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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Oct 13 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - October 13, 1944, Adelaide, South AustraliaNational Library of Australia to mis Sivins the Story of Saipan s the american forces extend their control in the Pacific . Catholic Chap Lains Are discovering and revealing to the world the Story of the Little known Catholic missions Whir lie at the front door of Australia. The Story of Saipan is Here told by for. A t. Byrne chaplain to the . 27th division. Spather Byrne s Story which was sent to the Catholic Herald of Honolulu is believed to be the first Complete account of what happened to the priest brother and the Sis ters who were on Saipan during the american invasion and who Are still there except for one sister who died. For. Byrne s account is As follows the Catholic Church Here had one priest Rev. Jose. Maria Tardio ., one brother Gregorio Oroc Hieta And seven Sisters of mercy one or whom died during the attack. For. Tardio like his co worker Bro. Oroc Hieta is 51 years old. He has spent 14 years on Saipan and is beloved by his people. He hails from the province of Andalusia in Spain. From August 1941, until his deliver Ance from the japanese he was re fused permission to say mass publicly for his people who were for Bidden to congregate in churches so at Best he could say mass Only privately. The Sisters were allowed to attend mass on sundays if accompanied by a japanese Soldier. There were two churches on Sai pan one at Sarapan the other at Tanapa Harbor. The former was a Beautiful Concrete Church with White exterior Walls but now Only the Walls Are standing and the Interior is rubble. Most of the houses occupied by the Chamorro Bear witness to the intensity of their Faith holy pictures religious books and catechisms being numbered among the household properties. In one House we found a Spanish text the life of st. John of god the Chamorro and the carolinians the two principal racial groups Here outside of the japanese Are mostly Catholic. In fact a. Non Catholic missionary has never set foot on this Island for any length of time so that catholicism is practically the sole Christian Reli Gion of the Island. For. Tardio and Bro. Or Onieta were forced to vacate their living quarters in March 1944, and take up residence in the mountains. They continued to minister to their people. When the attack came they stayed with the faithful through All the torturing Days and nights sleeping in caves lacking food and water and forced to Retreat with the civilians As the japanese soldiers continued to lose ground to the invaders. At Long last their Rescue l9as accomplished and they were transferred across our lines. To the question what do you think of the arrival of the american troops the priest replied pointing to the american Flag flying above the civilian detention Camp Gratias animus Tibi Liber tas we give thanks to thee Liberty the Story of the Sisters is equally dramatic. They Are members of the missionary Sisters of mercy from Berriz Viscaya Spain. The Congre gation first came to the islands in 1928, and the Sisters Here to Day Are practically All members of the Origi Nal group. The Mother Superior is from Colombia South America. Early in March this year the Sisters were ordered to evacuate their quarters and take up residence in a old Shack at the foot of it. Tarot Chau. They were living there at the time of the attack. From june 18 to june 30 they retreated behind the japanese As the latter were forced to Jdell ground. During these har rowing Days and rights they slept continued on Page two established 1847 a who a greatest Relief problem Australia s part Australia is pledged to contribute �12,000.000 in goods and services to the work of bringing Relief to the War torn world. The Story of the United nations Relief and rehabilitation. Administration which will be concerned with the greatest task of its kind Ever undertaken is Here outlined. I Ever before in the history of Mankind have men been called upon to solve a Relief problem of greater magnitude and complexity than that resulting from the pre sent War. Within three years 35 countries spread Over Europe and Asia and containing More than half a billion people have passed under the Axis Yoke. They have been robbed of their wealth their economies have been destroyed and their Peoples have been left in Semi starvation. The older generation is ravaged by disease and hunger typhus and tuberculosis Are spreading malnutrition threatens to maim the younger generation for life. Tons of food Medicine clothes and other materials will have to be rushed to liberated Europe and in the areas of China now under japanese occupation at least 84,000,000 people will eventually need Relief. Who will take the responsibility for this tremendous task ? who will see to it that a Hope for Freedom from want and fear is. Given people so that instead of desperate social conflict there will be the Normal Liv ing and thinking that make a stable world ? who will pay for the seeds the Wool the ploughs the flour and serums who will decide All these questions ? not one nation or two or four will decide but Many. For out of world War ii has grown an idea which is defeating the Axis the idea of nations United in action pooling their resources for the common Good. From that concept has come strength to win the War. When on tuesday november 9, 1943, representatives of 44 United and associated nations met in the East room of the White House and signed an agree ment pledging their countries to co operate each according to its Abili ties in aiding the victims of the aggression men realised there was also strength in the concept to win the peace. Their agreement created the United nations Relief and re habilitation administration generally known As . The . Agreement signed in the White House on november 9, was. Not a spontaneous or hastily improvised document belonging to any one nation. It began when the first Home was destroyed when the first people came under enemy occupation when the first indication of human need became evident it grew out of Many minds seeking ways to revive suffering Peoples to Aid in the eventual recovery of a War torn world. The delegates of 44 nations coming from All continents and re presenting 80 per cent of the human race attached their signatures to the International agreement which constitutes the charter of ., the Relief a he rehabilitation organisation. Signers of this agreement were Australia Belgium Bolivia Brazil Canada Chile China Colombia Costa Rica Cuba Czechoslovakia Domini can Republic Ecuador Egypt Al Salvador Ethiopia French commit tee of National liberation Greece Guatemala Haiti Honduras Iceland India Iran Iraq Liberia Luxem Bourg Mexico Netherlands new zealand Nicaragua Norway Panama Paraguay Peru philippine Commonwealth Poland Union of South Africa Union of soviet. Socialist republics United kingdom United continued on Page two with Victory the real War will begin Survey of peace problem surveying the problems of peace the Kev. For. John Murray ., editor of the month London briefly under lines the Gravity of Europe s present Situa the fact Tion and ors that will make for Dis asters in the Post War Europe. Sphere Are not wanting those who say that with Victory the real War will begin. These see in the uses of the instruments of total War a Sharp decline in humane instincts and an emergence of life in utter contradiction to the principles and ideals for which the War is being fought. So to some the Day of Vic tory will see Loo de in Europe a riot of revenge internecine strife and actual civil War. As the Tempo of the War is seeded up and this summer s military operations develop it is More than Ever important to look calmly ahead and envisage the problems of european reconstruction that will have to be faced and solved. The first is Evi Dently Relief. Pood and medical sup plies must be provided and provided at once on a vast scale. Even poli tical arrangements will be forced to take second place to this work of humanity and rehabilitation. The second task is repatriation. Millions of Allied prisoners of War and of workers conscripted from occupied countries Are in Germany they must be Given the Opportunity of returning Home As soon As trans port can be made available. A third task and it will be no easy task is that of order and stability. Dur ing the War respect for Law and order has declined rapidly throughout Europe. The German authorities were detested and their right to Rule has been always challenged at least passively. Quisling administrations have rallied to their support Only a Small fraction of any population. And if passive resistance destroys respect for Law this is still More effectively banished when men become partisans or guerillas or take to the Maquis. In addition to this Many Continental countries Are now the scene of poli tical dominance. The arms and am munition generously and indiscriminately distributed by the allies for employment against the germans Are being employed against fellow countrymen and Are being he in Reserve for the coming political struggle. The. Situation is made far worse when the greater Allied Powers give encouragement to one or other of these political groups because they Hope that through this or that group they will be Able to control the coun try in question after the War or to establish there a sphere of influence. The tragedy of Greece is a bitter proof of the collapse of order and stability just As it has been an illuminating example of the criminal abuse of arms supplied by the allies for use against the germans but used by partisans for brutal repression of their fellow citizens. The germans did not need to use Force to maintain occupation of greek territory. It was done for them by the various bands of greek irregular fighters who were busily engaged in fighting against one another settling future political issues in the greek mountains. It would be rash and Over simple to attribute this confusion to any single greek political party. But the greek communist movement known by the initial letters . National Libe ration front must Bear a Large share of the responsibility it came into existence during the government of general Metaxas it is definitely communist though. Like the Tito movement in Yugoslavia it claims to admit All progressive elements. Other groups Are the ej.e.s., under general Zervas which is non communist and generally moderate in its political opinions and the smaller e k.k.a., consisting largely of royalists and professional soldiers. The Athens radio admittedly con trolled by the germans is continually broadcasting stories of violence and terrorism on the part of the Resis Tance groups especially the . It draws vivid pictures of its Mem Bers shod with English boots and aimed Jynith american machine guns murdering and robbing Ordinary Citie Zens and the Wasfia a evidence shows continued of Page two the psychiatrist medic Iii Man of the moderns mental Hygiene report what the Medicine Man is to the primitives the psychiatrist is to the moderns. He is the cure All for every problem that defies the narrow materialistic approach to social problems. Against the exaggerated notions and claims or. J. Catarinch director of mental Hygiene Melbourne sounded a timely warning in his annual report to the state parliament last month. Or Catarinch criticised the practice of some courts and psychiatrists in referring sexual offenders to the mental Hygiene department. Offen Ders he said were sometimes sent to the mental hospitals for treatment and it was becoming accepted by the Public that it was possible to change the personality of sex perverts and turn them into Normal members of society. It is True that occasionally some thing could be done to divert per verse tendencies into Normal Chan Nels and for this reason every per son found guilty of a sex offence should be submitted to a medical examination and to any treatment thought necessary. But it was different when unjustifiably confident opinions were Given by medical men. He regretted the tendency which was becoming too apparent for the psychiatrist who gave a plausible explanation of the perversion to imagine that he was thereby justified in asserting that cure could be expected. The court continued or. Catarinch had referred cases to the department and indicated that it desired a specified form of treatment. The medical officer who might disagree with the assertions made was then placed in the dilemna of deciding whether As a medical practitioner he should not give treatment which he might con Sider to be of no Avail or whether As an officer of the state he would carry out the decision of the court. I it May be said said or. Catari Nich that a physical basis of sex perversion has been found and that there is no criterion by reason of which a cure of such trouble can be claimed. Further the fact that an individual is abnormal in his sex propensities should not absolve him from blame if he indulges in practices forbidden by the Law. One admits it is possible that responsibility May be less in Abnor Mal types but the adoption of aft attitude that such persons should not be blamed at All is. In my opinion extremely dangerous. It is thought that the penal department medical officers having the widest experience and knowledge of these cases Are Best qualified to advise the court on these or. A Marinich s criticism was not directed against psychiatry an important Branch of medical science which has developed rapidly in recent years but against the Type of popu Lar publicity seeking psychiatrist who makes exaggerated and unscientific claims and is largely responsible for the cult of psychiatry As the answer to All life s problems in newspapers and magazines. The science of psychiatry has developed so fast that there was Little time in the Early years for self criticism. Its Early phase was characterised by a cocksure Confidence continued on Page two whom can you Trust ? in selecting anyone to perform confidential Woric of a Complex nature you demand integrity and ability. How important then is it that your Choice of an executor to handle the estate you have so carefully built up during your lifetime should have those qualities of integrity arid knowledge developed to the highest degree. The officers of elder s trustee and executor company Are trained for the particular task of trusteeship in cd its forms. The resources of the company guarantee Security and permanence. In choosing this company As the executor of your will you Are ensuring that your estate will Benefit from the company s Long accumulated knowledge Izi the Field of trusteeship with a background of proven integrity. Older s trustee and executor company limited x. Elder House. 37-39 Currie strip i Adelaide. Pm

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