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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives May 26 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - May 26, 1944, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia summary of Vatican Aid to distressed poles uninterrupted unabated work of the holy see on behalf of the stricken poles emphasised in a report covering the period oct 1939-oct., 1942has neither lessened nor has it been interrupted a recent Survey shows. The August words of the holy father As multiple testimonials of filial and profound gratitude reach ing the holy see have attested brought the greatest Comfort to anguished hearts in Poland and also to polish refugees abroad. But material Relief As Well As spiritual Consolation has been afforded these distressed people As the Survey of october 1942, to october 1943, reveals. The holy see has sent As much help to those in Poland As present Circum stances permit. Although on Many occasions greater help was in order the most imperative needs had to be taken into consideration. During the year considerable quantities of marmalade dried figs Chest nuts and sugar were sent into Poland and an even More abundant Supply of sugar was acquired and delivered by the papal Nuncia Ture in Slovakia. The Nuncia Ture in Hungary arranged for supplying wine for the Celebration of mass. In addition to packages of food some books Brevi Aries Ecclesias tical bulletins etc., were provided to meet the special needs of certain dioceses. During the year it was pos sible to provide the Central Relief Council in Poland with 1,000 kilograms More than 2,000 la of condensed milk and 300 boxes of ovo Maltine. A considerable sum was made available for such immediate Relief As could be effected. Polish refugees in France have been assisted through funds placed at the disposition of the Nuncia Ture in that country. The holy see also arranged for the services of polish chaplains and a series of spiritual exercises to afford Comfort and lend new strength to the ministerial life. When new circumstances brought new dangers to these polish refugees the holy see came to their Aid in every possible manner. Polish refugees in England have been provided with new testaments in their own languages. Of special interest to the holy see has been the Home at Cir Benica croatia., where 148 poles a third of them children have found Asylum and it continued to Supply funds and medi Cine. When the Home was moved to Malinska on the Island of Kirk the holy see recommended it to the Spe Cial care of the Ordinary of that Dio Cese receiving in turn most reassuring messages from the Bishop of Kirk. Considerable sums of Money were placed at the disposition of the papal Nuncia Ture at Rome to provide cloth ing and supplies for polish refugees in Italy at Christmas 1942. A Spe Cial sum enabled eight polish Sisters in charge of a Home to make Christ Mas a More festive occasion for their charges. As in the Case of other Vic Tims of the War and at the specific direction of the holy father a special Section of the Nuncia Ture under the direction of the most Rev. Antonio Riberi papal Delegate is entrusted with the affairs of polish refugees in Italy. I much Aid continues to be afforded. Polish refugees in Rumania. The holy see has taken special care to arrange for polish youths to attend colleges and universities in that coun try. Equally generous has been the Aid afforded through the Mission in trans Istria where the poles Are receiving spiritual assistance and material to the extent possible from the priests to whose care they have been assigned. Much has been done also for the special needs of the polish clergy who fled to that country and the favourable disposition on the part of the rumanian government towards refugees was procured by the papal Nuncio. Students and other polish refugees in Hungary have received financial Aid and mass stipends have been arranged for polish priests there. Polish new continued on Page two established 1847 special old dry Sherry 1,597 German priests have died in present War heavy losses among students new of the Catholic clergy and Catholic theological students of Ger Many in this War up to May 1943, have been heavy the British broadcasting corporation said in a broadcast to the German people recently. Phe broadcast said that of the 16,495 Catholic priests and theological students who have been inducted into the German army 1,597 have died at the front 593 Are missing and approximately 100 Are so seriously wounded that they will never be Able to fulfil their professional tasks again. , said its information was based on a reliable census taken within the Borders of nazi Germany which reported that 3,819 diocesan priests had been inducted into the German army for military service. Of these 187 have been killed 138 reported missing and 257 Are reported wounded 23 of them seriously. Losses among theological students Are even More devastating the Broad cast said. On May 1, 1943, a total of 4,368 students were under arms of this total 622 have been killed 159 Are missing 779 Are wounded28 seriously. According to the broadcast the number of priests and Brothers be longing to Catholic orders and congregations and called into service also is unusually High. As of May 1, i943, a total of 2,245 of these were in the army. Of this group 129 have been killed 78 Are reported missing and 242 Are wounded10 of them seriously. Of the 2,047 seminarians inducted into the army the broadcast said that 271 have been killed 91 Are missing 435 Are wounded12 of them seriously. Furthermore 4,016 Lay Brothers were inducted and of them 388 have been killed 127 Are missing 577 Are wounded27 seriously. The Lack of priests in nazi Ger Many is supplemented by the confiscation of Many clerical institutions and Catholic monasteries under the pre text that they Are needed for the nazi War Effort the broadcast continued. According to b.b.c., Between the outbreak of the War and May 1, 1943, a total of 1,469 buildings owned by the Church had been All of these buildings were in the Best of condition but Only 173 of them were converted into military hospitals. Of the others 216 were put at the disposal of so called re settlers and 51 of them Are used As lodgings for War workers. Evacuated children have been placed in 116 buildings. The other 913 confiscated Church buildings Are used for other purposes mostly by the nazi party organisations. The broadcast said the above figures do not include the monasteries confiscated during the War. Besides the monasteries taken Over before the War another 1,942 were confiscated by the nazis Between september 1, 1939, and May 1, 1943. Of them 502 Are used As military hospitals 211 for re settlers 39 for War workers 201 for evacuated children and 989 for other mostly party purposes. Z years of co Prosperity in South East Asia some vital factors v17riter of the following informative notes i � in the new York Catholic review. America on two years of japanese co Prosperity in South East Asia is h. G. Quaritsch a British explorer and former adviser to the British general staff in. India and Malaya. Recently Mani Sana sen Secre tary of the thai legation at Washington called attention to the Strong underground movement in Thailand which will help the United nations when the time comes and he went on to stress the strategic importance of his country s position in the Centre of occupied South East Asia. Then the reverend Marcus Cheng chinese Catholic on his escape from Singa pore to chunking brought news of chinese and Indian guerillas operating in Malaya an. Important objective of Mountbatten s South East Asia command. Add to this the fact that the flame of armed resistance has never died out in the Philippines whither the forces of general Douglas Macarthur and Admiral Nimitz Are even now headed and one gets the encouraging impression that the United nations May now expect use Ful help from the native Peoples in the approaching campaigns of libera Tion certainly this impression is borne out however unwittingly Jay a careful study of the japanese radio Broad casts. Anyone who knew South East Asia Well in former times can by Reading Between the lines of these broadcasts easily discern that All is not Well in the co Prosperity admittedly a policy of appeasement has won the collaboration of puppet governments As by offering Burma and the Philippines a pseudo inde Pem Dence and presenting Thailand slices of her neighbor s territory. In the indies a certain number of Quisling officials have been found willing to participate in the administration. But the masses remain firm. The common Man in South East Asia is primarily concerned with the fact that two years of co Prosperity have for him meant forced labor and Semi starvation. Japan s pressing need is to make the most of her Opportunity to exploit the raw materials of the occupied countries. That being so she cannot even if she would either by intensive propaganda or by a relaxation of the most oppressive restrictions relieve the sufferings her occupation has brought upon the people. The first effect of the japanese in Vasion was of course to Cut off the " foreign markets on which the Peoples of South Eastern Asia depended for the disposal of their products Rice quinine Coffee sugar rubber and tin. Japan needed Only a fraction of such produce. At the same time she could not spare shipping space to bring the occupied countries the manufactured consumer goods for which they were entirely dependent on foreign imports. This naturally gave Rise to unrestricted inflation. But the worst effect of japanese Rule has resulted from the enforced change Over to the cultivation of crops needed by Japan without any regard for the convenience of the cultivators slice growers were forced to Start growing Cotton despite the fact that Many of them would starve during the transition period. After All they were better off than those who Only owned rubber land which is unsuitable for growing Cotton. If the latter were not left to starve they were formed into labor gangs and driven to work wherever the japanese needed them As part of a plan to turn South East Asia into a slave labor society. Add to this the spiritual hardships caused by interference with religion the forcing of the children to learn the japanese language and japanese customs while the merchants were obliged to submit to taxation or Loans amounting to confiscation and one gets a general idea of living conditions in the co Prosperity we will now look More closely at some of the individual countries noting especially the signs of a spirit of resist Ance shimmering beneath the surface. Continued of Page two blockade lifted for . Bishops Aid to Lithuania shipment of medical goods a lifting of the Allied blockade against nazi occupied Europe a 10,000-Dollar shipment of medical supplies will shortly be on its Way to the suffering civilian people of Lithuania through the efforts of the . Bishops War Relief committee. J he arrangements for the shipment which will duplicate a similar mercy cargo now on its Way to Lithuania from the american i de Cross were completed through the Bishops War emergency and Relief commit tee the International red Cross at Geneva the department o f state the British american blockade committee in London and the american red Cross. The arrangements necessary for the transport of these supplies include not Only the lifting of the blockade approval of types of supplies to be shipped the meeting of International Law requirements but other problems. Rev. Or. Joseph b. Koncius of mount Carmel pa., chairman of the lithuanian roman Catholic priests com Mittee of America for War distressed lithuanians played a leading part in the negotiations looking to these arrangements. Lithuania now is under German occupation and the shipment of the Bishops War emergency and Relief committee supplies will Mark the second time that the blockade of the nation will have been lifted to Aid the stricken populace. The first lifting was arranged when the american red Cross made available its 10,000-Dollar shipment of medical supplies now on its Way to the country. On two occasions last year shipments of medi Cal supplies and dried fruits were made by the red Cross to Greece and established that such mercy projects could be carried on without aiding the enemy. Representatives of the International red Cross will personally supervise the distribution of the medical sup plies to the proper civilian charitable agencies in the occupied country obtain proper receipts for the supplies and see to it that they Are made Avail Able Only to the civilian population. For. Koncius said the International red Cross has gained approval of the German government of the conditions for the shipment. For. Koncius pointed out that the population of Lithuania is 85% Catho Lic. He said that while International Law restricts the Labelling of the sup plies with the name of any organisation other than the International red Cross the arrangements had been made through this organisation to apprise the lithuanian civil population that the medical supplies were donated by the . Bishops War Emer gency and Relief committee. The shipment will include a variety of medical supplies including such items As boric acid cod liver Oil phenol potassium iodide Mercuro Chrome hypodermic syringes and other materials. How Long is life ? we hear frequent reference to the allotted Span of three score years and ten but we know from our experience of the world just How Uncertain is the tenure of life. It is Well to remember this when appointing an executor of your will. 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