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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Nov 7 1947, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - November 7, 1947, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia master Lead on and 1 will follow thee to the last gasp with truth and loyalty or. K. V. Mcentee s stirring address at the . Communion breakfast in april 26, 1942, in an Island then bombed and battered by the Aerial death machines of the nazis where hospitals were thronged with the wounded and the dying of All classes and sexes at the height of the greatest conflagration the world has known a voice was heard Broad casting Over the Ether Waves bringing words of great Comfort guidance and encouragement to the youth of that nation. It was England the occasion was youth sunday and the eloquent speaker was his Eminence Cardinal Hinsley. In most simple yet Beautiful Lan Guage he commenced by quoting the familiar words of St. John i write unto you Young men because you Are Strong and the word of god Arideth in you and you have overcome the wicked one. Love not the world nor the things which Are in the world. And the world pass eth away and the concupiscence thereof but he that doth the will of god Arideth for he then said we old stagers Are not leaving you a perfect world. You have to make a better place of this Earth than we have made it. You will do so if you Realise two great truths. Keep Young first of All keep Young. Keep the spirit of youth keep the ardor the enthusiasm the freshness the idealism which make youth the Spring time of life. The trials to come will be a hard test for your ideals but Don t let them be crushed. Be not overcome by evil but overcome evil by Good each of you has a personality each of you has gifts each of you has a part to play a special place to fill for the betterment of your generation for the advancement of truth and for the increase of goodness in the world. Nothing must be allowed to Damp that vital spark in you wherein lies the Hope of a Fuller and better life for the generations to come. Don t be laughed out of your High Hopes and aspirations. God has Given them to you. And. If you devote your Youthful energies to his service you will not fail to secure his Aid in All your High purposes. Give youth to god secondly give your youth to god. There is no greater gift of god in the natural order than youth. And As he has Given it to you he wants you freely to give it Back to him. St. John the Young Man specially dear to Christ because of his youth had Learned the lesson of love and loyalty to his master. He tells the Young men to whom he is writing that they Are Strong because they Are faithful to god because they have Given their youth to god and have refused to let the world usurp god s then the great Cardinal dealt with youth movements planned All Over the world. Yes he declared but youth must be moved in the right direction towards god by whom and for whom it was made. There Are some who want to capture youth and drive it Goose stepping along their own Way of thought and life. God save us from such youth movements. Young men be True to yourselves and to the traditions we inherit from a Christian past. You have souls made in god s image. No social theory no Blue print organisation of youth must be allowed to Rob you of your personality and of your god Given rights and this above All and note this passage you Are meant to use god s glorious gift of youth in his service and in the love and service of others so that you May leave traces on the Sands of time of a life Well spent and so win a title to happiness in eternity. Be True to god be True to your Homes be True to your country so you will be True to yourselves. As shake Speare said this above All to thine own self be True and it must follow As the night the Day thou canst not then be false to any Man be True to god. Give him yourselves now while you Are Young and fresh before the faded grandeur of time s passing show has had a Chance to make you wearied Aid worn. Be True to yourselves. Here in the family is your first and proper place. Here Are your first rights and duties to your fellow men your rights and duties to your Brothers and Sisters and these no Clever outside Cranks no officialdom must be allowed to Many anti christs then his Eminence denounced the racketeers who would spoil family life and Rob the Home of its chief Pur pose and Joy for example by Adver Tising deadly contrivances to prevent children coming into the world who would Gladden the hearths of our country and add to the strength of the nation. And he referred again to what St. John meant by the things of the he meant those evil influences which Are exerted upon souls by per sons systems or foul literature in order to make them shirk their duty and desert Christ who is the Way the truth and the life. He adds this telling comment you must be Strong and oppose the anti Christian forces which Are even now at work in preparation for the final struggle of All that is evil against All that is Good. That is Why St. John warns his Young readers that though Antichrist comes at the end of the world there Are Many Antichrist even the Cardinal declared that Christ knew what was in Man. He knew that the ardor of youth looks for adventure and responds to the Cal of heroism. Therefore Christ said come follow and youth s answer might Well be put in the words of one of Shakespeare s heroes master Lead on and i will follow thee to the last gasp with truth and loyalty Rich Young Man a hymn then interrupted the memorable broadcast and afterwards his Eminence stressed that so highly did Christ value the goodness of youth its simple Devotion and heroism that he made it the Model for All christians. Whereupon Cardinal Hinsley read the familiar gospel Story of the Young Man who had great possessions who had kept All the commandments and whom Christ loved so much that he asked him to give up All things for his Sake and to follow him. He failed in the supreme test because in his inmost heart he was attached to his wealth and his place of Power in the world. Then his Eminence dwelt upon the hideousness of War but stressed How the Noble spirit of self sacrifice for others was nevertheless displayed in the midst of carnage. He finally urged Christian youth to press for the future foundation of a new order wherein the place of Christ the King shall prevail Over the tyranny of Force that while fighting in heart to be at peace with All men hating the evil thing War yet in Christ Loving even those who would bring evil upon does Christ s peace reign that great Cardinal has gone to his eternal Reward and the world War has ended but it is fitting that we should ask ourselves on this great feast Day does the peace of Christ the King reign in the hearts of men the Vatican during and after the grim holocaust of world War ii has repeatedly Laid Down the Christian principles upon which the just rights and duties of nations should be based in order to ensure permanent peace and the happiness of Mankind. But Are the impartial injunctions of Christ s vicar on Earth heeded or accepted in the councils of the nations a wave of irreligion threatens to engulf the world. Atheistic. Communism sneers at christianity and universally proclaims its purpose of Rob Bing Man of his right to know love and serve god. The too constant approach to the holy Bond of Matrimony is to give marriage a trial and if the trial does not establish compatibility according to the Best seller novel standards there is an easy method of annul ment in divorce to enable another trial to take place. Crime rampant the empty Cradle or the restricted family is conventional and entails much less sacrifice with the Cost of living As it is. In Many places Abor Tion is not regarded As a crime but a humane form of assistance to per sons in difficulty. Juvenile crime sexual crimes and crimes of violence Are rampant. Apart from some mouthing about psychological treatment few seem to be concerned about what influence a godless system of education May have in Les sening youth s moral Fibre. The name of Christ is heard repeatedly around us in blasphemy. The most violent antagonisms pre Vail in Industry fomented in Many instances by the communist wreckers dislocating the social order and threatening to involve the nation in internal social upheavals. The Pursuit of pleasure and luxury spending does not however Abate. There is a torpid indifference also to the obligations of citizenship. Apart from being occasionally stirred up to take a passing interest in some major problem which May concern the pocket the routine of Many is to mutter that politicians Are All the same to Register a vote because it is compulsory under pain of a Fine and then to proceed to forget blessed politics and turn to something More exciting. Cheap and Nasty literature has a huge Public demand and the surreptitious circulation of a banned Book has a wide Vogue. The combatants the Field of combat is Only continuously occupied by what one May term the interested parties As Ever throughout the Ages the representatives of Christ s Church Are there waging ceaseless War upon continued on Page 5 n r can i change my will most certainly you can. Your will no matter when it was made May be changed As frequently As you re quire. Your last will will then be come effective. Family affairs and economic conditions have undergone Many changes during and since the War years. For instance have you considered the sum you directed to be expended in purchasing a House for your wife s use after your de cease May be quite inadequate to Day or that the annuity you have provided for your wife May now be in sufficient to maintain her in reason Able Comfort. Children who were at school and required special provision and education May now be adults and no longer need that provision. Ill health or other misfortune May have befallen one or other of your family which now makes them objects for special provision under your will. Moreover and this is of great importance you May now More fully appreciate that elder s trustee com Pany As executor of your will pro Vides positive Assurance that they will be ready and willing to take up the duties of administering your estate be it five ten or fifty years hence and that no private individuals can match that service. Call and discuss your affairs with one of our new business officers. Elder s trustee and executor company limited elder House 37-39 Currie Street Adelaide. El27 Advt Catholic youth leaders Pius i Pius Xii

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