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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Nov 28 1947, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - November 28, 1947, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Library started in suitcase mrs. Mcguire talks of Catholic Central Library Jjack in the Early Nineteen thirties a number of people used to meet once or twice a week in the Calanoga Hall in North Adelaide to Exchange argument and opinion on All kinds of subjects from Thomistic philosophy to test Cricket. That was the origin of the Catholic Central Library. I s. Paul Mcguire told the Story in a recent radio talk. Spather o Doherty of the Domini can order had gathered round him some Young people interested in Amateur acting especially in the production of historical plays. Some of them joined with us for a More systematic study of history and economics. And soon we had a dozen or so groups working to a plan and learning to measure their ideas and private opinions against the eternal Yard stick of Christian truth. The groups were quite informal. We followed a programme of prayer study and action but within that framework we were free to argue and dispute and tire the Sun with talking. But sound talk and sound thinking require sound study. We needed books. And we needed them at our own immediate disposal. So we started a Library. Twopence each those. Were the Days of the de pression and too Many of our Young people had More Leisure than Pence. Books were expensive. How could we buy them we began contributing a Penny or twopence each at each meet ing. Soon we had enough shillings to buy our first Book Ryan s distributive Justice a Book which deals with those fundamental principles of social relationship and the owner ship of property which must govern society if Justice and Good order Are to prevail. It was a goo d foundation Stone. Our next plan to buy books was carried out with the help of friends who joined with us to form Book circles. Each Circle was of ten Popple. Each member paid ten Shil. Lings into a Pool. With this Money Twenty books were bought and circulated among the members two at a time. When All had been read they became the property of the Library. Yes we now dignified it by the name of Library though it was still Small enough to be carried round from meet ing to meeting in a suitcase. That was in 1933. To Day the Library numbers four thousand volumes. Its proudest Possession is a full set of St. Thomas Aquinas Summa Theo logical the third set because we ordered it from England in the Middle of the War and the first two sets were torpedoed. But the third one arrived safely which shows what you can do if you keep on trying. Fisher and More the Library was named the Fisher and More after St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More two great English saints of the 16th Century who were at once a stimulus to our studies and an example for our living. St. John Fisher a great Bishop a great eng Lishman a great bibliophile was a Martyr who died for his Faith his gentle Loving heart full of forgive Ness for his executioners. St. Thomas More was of course the lord Chancellor whom we have All met As sir Thomas More in our his tory books. He was also one of the first masters of English prose a Fine latinis and the most advanced social thinker of his Century and for that matter of the centuries since. His famous Book Utopia still is at the the diocesan education building alongside the Cathedral. In this building is housed the Library that started in a suitcase. Cere and heart of much of our social thinking. But even More important to us All was his insistence on right order in All thought. He was a Layman a married Man and a Man who loved his family life. He was also a professional Man a lawyer who Rose to the highest official position in the ser vice of the state. He was a personal Friend of Erasmus and the other scholars of his Day. He was a per Sonal Friend of the King Henry Viii. Liberty versus dictatorship he died because neither his Friend ship with the King nor his great worldly position nor his love of wife and children nor his pleasure in scholarship and the Delight he had in witty conversation and the society of his friends not All these things which he loved and enjoyed could win him from his decision to stand uncompromisingly against the Power of the state and the encroachments of the civil authority on those provinces not proper to it. St. Thomas More was beheaded a Martyr on Tower Hill because he would not agree that a principle demonstrably false should be glossed Over for any arguments of expediency or discretion. He knew that if we get our principles wrong the whole design of life is thrown into confusion and disorder. He died rather than accept an argument which he knew to be intellectually perverse. He died because he refused to believe that the state can Rule the conscience of men. For every modern Chris Tian St. Thomas More stands the Superb exemplar of Liberty versus dictatorship of the supremacy of spiritual values Over material and worldly values of intellectual integ Rity and moral courage. Things new and splendid John Fisher and Thomas More Are important for our Library. They Are constant reminders of the purpose for which it was founded. Because after All we cannot act without Pur pose and if we want to do anything worthwhile with our lives we have to discover the purpose for which we were created How to do the right things for the right reasons. Such a lot of muddles in the world Are caused by people wanting to do the right thing for the wrong purpose or else having an excellent reason for doing quite the wrong thing. Now books Are a great help to wards deciding the Best things to do and the Best ways of doing them. And As the very Best thing of All is to know about god and to learn How Best we can serve him a Catholic Library has a very special and important place in the Community. It should be the Centre of Catholic life and activity the place where our ideas Are sprout ing and growing but also being pruned and trained by the proper discipline of logic of precise and accurate thought based on. Sound knowledge. A Catholic Library should be a Happy place with a touch of excitement about it like All places where things new and splendid Are constantly being discovered. Its shelves Are Rich with the thought and experience of past generations the present generation of readers pulls them Down from the shelves to enjoy or criticise and to test them in the Light of our own Day. Then too the writers of our own time have a big place and books from All parts of the world keep us in touch with developments in other countries. Catholic with Small v too and because the Christian life is the full life and the Best life the Library is Catholic with a Small v As Well As with a capital it includes sections on Domestic Economy and history and Belles Lettres sections on music painting architecture. There Are books of biography and travel books on political Economy social his tory apologetics and theology books about philosophy and books about cooking books about Christian Doc Trine and Book on carpentry books about saints and books about scientists novels and adventure stories books for the children and books for the simple and books for the Learned. And for those readers who prefer the More serious Type of literature there Are some really excellent murder stories. The Library was for a time on North Terrace. In its rooms there As Many Adelaide people will recall to used to have meetings at lunch time and in the evenings when catholics and non catholics met and talked and argued and read together. The Library now inhabits a spacious room in the diocesan education build ing in the Cathedral grounds Wake Field Street where it enjoys the dignity of polished Wood and special Light ing and a really imposing card Index system of cataloguing. The Reading room which is open daily from mid Day is free to the general Public and is kept supplied with the latest newspapers and periodicals from All parts of the world. Library treasures the Library has its treasures some Early South australian signed copies of authors works a Handwritten poem by g. K. Chesterton which mrs. Chesterton sent us. And from the Walls look Down pictures of our two dear Patron saints. But the greatest trea sures of All Are the books themselves Best friends Wisest counsellors in that Way by which As Thomas More said of worldly substance friends Liberty Jile and All to set the loss at right nought for the winning of Christ. For this is More to be desired of every Man than All the treasure of All the princes and Kings Christian and Hea then were it gathered and Laid to Gether All upon one Heap age. Quality. Flavour have been features of \ wines since 1847.100 years better perpetual Novena in Moscow the perpetual Novena in Honor of our lady of the miraculous medal has been started in the Church of St. Louis of France in Moscow the Only Catholic Church in Russia. My son As executor is it advisable to appoint my son As executor of my will Al though it is a natural and worthy desire experience has taught that to impose this Burden on a son who has had no Opportunity to acquire knowledge of the exacting and highly technical duties of an executor and trustee is both unfair and unwise. Added to the numerous risks and responsibilities which an executor and trustee must accept he has often the worry and trouble of discord Between beneficiaries. His is almost invariably not Only a thankless office but one to which Adverse criticism seem Natur ally to attach itself and one which the average Man is Only too Happy to avoid. It is Wiser and More considerate to appoint elder s trustee company As your executor. For 37 years this company has specialised in the efficient impartial handling of the numerous estates entrusted to its care and will be ready and willing to take up the duties of administering your estate when the necessity arises be it ten or fifty years hence. No private individual can give you this Assurance. Ask for free Booklet wills arid elder s trus tee and executor company limited elder House 37-39 Currie Street Ade Laide. El57 Advt

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