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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Oct 24 1947, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - October 24, 1947, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia renewed attacks on Vatican London october 10.a few Days before the announce ment of the new co inform the new Headquarters of the communist International fresh attacks were made in England and in the . On the papacy. Speaking last week at Malton or. Cyril Garbett the anglican archbishop of York asserted that it is Vatican policy which encourages the separation of Europe into two opposite Camps and which treats Russia As the chief enemy of Chris Tian civilisation. He went on to add however that although marxian communism is opposed to christianity it is untrue to state that there is no room for christianity within a communist state. In America a petition has been signed by 1,275 protestant clergymen in which the papacy is referred to As the greatest single influence for a new War. The new York times reporting the petition says that it Calls last year s consistory when 32 new cardinals were created was a virtual Call for a modern crusade against what the Vatican Calls godless states and that by Means of its Christian front of papacy with non papal christians the papacy advocates its ambition to Rule the world through states subservient to its attacks similar to these have of course been emanating from Moscow and Belgrade radio for some time. Pius i saw it coming it is interesting to note that precisely these types of attacks were predicted by Pope Pius i ten years ago which is still As up to Date As Ever. Pope Pius i wrote aware of the Universal desire for peace the. Leaders of communism pretend to be the most zealous promoters and propagandists in the movement for world Amity. Yet at the same time they stir up a class warfare which causes Rivers of blood to flow. They carry their hypocrisy of far As to encourage the belief that communism in countries where Faith and culture Are More strongly entrenched will assume an other and much Milder form. It will not interfere with the practice of religion. It will respect Liberty of conscience. Z those who permit themselves to be deceived into lending their Aid to wards the Triumph of communism in their own country will be the first to fall victims of their the Church will certainly conquer speaking at a franciscan gathering last sunday archbishop Mcdonald of Andrews and Edinburgh said a conflict has been joined such As has never been known in the his tory of Mankind. On one Side Are the enemies of god organised and directed by satan himself. Opposing them is the Catholic Church. The Church will certainly conquer but individual countries May a pastoral letter by the Swiss Hierarchy declares a world is com ing to an end. Human society and especially Western society is about to undergo such changes that the Chain of tradition is being broken All har Mony of Law destroyed and the value of an established order left in doubt. Horrified modern Man experiences what a plight he is facing after he has banned Christ s Justice and Charity from his heart. Man must in no circumstances become the slave of the Community and Neo Pagan trends can Only be banned if a life intimately related to god arises once More in the hearts of speaking in the holy name Cathe dral recently Cardinal Spellman summarised the alternatives to Day As follows democracy stands trial before the world. Each of us has a Choice to make Unity and a world wherein our children shall learn in Liberty to live the love of god and neighbor or disunity in a land wherein our children shall live in godless serfdom in a world itself every Man to his Trade i am open to conviction. Are there any arguments for appointing a trustee company rather than an individual As my trustees yes there Are Many. A private individual without experience in All the technical details of estate administration in buying and Selling securities in trus tee accountancy in the complexities of taxation and in the endless other details must indeed feel a crushing responsibility when the care of an estate is added to his present burdens. Even if you find such a Man willing to accept these exacting duties it is Only natural that his own family and business affairs will receive his first attention in which Case your estate affairs will necessarily take second place. Elder s trustee company is organised expressly for the purpose of managing and administering estates. It has no other interests than to Ren Der competent and courteous service to its clients. It has Many advantages which an individual cannot pos sess it will outlive any individual. It is never absent from its place of business it hits every facility for the handling of trusts it is depend Able experienced and always Trust worthy. Ask for the free Booklet wills and elder s trus tee and executor company limited elder House 37-89 Currie Street Ade Laide. El117 Advt Joe no & Etc i Priit the Sci red army and German rosaries rosaries Are disappearing front the shops in the russian zone of Germany. This is not a new soviet move against religion. On the contrary the rosaries and other religious objects Are being bought up by red army soldiers to Send Home to their families. By Hether or not the rosaries j reach their destination is another question says Max Jordan . Special correspondent in Berlin be cause so far the soviet authorities have done everything possible to pre vent their people from receiving any thing from abroad Apt to arouse an interest in Western civilisation and influence them in favor of religion. The soviet authorities in their zone continue to avoid interfering with religious practice among those already accustomed to it at any rate in the churches but Are also continuing to oppose religious influence among youth outside the churches. Facilities were granted by the Mili tary administration of Mecklenburg to Bishop Berning of Ozna Brueck to visit the part of his diocese in the russian zone. The Bishop visited More than 70 parishes and confirmed about 11,000 children. But Bishop Legge of Meissen the Only Bishop remaining in the zone has been warned by these same authorities that in no circumstances will he be allowed to appoint a priest to take charge of Catholic youth activities in his diocese. If any priest is appointed they declare the will be deported to Siberia. Police watch the warning is backed up by the fact that a priest appointed last year was kept under arrest for three months. All youth groups in the soviet zone must be incorporated in the communist controlled free German youth. Catholic youth meetings Are closely supervised by police and priests must Supply the police with detailed re ports of such gatherings. On the other hand reports from Mecklenburg indicate that the soviet authorities have restored orphanages and Homes from old people to Catho Lic orders deprived of them during the nazi regime. In Berlin the soviet military administration has refused an application of the diocesan chancery to authorise the circulation of Petts Blatt diocesan Organ with the result that some 6,000,000 catholics Are left without a press of their own. Pet Oblatt is a religious Organ shunning All political controversy. Spiritual isolation in the american zone general Clay has received an order from the state War and Navy departments in Washington to Speed up the establishment of International cultural relations which will overcome the spiritual Iso lation imposed by National socialism on Germany and further the Massimila continued on Page 5 n r Cut Flowers stay fresh for five months a Eaton Norris Stockport octo Ber 8.on the first sunday in May a statue of our lady in the Sanctuary of St. Mary s Church Here was crowned with Golden Cream roses As it was the Golden Jubilee of the Church. They were pierced with wire and made into a Crown and there was also some Green Fern intermingled with them. That Crown is still fresh and the Flowers show no signs of withering although it is Over 157 Days since they were Cut and the Normal life of such Flowers is about a fortnight. Crowds of people have been flock ing to see them. All the other Flowers in the Sanctuary which were used to decorate it for the occasion withered and died in the Normal time. The Flowers and ferns in the Crown have not been watered or treated in any special Way and Are subject to the heat from the Sanctuary candles and the lighting. For James Turner told a reporter the other Day this is beyond every Law of nature. I believe it is the work of

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