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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Nov 10 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - November 10, 1944, Adelaide, South AustraliaNational Library of Australia . Correspondents Survey of Italy s population some interesting facts Rome. Sept. 4.in a critical review of the religious programme sponsored by the party of action Here Osse Vatore Romano asserted that the entire population of Italy is 99.60 per cent. Catholic writes Burke Walsh . News service War Corris. Pendent. Aphis prompted me to make inquiries into the number of non catholics in Italy professing religious beliefs and with some interesting results. I enlisted the assistance of native italians who have taken some interest in this question and in their opinion the following estimates Are As close As can be made first of All the City of Florence is regarded As the great Centre of protestantism in Italy. The a number of protestants in Italy do not total 90,000. There Are some 40,000 jews in Italy there Are some 10,000 persons professing other religious attachments. Apart from the Valdesi the pro Testant sects in Friis country Are of foreign origin. The Valdesi were founded by Pietr o Valdesi a French merchant who preached poverty and a Reform of the Church Back As far As the twelfth Century and thus Ante dates lutheranism. His teachings were condemned by the Lateran coun cil but he continued. His activity against the Church. The Valdesi established themselves in the Pinerola Valley in Piedmont Northern Italy and the adherents remained there. Out of a total of 20,000 members of this sect some 14,000 have steadily remained in the Valley. In 1532, they accepted a great Many doctrines from Geneva Switzerland and at present they Are regarded As not differing greatly from the calvinists. It is Worth while noting in passing that High officers in the italian army have consistently belonged to this sect. Lutherans and evangelicals number about 20,000, living mostly in cities and chiefly in North East Italy. Protestants tracing their religious holdings to Switzerland France and Holland Are very limited in number and Are centred for the most part in Genoa leghorn Milan Turin Venice and Naples. In Genoa they maintain a Hospital and a Church. Anglicans in Italy number 1,000. Scotch presbyterians Are said to be about 250. Baptists total about 3,500, with 56 centres. Four of them. In Rome and 29 places of visitation. The Wesleyan methodists with some 2,600 adherents have a theological school in Rome and Issue a weekly publication. Episcopalians Are about 500 in number and the same number t Are believed to belong to the Sabat is there Are about the same num Ber of the work of proselytising Gene rally Practised by protestant sects May be grouped under four general headings 1. Maintenance of Bible societies for the publication of bibles. Tre most widely known of these Are the society biblical Britannica e Fores. Tiera and the society biblical Scozzese with Headquarters in Rome and the fides � Amor society of Flor ence. 2 societies for the publication of pamphlets the most widely known of which Are the Reli opus tract society and the american tract so n 3. Institutions for educational and humanitarian purposes. 4._ fund raising societies for the furtherance of their religious work established 1847 tie holy father to polish 1-in-c. And other poles your right so secure London August 4.while the polish Premier m. Mikolajczyk was on Hie Way from London to see marshal Stalin in Moscow the holy father on Friday in an audience granted to the polish commander in chief seven other generals. Bishop Gallina chaplains and some 500 officers and men expressed the firm Hope that because your right is so secure All the nations will Bear in mind their debt to Poland and will seek to vindicate for Poland the full place due to it according to. The principles of Justice and of genuine a upholding Poland s legitimate claims and the restoration and renewal of the fatherland were de scribed by his holiness As a Sublime task for the polish moreover the holy father expressed his conviction that Catholic Poland red though it is with the blood of its people will give an exam ple to the world in rejecting reprisals and revenge and will instead work for a just and genuine peace. In the Sublime task his holiness also included working in Union with All upright souls and they Are Many in every nation in re establishing brotherly relations Between the Mem Bers of the great family of the importance attached to the holy father s address is indicated by the fact that the whole of Vatican radio s broadcast in English on Fri Day when there was news available of events of special interest to English speaking listeners was de voted to it and that German listeners were Given 24 hours notice that the full text would be broadcast to them. General Sosnkowska commander in chief with members of his staff general Anders commander of the polish army fighting in Italy six other generals archbishop Cortesi papal Nuncio to Poland and the polish ambassador to the holy see or. Papee and Bishop Gallina Ordinary of the polish forces were received by his holiness in solemn special audience before the holy father gave his address. On entering the Clementine Hall for the general audience his holi Ness was greeted with a military Salute and a three fold acclamation. The Pope greeted his visitors in polish with the traditional polish salutation praised be Jesus every officer and Man in the Hall at once repeated it. Praised be Jesus Christ were the words chosen by Pope Pius i at one time. Nuncio to Poland for his world broadcast. They Are the open ing words of every news bulletin from Vatican radio. Then having taken his seat on the throne and speaking in French his holiness said " it would be difficult for us to find words with which to express our feelings of keen and profound emotion which we experience at this moment dear sons of beloved Poland. From the very first warning sounds of this terrible storm and in the course of its Ever More furious Progress in preoccupation of heart for your heroic nation we followed Flay by Day we might say hour by hour with sorrow and anxious grief the succession of events which Over whelmed it As yet scarcely risen and forged together with new and even harder trials. And to less than you who did not for an instant despair of a new resurrection of your country we repeated in unison with you the inspired cry of the just Man in affliction although he should kill me i will Trust in him at the sight of you gathered now about us our thoughts go Back. To five years ago to september 30,. 1939, when oppressed by anguish the polish Colony in Rome came to give us testimony of its unshakable Confidence and to receive from us in return words of Consolation and encouragement. Then there was indeed Only the beginning of sorrows and the Al bad of those sorrows mounting ceaselessly submerged your father land. Despite it All after those five Long years of agony we can still to Day As then read in your eyes the same Confidence the same Fidelity but this time we see Shine there too the proud flame of a Noble Pride and Hope. And to Day although your National soil is red All Over with blood your right is so secure that we cherish the firm Hope that All the nations will Bear in mind their debt to Poland the theatre and too often the Bone of Contention or their conflicts and that whoever preserves in his heart a truly human and Christian senti ment will seek to vindicate for. It the full place due to it according to the principles of Justice and of Genu Ine peace. The life of Pepples in one Long continued on Page two mexican daily rebukes communist sympathisers extraordinary Fidelity Al Elco City sept. 5."excelsior," secular daily Here comments editorially on the extraordinary Fidelity of communist sympathisers in matters pertaining to the political interests of the .s.r." a he editorial was occasioned by a meeting in the Palace of Fine arts at which speakers were miss Yadviga Kaminska president of the Thaddeus Kosciusko polish democratic Union and Vicente Lombardo Toledano president of the confederation of workers of latin America. The personnel of the embassy of the .s.r., headed by Senor Constantino Oumansky occupied a Box the paper states. Lombardo presented the possible solution of the War in its political As Well As military character As being either the Triumph of the principle of the Auto determination of people or else the old european balance of Power leading to new he added that the pro gramme of the appeasers is sup ported by the Vatican which at first supported the rebellion against the polish junkers and now Sicks on the reactionaries of the same the polish government in exile in London he said does not represent the will of their miss Kaminska said the True government supported by the polish people is the one that actually resides in the regions liberated by the soviet Excelsior asks Are these Ora tors forgetting that Russia at a time when Warsaw was resisting heroically. Against the Flower and Cream of the German army then intact stabbed unfortunate Poland m the Back ? that its legitimate government had no Reco Tyse left in order to continue the War and safeguard the principle of polish legitimacy and sovereignty except to re establish itself in London. Do they think that president Avila Camacho is a fascist reactionary because he received the late general Sikorski in Mexico with All due honors nothing is More abominable than lies the Mexico City daily says. Arid to say As was said at the red meeting we Are discussing that the poles of the legitimate govern ment cowardly abandoned their people is an infamous after paying tribute to the hero ism of poles in exile lighting in the North african and italian campaigns particularly at Cassino where they covered themselves with glory the editorial continues the word democracy has been abused extraordinarily. They say there is democracy in the .s.r., As though that regime were not Sorne thing very distinct from government in great Britain and the United states which Are authentic democracies. The orators say that Poland has a right to Auto determination. But it is quite evident that in the presence of the bayonets of the red army the plebiscite would be held according to its taste and measure. From now on we Are to hear about numerous Auto determinations serv ing As a splendid camouflage for imperialistic Churchill s visit to the Vatican talk with Pope Osse Vatore comment t holiness Pope Pius Xii has i received Winston Churchill prime min ister Juji great Britain in a private audience which lasted three quarters of an _ hour it was made known August 25 in Osse Vatore Phe British Premier was accompanied to the Vatican Palace by sir Francis d Arcy Osborne British minister to the holy see lord Moran and commander Thompson . In the courtyard 6f st. Damasus where a detachment of the Palatine guard was drawn up the party was met by a Knight of the Cape and sword who served As an escort to the Eleva tor and through the Sala Clementina and other Halls to the pontifical apart. Ment where Swiss guards and other armed corps of the Vatican were on duty. On the threshold of the holy father s private apartment the prime minister was met by the Maestro i camera monsignor Alberto arborio Mella Disant Elia and other dignitaries. Or. Churchill was announced to the holy father by monsignor Mario nasally. Rocca i Cornelian. The audience took place in the Pri vate Library of the holy father. At its conclusion the other members of the party were presented to the Pope. The italian Catholic action news paper t1 quotidian emphasised that the visit of prime minister Churchill to the Vatican assumes particular importance at the moment when the War seems to be drawing to a close and the great problems of peace Are Tak ing shape. 1 throughout the conflict the news paper noted Pius Xii has indicated the Clear bases of International order founded on Justice particularly in his Christmas radio messages of 1939, 1940, and 1941. Recognition of this Superior moral inspiration by those who will be charged with re ordering a disturbed world the newspaper said would be for All Peoples a guarantee of Serene jus the article notes that the president of the United states in sending his personal representative to the holy see indicates that when the time for restoration of peace comes parallel action Between the democracies and the Vatican would be of great import Ance. Referring to England it quotidian says the Loyal attitude of the maltese catholics should have lessened Many anti papal prejudices there As also should the contribution made to the cause by the blood of catholics of Canada and the other British dominions and colonies. Great. Britain which is about to assume a pre eminent position a Hong the coun tries of Western Europe cannot for get that those very countries Are in the great majority the never absent executor beneficiaries under a will frequently find it necessary to consult the executor when urgent contingencies arise. In such cases the advantage of having elder s trustee and executor company As executor or co executor becomes obvious. The company is always there to be consulted it takes no holidays other than those officially gazetted and it is never away on business or absent through sickness. There is always a competent officer available to attend to the client s problem. 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