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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - November 24, 1944, Adelaide, South AustraliaNational Library of Australia romans fear for ill civilisation . Diplomat s report following a visit to Rome in August last during which he spoke witha prominent people in Rome and was received by Pope Pius it. W. C. Bullitt former ambassador to France and Britain wrote a remarkable article for life the article entitled the world from Rome is Here condensed from life new York to stand again on the Pinci Anhill in the soft air of a summer evening with broken Walls and columns of 2,000 years Ris ing gently in the Golden Light like patterns in a carpet telling of Romu Lus and Caesar of Nero and Marcus Aurelius of Attila the Hun and Alaric the Vandal of Medicis and borgias of Garibaldi and Cavour of emperors and statesmen and warriors without number whose Power turned to dust whose Fame has been forgotten is to be forced to see the Little lives of men on this Petty planet in the Light of eternity. Floating on the Long and level Waves of evening Light above All broken relics of far off grandeur and Battles Long ago rises the Symbol of eternal Hope unbroken the dome of st. Peters Bear ing the Cross. There above the grave of the simple Fisherman whom Christ called to be a Fisher of then stands the memorial of All the saints who knew that while Kings and emperors and conquerors change and pass the one remains Specula sae Cul Orum. To the Vatican the world is a Vil Lage. Bishops archbishops cardinals Are but priests of a Parish that enfolds humanity no army or Navy or air Force serves the holy see. Its weapons Are Faith Hope and Charity. Its thermopylae is Man s unconquerable soul. It is but natural therefore that even in time of world War the Vatican should take the Long View of events and strive to understand and make understood the deep tid a that move the nations. And from the Vatican spreads throughout Rome quietly and Natu rally a comprehension of the place of each new event in the world Pic Ture. What is that picture As seen from Rome it is an old picture that has been familiar to Rome from the time of the Caesars a picture of Western Europe and Western civilisation threatened by hordes of invaders from the East. The task of the Caesars was to hold Back these hordes and preserve within the limits of the roman Empire the civilisation which had its source in Athens and its strength in Rome. In the end after centuries of struggle they failed. Rome was reduced to rubble. The barbarians in successive Waves rolled Over Western Europe and through dark Ages the Light of civilisation was preserved Only by the Church. To Day when the moral Unity of Western civilisation has been shattered by the crimes of the germans crimes which Are about to receive their just and due punishment Rome Knees again approaching from the East a wave of conquerors. And dominant T ing the hearts and minds and in deed the talk of air men throughout Italy is the question will the re sults of this War be the subjugation of Europe by Moscow instead of Ber Lin. To this question no roman dares give an assured answer. On the Side of Hope they argue that great Britain has stood implacably against domination of Europe by any Power since the Days of Philip ii of Spain. She knows As Well to Day As she has known throughout the past four centuries that she would be at the mercy of any Power which should dominate Europe. She must there fore oppose domination of Europe by the soviet Union. The pm image of great Britain is enormous in Italy. The will of the British commander in chief in the Mediterranean area is Law through All liberated regions of the Peninsula. But it is recognised that the Power of great Britain in comparison with the strength of other great Powers is no longer what it was in the 19th Century. And while the romans feel that a Monument should be raised to the English Channel As the father of Victory in this War since it kept Hitler s tanks from rolling into eng land they recognise that the Aero plane has Laid open every factory and port and Home in England to at tack from the continent. In the italian View great Bri Tain will emerge from this War a tired Victor much of her financial Power lost her pre War Over seas investments greatly diminished her debts abroad perhaps 14 billion dollars unable therefore to finance the reconstruction of Europe. In Conse Quence the romans believe that great Britain alone will not be Strong enough to Stop the threat from the Rome it is hoped that the vital interests of the United states will compel our support of great Britain and the other democratic states of Western Europe. But the romans Are by no Means sure that we recognise our own interests or what should be done to implement them. They Are puzzled by what they consider aberrations in american policy. They know that it was necessary for the . To Send supplies of All sorts to the soviet Union when Hitler broke with Stalin and attacked Russia in 1941. But they believe that when future historians draw up the major mistakes of this War a High place among the errors will be Given to the decision of the american government in the summer of 1941, when or. Hopkins was sent to Moscow to ask no Promise of the soviet government respecting the Independence of the states of Europe. They argue that it would be clearly in the interests of the . To have a Europe composed of Independent democratic states devoted to the same ideals As ourselves and United in a Loose federation for Mutual Protection. And they feel that rarely in history has any government made an error of More tragic consequence to its own people and the world than the error of the american government in failing to ask Stalin at the outset or i later to pledge himself not to use our help to establish the domination of the soviet Union Over the inde pendent states of Europe. The Only reason the romans have thought of to explain this failure in foreign policy is perhaps that president Roosevelt did not believe that Stalin would keep a Promise and there fore did not think it Worth while to get one. But this does not satisfy them for they feel that the breaking of a pledge would have made Clear to All the world the intentions of the soviet regime. They argue that a broken pledge would have been far better therefore than no pledge at All. This does not mean that the italians have any lingering tender Ness for Germany. Rome was dominated for four years and ruled for nine months by the germans. The contemptuous arrogance and the cruelty of the nazis cured All italians of the illusion that they might be treated As equals by the master they feel now that by their Alliance with Germany they achieved Only defeat and the contempt. Of the world. They Are ashamed. Van when they speak of their attack on continued on Page 3 established 1847 Roylo port youth clubs must lie based on positive religious Creed Ion Don sept. 15.issued last week the i report of the commission appointed to study the question of religion in relation to the National association of boys clubs is a remarkable document. A synopsis of the report Here Given in full was Given in the s.c., nov. 3. T he commission was appointed by the National association of boys clubs to consider religion in its affiliated clubs. It was presided Over by the lord chief Justice lord Calde Cote whose signature is appended to this profession of Faith. For that is what the report is a profession of Faith in christianity. The Catholic representative on the commission was Bishop Mathew who is head of the Catholic youth organisation. He represented the archbishop of Westminster. The report says that there Are two main groups of clubs closed clubs that is clubs attached to some Church and pen clubs which have no attachment. The latter Are three times As numerous As the for Mer. The Church club has a religious background the other has not. We must not however be supposed to take a More favourable View of the Church club than that of the open club says the commission. A Good club is a Good club and a bad club remains a bad club whether it is Church or but the aim of the . National association of boys clubs As stated in its charter is to care for the mental physical and spiritual Well being of boys. There is so Rife difficulty in defining the last term but the commission has no doubt about its having a religious connotation. Thirty years ago says the re port Many people found it quite natural to believe in the control of the world by a Wise god they took it for granted but it is not found so easy to Day. Further the world generally is now much less certain about the permanence of moral Stan Dards. The rather self sufficient optimism of the 19th Century has Given Way to a Dep disillusionment a pessimism which May never get into words but is probably affecting the attitude of boys in clubs. They look rather sadly at the ideals held before them based upon the simple ethic of the gospel but Are doubtful How those ideals Are to be achieved and have no Clear idea How they Are to. Be related to a religious Faith. They Are in fact suffering from the effects of that View so commonly held in the matter part of the last Century that the Christian ethic could and would safely survive the abandonment of creeds. That View is now seen have been an illusion. The closer study of the ethical teaching of Jesus from the beatitudes Onward makes it Clear that it is rooted in a profound and passionate religious Faith. It is not simple straightforward ethical commonsense. Rather the reverse. It is in some part ethical non sense until something has happened in the soul of a Man which makes him see that this is god s idea of ethical sense not Man s. The fallacy of the theory that Man could abandon Faith and belief and keep moral standards has in fact been exposed by its results. Religious. Faith has gone unfortunately the moral standards show a disturb ing tendency to follow that passage tells the Story of the modern world very Well. Kill Faith and morals die also. We state our conviction clearly say the commissioners spiritual Well being involves a. Religious the Christian Way of life cannot sur via without Christian belief and Wor Safe a i what christianity does is to give us a foundation of belief on which to build. It prescribes standards of conduct which have no other Sanc Tion. It is most practical and teaches those who accept it How to live and finally to die.7 the purpose of life is the service of god continues the report adding a quotation from st. Augustine to emphasise the statement. Because Christ was god As Wellas Man he is the perfect pattern the i continued in Page two j. Belgium and King Leopold utterly Lake reports London sept. 15.high belgian circles. In London utterly repudiate reports in the press Here that the belgian people do not want King Leopold to return to Belgium after the War. Phese reports i was told Are utterly untrue and come from unimportant and troublesome sources says a Catholic times re Porter who adds the truth is that All Belgium is waiting eagerly for the King s return and he is assured of a tremendous ovation. The King s prestige among the Bel Gian people is enormous. They con Sider that he acted As a True King having preferred Captivity As a Pri Soner of War to flight from his coun try a course that was open to him before the capitulation of the Bel Gian army. The belgian governments have determined that their first demand upon Germany after that country s sur Render will be the return of the King. Both the British and . Govern ments have concurred in this decision. The very fact that the germans removed the King to Germany it was pointed out to me is a proof of his great popularity for the Ger mans purpose was either to hold Hirw As a hostage and in this role he derives his value from the people s regard for him or to prevent him. From being a rallying Point for the country s resurgence. The Only news that the belgian people have had of him since he was taken to Germany has been through the red Cross. They were told that like any other prisoner of War he was in need of food. The belgian authorities As yet do not know with certainty where the King is being held but there Are grounds for believing that the place is posse Hoven. In Bavaria. New denial of Vatican soviet discussions London sept. Osse Vatore Karano Vatican daily paper of last Friday repeated its recent statement that nothing is known about the reported attempts by Moscow to open negotiations with the Vatican. He Vatican paper furthermore takes Strong exception to a state ment which according to the Rome communist daily Unita appeared in the new statesman and nation August 19. This statement according to Unita declared that the charge brought Forward by the Vatican that russian armed forces stopped by design outside Warsaw to provoke the Slaughter of polish patriots was one of the accustomed anti soviet manoeuvres and was particularly deplorable at a moment when Moscow was trying to reach agreement with the a will without a doubt making sure is an obviously sensible course that to mention it seems superfluous. Yet in preparing the most important document of his life his will Many a Man has failed to make sure. He has neglected to appoint an executor who can be depended upon to give prompt and competent service when the time comes to administer the will. If the appointed executor of a will is dead or is otherwise incapable of undertaking the executor ship there May be Many distressing delays before the legatees Benefit. The Way to make sure is to appoint elder s trustee and executor company As executor. The company is permanent and always ready to act it has facilities for handling All manner of. States and trusts and its know ledge integrity and experience Are beyond doubt. The company s charges Are very reasonable and become effective Only when the will is administered. For details of service and valuable advice on estate matters Call at elder s trustee and executor company limited. Elder House 37-39 Currie Street v Adelaide. 5e3 in ire

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