giving de tails of a supposed Vatican delegation to negotiate with the soviet government. This is described in Vatican circles says Reuter As both false and the present would actually be a very a propitious moment for any possible talks Between the soviet government and the Vatican the Osse Vatore comments. The deep ties Between the Catholic Church and Poland and Pope Pius Xii s deep in Terest in the Fate of polish catholics at the moment heavily Cloud the Vatican Outlook As regards Moscow. The holy see s deep concern re Garding the Fate of Warsaw and Poland is reflected in the paper which not Only carries an editorial on Poland but for the first time in the whole of the War prints at the end a commentary on the summary of War news published Oil the second column of the front Page. This commentary which is with out precedent says according to Reuter the russian Advance is meeting no obstacles. Each time a new offensive is announced the num Ber of Kilometres advanced grows daily bigger. When the news Indi Cates that there is a Battle near some town it is invariably followed by the entry into its suburbs and its occupation within a few hours. It is Only at Warsaw that this does not happen. But this is not the Only outstand ing Point of this Battle. In Warsaw poles of the resistance movement have fought and Are fighting. It is obviously necessary to ask whether there is any connection Between these two facts. Is this a division of the War Effort if this were the Case Why then did the men of the resistance front in a proclamation of August 6 say we ask help from those who owe us help ? and this help is not forthcoming. Why for the past few Days have russian bulletins ignored the phase of the fight in Warsaw when the news from London Speaks of it As of any other sector Why until now has Warsaw been mentioned Only As a Point of reference to indicate the position of the soviet troops to the North West South East or in other directions and not As a direct objective ? at the present stage alas one can Only ask in addition to this comment the Osse Vatore Romano publishes an editorial on the speech made by the Pope in an audience to polish combatants. The Pope then said that Poland s right to Justice is so. Evi Dent that it can be hoped that All nations will acknowledge their debt to the polish nation. The paper adds the words of the holy father form an Appeal and a providential guiding Rule for All who have taken a decision in this matter and for those who Are awaiting bushed 847 Cardinal s burning protest horror London a a bar 22.one of the Worsta Procip Lufa fitted by the Geroir uns in France Hil pm & Stern condemnation archbishop of Lyons. Asa reprisal for some As yet in stated act More than 100 French men and women of the Village of st. Genis Laval near Lyons were crowded into a House and there riddled with machine gun bullets. Grenades were then thrown into the building and immediately after wards the victims some of them still alive were. Sprayed with petrol and set alight. Finally in order to re move All traces of their crime the germans blew up the House. A priest and a child were among the murdered people. The news of the massacre How Ever soon got abroad and the scene was quickly visited by a red Cross representative. He discovered that some of the victims had been tor tured before being put so brutally to death. On being informed of the massacre Cardinal Serlier went to the Village and there saw the scorched turns of the House and heard in detail of what had taken place. As soon As he returned he wrote to the commandant of the German troops in Lyons the following letter Monsieur be commandeur i have just arrived from Saint Genis Laval. I have the painful duty to express to you the indignation aroused in me by a spectacle that no words can describe a solemn protest against the abominable cruelty carried out there. I am 64 years old Monsieur be commandeur i took part in the War of 1914, and i have seen Many Hor Rible spectacles in the course of my life which has brought me into touch with Many things. But i have never seen anything which revolted me so much As that on a hic i have just been gazing. Even if i could say that All the unfortunate people executed the Day before yesterday were wrong doers and nobody would dare to uphold such a plea i would still affirm that to put them to death in such a manner was unworthy of a Christian civilisation or of simply a human one. What can you say if no misdeed had been committed by these people ? if these words seem excessive. Monsieur be commandeur will you go in person to see what happened i cannot believe that your heart would not shudder As has mine and those of All the witnesses of these horrors. I am convinced that you yourself have been unaware of the refinements of cruelty which have marked this atrocious execution. But i have no hesitation in saying that those who hold responsibility Are dishonoured for Ever in the eyes of humanity. May god deign to forgive another outrage committed by Ger Man troops by order of the military authorities this time of a different character is reported this week from Bruges where the greatest treasures of notre Dame Cathedral were seized before the town was evacuated. The theft was carried out by a party of 30 men led by two or three officers and it included an Artex pert who told the troops what to take. The raiders arrived at the Cathedral in the Early hours of sep tember 8 and forced the Dean of the chapter to accompany them to the Cathedral after threatening him with a revolver. There under the directions of the Art specialist the pillage began. The Dean was told that the Mili tary authorities were merely removing the treasures to a place of safety. When he protested that he could not acquiesce without the Sanc Tion of the Bishop he was told that the Bishop would be informed. Among the articles taken were Michelangelo s Marble group of our lady and child in the blessed sacrament Chapel Vandyck s crucifixion Isebrandt s mater Dolorosa the Anonymous annunciation and the summoning of the magi and Many other invaluable works of Art. That morning the Bishop received a letter from the commandant say ing that the property had been re moved because the americans take everything the manner in which the grip of the Gestapo extended even to British internees in Germany was described last sunday by Rev. James Hall of Nelson lanes who arrived Back in this country the previous Day on the drop Ringholm after four years of Captivity in Germany. In the internment Camp at Tost in upper Silesia where for. Hall spent most of his imprisonment All sermons had to be submitted to a Gestapo agent who afterwards sat in Church throughout the service to ensure that there was no departure from the script. For six months for. Hall was not allowed to say mass because he refused to translate the latin text into German for the Ges Tapo. Services were permitted Only on sundays. For. Hall heard the full Story of the shooting of the 50 . Officers after their attempted escape from an officer of the Camp and he said that details of the massacre were actually posted up in the Camp As a warning to others. The treatment of the internees be came perceptibly better As the War began to go against the germans. One morning the change was so startling that for. Hall thought that the War was Over. It was the morn ing when instead of the Bugle that listed to lift the roofs off the huts to Rouse the internees an offi cer appeared and politely asked them to get up 9 in the eight weeks after the Libe ration of Rome the Pope has received in audience More than 150,000 Allied soldiers addressing a few words to each group and still the audiences go on. So great have been the num Bers attending them that the supplies of rosaries and papal medals usually distributed Are exhausted and Pilgrim cards with the portrait of Pope Pius Are being distributed instead. Mgr. Perosi Vatican director of music returns to platform 1st oratorio the resurrection London August 4.after an absence of20 years mgr. Lorenzo per Obi Perma nent director of music at the Vatican appeared the other Day before a roman audience As conductor. To was the Advent of fascism that drove mgr. Perosi from the orchestral platform on his recent reappear Ance Allied soldiers were among those who gave him a rapturous Welcome. The performance which was Given in the ruined Basilica of Constantine was of mgr. Perosi s own oratorio the he told a news paper Man that he had chosen this not Only for artistic reasons but also As a sign of his desire and Hope for and particularly his Faith in the resurrection of Italy. Mgr. Perosi composed this his first oratorio in 1898, and he admits that it had a great influence on All his life. Almost immediately afterwards Pope Leo Xiii appointed him to his present Post at the Vatican. Mgr. Perosi visited London some years ago and was impressed by eng Lish choral performances. The mass which he composed in 1930 for the Centenary of st. Charles Borromeo serves to remind him of that visit for it contains a recurrent Motif of the Carillon of Westminster. The mass was performed at the Duomo of Milan but the fascist Cen sors forbade a broadcast simply be cause there was an English Motif. Mgr. Perosi has almost completed a new oratorio entitled the judg ment which has motifs taken from the last three Days of holy week. The latest Miracle of is Therese at Lesieux War correspondents account the people of War ravaged Lesieux France believe that the latest Miracle of st. Therese the Little Flower occurred there daring the terrific bombardment by Allied forces last june. The Story is told by Canadian War correspondents Frederick grif Fin of the Toronto Star and Richard Sanburn of the Ottawa fax using the City in the Wake of the advancing canadians they found that almost the Only buildings left unscathed by High explosives were the religious edifices associated with the life of the Little Flower the Convent where she took her vows the magnificent Basilica Bear ing her name and the Lesieux Cathe dral. V Sanburn s report reads in part townspeople of Lesieux scratching the pitiful remnants of their belong Ings out of the burned and blasted wreckage Here to Day Sjamke in Whis pers of the newest Miracle of st. Therese. Sixteen times since d Day bombs have rained Down on Lesieux perhaps a thousand citizens have died and to Day Little remains standing except Lesieux s religious institutions. The greatest bombardment was on the night of june 8, known now As the night of the great fire that burned for three Days. Flames roared and crackled Over blocks of the town creeping nearer and nearer to the Convent at the Edge of the Convent perilously close to st. Therese s own Chapel the fire mysteriously Slack ened then died out completely. The townsfolk observed this and to Day they Are convinced that st. Therese herself intervened. High up on a Hilltop stands the imposing Basilica of st Therese. There Are gaping lips of bomb craters to within six feet of this Beautiful Structure but it stands undamaged except for Small bits of Granite knocked off the coding. Devout Brown Clad nuns of the carmelite order to which st. Therese belonged told me they believed the Saint had also intervened to spare the Basilica which bears her name. I talked to sister Anne of Jesus aged 65, who has come out of the Convent for the first time in 30 years to Pray in the Basilica and help care for the homeless who have taken Refuge there. She told us that two Sisters of st. Therese still live in the Convent Mother Agnes of Jesus aged _ 83, Convent Prioress and sister Genevieve of the holy face aged 75. Mother Agnes is to Day outside the Convent for the first time in 60 years. To Morrow a silent Brown garbed procession will walk quietly through the ruins of Lesieux and the car Melite nuns will once More step into silence and invisibility which most will never leave a task for experts no matter How carefully a will May have been drawn its purpose May be Defeated if the Choice of an executor is not wisely made. Every Day examples come under notice of this almost Elemen tary mistake. Private trustees Are human. They Are subject to the thousand natural ills to which the flesh is the administration of an estate is a highly Complex business which Calls for an extensive knowledge of the Law governing deceased estates. It is a work which when undertaken should be car ried out efficiently and dependably until the final settlement. Even when a private trustee is competent and reliable he cannot give any guarantee of Perma Nence. In selecting elder s trustee arid executor company As your executor you obtain the Benefit of years of experience in handling estates both1 Large and Small together with the Assurance that the company will always be there ready to act at once in the interests of your dependants when the time arrives. Elder s trustee & executor company limited. Elder House \ 37-39 Currie st., Adelaide. E34

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