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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Oct 6 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - October 06, 1944, Adelaide, South AustraliaNational Library of Australia closing Stag of Gen Tensuf Geff Budiono hand of god has written our Destine not to repose but Buttle for the Feitli of the Gigantic Battle to which approaching Victory in the Waris but new prelude the Duel in which the forces of Christ and the forces of iniquity meet on the Bleak Battleground of the modern world or. B. A. Santamaria spoke on sunday last at the town Hall crowded with Catholic youth assembled in tribute to the dauntless builders of the Faith in the past Century and in pledge of their militant apostolate of Catholic action. For Catholic youth of this generation the Calm Psalmody of Days of Faith and quiet must be replaced with the virile hymn of Battle sounded in the stirring address of one who in the words of his Grace the archbishop is the exemplar of Catholic laymen in Australia. Or. Santamaria s address Here follows when spoke to you last atthe first rally of Adelaide s Young catholics we were a year further removed from the Vic tory in War which now opens before us. At that time we might have expected Victory but Only a Brave Man would have prophesied when it would come. In this new atmosphere there is inevitably among All of us a lifting of the heart a surge of optimism that the dark est Days Are Over. For the Catholic of your Gene ration and of mine this is untrue. It was the hand of god which wrote our destiny not to enjoy the fruits of Vic tory but to fight and go on fighting for our Faith until we die. The Man who believes that he can live the full life of the Christian and enjoy a quiet repose is living with his head in the Clouds. He has mistaken the nature of the age in which we live. Tremendous happenings to your lifetime and in mine Treen Dous things have happened to the Church and we have watched them pass without knowing their meaning. It is seven years Only since eleven Bishops were massacred in Spain with every refinement of brutality and since they were followed to unknown Graves by tens of thousands of Spain s most militant catholics. Many thou Sands of them were no older than Many of you and this in a nation Catholic for centuries it is eleven years since bullets from the Tommy guns of Brown shirted gangsters smashed the living brains from the skulls of the three leaders of German Catholic action Clausener Gerrich Muller this in a nation of Twenty million catholics. It is Twenty years since the firing squads of Calles and Cardenas put an end to the earthly careers of the Cri Steros the Flower of Mexico s Catholic youth and this in a nation Catholic for two Hundred years. If the symbolic weapon of our age is the Tommy gun the symbolic tar get is the Catholic. And the Pur pose of anything that i May say to Day is to Tell you straight that if you wish to consider yourselves catholics if you wish to undertake the fight for the Faith and not leave others to fight for you you will be living dangerously you will carry your lives in your hands. In the end those who Lead you May find no More Happy passing than the slow sooth ing of the concentration Camp or the searing anguish of the Bullet in the brain. The stakes you will see then if you study your Brothers of Germany of Mexico of Spain and of Russia in life and in death that the stakes for which we play Are the highest and that in our ranks there is no place for the Coward or the weak Ling or the betrayer. The passive Catholic is the betrayer. But if you Are ready to pay the Price then you Are entitled to know the truth the truth about ourselves the truth about the world in which we live. You can condemn the hitlers and the lenins and the others who have brought misery and chaos to the ranks of christians. You May Call them fanatical brutes and agents of satan. And you will be right. They Are both. But if you Are to see the thing clearly you cannot but Realise that they got away with it. Whole nations saw them arise and smite Down the followers of Christ and did nothing about it. A a i know All the reasons. I know that they had the Power behind them and we had no Power. I know that they were completely unscrupulous and we were tied Down by the moral Law. Yet i believe that if in every one of these countries there had been the spectacle of thousands of catholics living the Ideal which Christ had Given to them a simple Ideal an Active Ideal an apostolic Ideal we need never have raised a hand in our own defence. Whole nations would have risen rather than allow that living christianity to be destroyed. I place the responsibility on those who spread and those who were Only too willing to believe the idea that passive routine christianity was enough. That it was enough to go to mass on sundays to receive the sacraments regularly to be a member of modalities. Those things Are Neces sary but they Are never enough. If you Are a footballer is it enough to wait till the Ball comes to you or do you have to get into the game yet we believed that the qualities which would lose us a place in a football team were Good enough to hold our place in the Church. Believe me you can fill your text books with All the things that Are wrong with the Outlook of the communists and the nazis but All you write will get you nowhere. I Bow my head to the men communists or fascists or nazis who make their beliefs once More a Twenty four hour a Day affair. I Bow my head to the men who have realised that if you Are convinced of a thing that thing goes with you everywhere you Are and into everything you do. And in my heart i know that in a fight Well be beaten and beaten again until we Rise with that same uncompromising conviction in our minds. We Are fighters j it when we Rise when we see the Church in this Way an affair of Twenty four hours a Day and seven Days a week How different every thing becomes. We Are fighters and because we fight we need the munitions of War. The mass the Sacra ments no longer Are Dull routine. We need them desperately for the spirit of the fighter for Christ can not Rise to the Heights which his service demands without the electric Energy which they impart. Now this is the Kernel of christianity. By this our lord said in that tremendous moment before he entered on his passion by this this one Central thing shall All men know that you Are my disciples that you have love one for by this translated into the conditions of our time this Rule which Marks you off As his disciple Means continued on Page 12. Youth rally at the Cathedral make of our youth 0 lord a holy thing

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