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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives May 19 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - May 19, 1944, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia a summary of great encyclical of our time the body of Christ had the present Pope no other title to a enduring place amongst the greatest Pon Tiff s of the modern world his encyclical letter on the mystical body of Christ issued in the most harrowing times Ever experienced by the Popes since the great Era of the roman persecutions would Accord him that High distinction. The encyclical has recently been made available to the general Public by the . Society. Here timely comment on its contents is Given by for. G. Ellard s.j., who writes for the new York weekly review How solidly reassuring it is that amid the cataclysms of total War the vicar of Christ can Issue sub specie Aeter Nittis As it were such a document As the encyclical Mystic Corporin Christi of last june. The papacy therein bears magnificent Tes Timony to that Church of which it is the pillar and guardian of truth. With a Richness and abundant fullness with ramification and detail the Church explains How she understands the words of the apostle his body which is the the encyclical fills fifty six pages of the Acta Apostolicas Sedis 1 no less than two Hundred and Twenty source references Are added to its text. If sacred scripture naturally claims two thirds of these the wit Ness of non scriptural tradition is evidenced by Many great names of the fathers and doctors of Ages gone by As Welt As by the names of great Popes in our own Day. Note this Gem quoted from maximums of Turin in Christ our own flesh loves us St. Augustine whose fondness of the Doc Trine of the mystical body was Well known is cited fourteen times the Angel of the schools is appealed to a dozen times while the voice of Heo Xiii is heard As often. The continuous character of recent tradition is indicated by the fact that Popes Pius in Pius a and Pius i All Here re affirm some aspect of their teaching. This Luminous letter As it focuses and sums up the past so seems destined to Channel doctrinal teaching on this subject for Ages yet unborn. This Twar time lesson was dictated by these chief reasons the need men have of the doctrine itself and the Pope s solicitude to Correct some cur rent misapprehensions. It is indicative of the Speed with which Catholic thought centred on this doctrine in our recent past when we recall was not so much As mentioned in the old Baltimore Cate Chism of yesterday and was handled perfunctorily in Seminary manuals which aimed at greater adequacy the Pope ascribes the new interest in the doctrine to the renewed interest in Public worship to the. Spread of More frequent communion and the Happy increase of Devotion to the most sacred heart. Since the first two factors named Are integral aspects of the liturgical movement the association of this doctrine with the Liturgy was already uppermost in Many minds in fact the current Divi Sion Between priest and people in Catholic Public worship has Long been characterised As one of the five wounds of the modern Church. When the preliminary press reports of the encyclical hinted that it embodied cer Tain condemnations it was surmised in More than one Quarter that the liturgical movement was being Dis avowed and condemned. For these reasons the immediate interest of Many in the encyclical is its relation to corporate worship and it is so surveyed Here. But it would be entirely false to the great letter to give the impression that it is either controversial or critical in tone or Content. A disputed phase of current Theo logy on the subject namely the pre Cise relationship of the blessed in heaven and the souls in Purgatory to the mystical body is left untouched by the encyclical. In a land like our own where the greater part of our fellow christians Are non catholics when people began to think of the Church in terms of the mystical body there was sometimes doubt As to whether these non Catho Lic christians Are members full members that is of the mystical body. Pius i in his Morta Lium Animos Jan. 6, 1928 regretfully but kindly recalled that they Are not. This is reaffirmed in Mystic Corporin if we would define and describe this True Church of Jesus Christ which is the one holy Catholic apostolic roman Church we shall find no expression More Noble More Sublime or More divine than the phrase which Calls it the mystical body of the triple tie the sacraments the full Faith and obedience to the Hier Archy Are All required for member ship Only those Are really to be included As members of the Church who have been baptised and profess the True Faith and who have not unhappily withdrawn from body Unity or for grave faults have been excluded by legitimate the exaggerated severity of the View that All grave sin sinners off As dead members from the mystical body is rejected by the pontiff with the re minder that schism or heresy or Apos Tasy alone effects such dismember ment. But Why labor to present Catholic ism to the world to Day in terms of the doctrine of the mystical body when the obvious metaphor of the continued on Page two eminent new York men in statement on Poland Call to Allied leaders new York March 23.signed by -36j-i eminent religious leaders academic and professional men a statement was issued Here last week which roundly scored Russia s pre sent policy towards Poland. The statement Calls upon the american and British govern ments to take up with the soviet the question of a just settlement of the question. Of Russia values America s Friend ship As we believe she does she must not use her Power to impose either an unjust Frontier or a puppet government upon the polish people the statement declares. Russia must choose. She can impose her will but she cannot impose it without estrange ing millions of americans whose opinions May be decisive in the development of our foreign declaring that such an unfairness on the part of Russia would be Worth Many battalions to Hitler the state ment expressed the Hope that Russia s immense Power would enable her to be generous. Among the signers Are George n. Shuster president of Hunter College Harry d. Gidons president of Brook Lyn College Justice Ferdinand Pecora Raymond Leslie Buell former chairman of the foreign policy association major George Fielding Mili tary commentator former Justice Jeremiah t. Mahoney William Agar acting president of Freedom House the. Rev. Robert w. Searle general Secretary of the greater new York federation of churches Ernest Angell president of the Council for democracy and the it. Rev. Malcolm Peabody Episcopalian Bishop of Cen trial new York. Poland was the first nation to halt Hitler s procession of bloodless Vic tories which made him All but Invin Cible the statement observes. The poles determined to fight even though Many foresaw that War meant the temporary Conquest and enslavement of Poland because they believed that the Justice of Poland s cause and1 the loyalty of her allies would insure her resurrection in the end. Poland is now asked to surrender far More to Russia than what she refused to give Hitler. The Curzon line Frontier demanded by Russia is close to the Hitler Stalin line of 1939. It Means a loss of 46 per cent of pre War Poland while it represents a gain of less than 1 per cent for the soviet it is for the polish people and for them alone to decide How far they will recognise the present government when they Are free the statement continues. In the meantime if improvements along democratic lines Are to be made they cannot be dictated from outside least of All dictated by one great Power which is not now a democracy. Once More we repeat that if we Are left Uncertain whether or not rus Sia intends to disregard the feelings and convictions of those millions of the United nations who Are looking Forward to the Triumph of democratic Justice in the relations of All nations great and Small there exists an urgent danger that americans will revert to isolationism. This must not happen regardless of political difficulties for it would mean that human Ity s Hopes for a United world would be disappointed news of italian Chris Tian democratic party reports of growing strength Washington March 28.the service has received a copy of the first pamphlet issued by the italian Chris Tian democratic party Partite democratic Cristiano entitled Appeal to intellectuals the document shows a very Catholic. Pro gramme and is enhanced by reports that the party itself is showing signs of considerable strength. A Enato Wuillermin the 47-year old lawyer and Long time foe of fascism secretly founded the Chris Tian democratic party during his two years confinement in a concentration Camp. He was one of the seven anti fascists whose execution at Savona was reported by italia Milan Catho Lic daily last january. A native of Turin Wuillermin was a Leader of the Catholic people s party in pre fascist Days. The fall of fascism marked the end of an epoch and the beginning of a new epoch perhaps an Era the document says before making the significant question will it see the Triumph of a new despotism with the consequent decadence of All that is worthwhile in our civilisation or. Will our Century be imprinted with Liberty Liberty in the newer sense that has grown out of recent experiences through the re moulding of generations heretofore shaken by the tragic events of the last 30 years the Christian democratic party confronts the intellectuals of Italy with two political conceptions. Two opposing conceptions of life be tween which they must choose before which not one of you the cultivators and upholders of the spirit can re main absenteeism in this Field it adds would be equivalent to suicide it would constitute a be trayal of All humanity these two opposing conceptions Are defined the one As materialistic and devoid of any value that is not terrestrial and purely utilitarian and the other As reverent of the moral and spiritual values and faithful to the inexhaustible corrective and normalising Vir tues that Liberty alone conscious of the Gravity of the hour and the uncertainty confronting every right thinking person the Chris Tian democratic party raises a fraternal Appeal expounding with loyalty the fundamental principles that in spire our political action and Are sup ported by us in the struggle for Domi we Are first of All democratic the document says. We Are democratic in the Complete and profound meaning of the word. Democracy for us is not a vague demagogic concept serving As an instrument to bait the so called masses much less the old style screen convenient for concealing the business interests of this or that privileged class. We Are eminently progressive provided such Progress and Reform Are affected without in jury to the rights of any and with out the pretext of destroying to the very foundation every Politico social Structure All institutions everything that is Beautiful and the sound traditions of our country and1 of the Majo Rity of the civilised world. Our political programme is demo cratic in that we refrain from wish ing to impose our ideas by Means of violence or any sort of coercion but instead foresee such actuation in a constitutional manner and with the consent of the people. Our economic programme is demo cratic in that by Means of an organic plan of courageous and timely social Reform we wish to raise and we will raise to the dignity of people those who to Day Are Only the masses by freeing them from their present state of material and moral degradation. Democracy will be True and last ing and will be perceived and lived depending upon the education of the people and their Elevation to a higher level of life normally and spiritually As Well As he archbishop and Bishops of the Quebec province disturbed by the Progress of alcoholism and the lament Able disasters of intemperance have instructed Parish priests to speak from the pulpit at least once a month during the next two years on the Vir tue of Temperance. The Only body that Speaks openly in Holland first hand evidence London feb. 6.the Church is the on body in Holland which is raisins its voice openly for All to hear in protest against the nazis Jacob a. Burger minister without portfolio in the Netherlands government said Here. Or Burger who escaped from occupied Holland less than a year ago related Many instances he had seen there illustrating the courageous resistance which the clergy both Catholic and protestant had offered often at great personal risk to nazi measures. As an evidence of the churches resistance or. Burger cited a prayer heard in dutch churches every Sun Day in which despite the fact that mention of the name of any living member of the Netherlands Royal House is strictly forbidden heavenly guidance is petitioned not Only for Queen Wilhelmina but for her House hold and her government now in London. Or. Burger revealed that news of Allied successes is often first transmitted to the dutch people in their churches where it is related by Pas tors who presumably receive it through underground channels or hear it on strictly forbidden illegal radio sets. Now More than Ever before or. Burger declared Church life through out Holland is in the Public Eye. We Are filled with gratitude for the Rich blessings Church life is daily bestow ing on our deeply bereaved people. In the hard everyday life of the occupied Netherlands the Church is for our people visible proof of god s in ending actions of this sort or. Burger pointed out Are not taken without losses. But he said the Church has no Choice. Yielding to the enemy would mean her spiritual doom even though she might Prosper materially. Com Promise with National socialism is impossible and an offensive and. Defensive struggle is the Only course. In the Early Days of the occupation roman Catholic priests instructed by their Bishops read from the pulpit without comment an instruction from their Bishops that be Lievers were not permitted to be members of the National socialist movement or its subsidiaries to at tend their meetings or to take part in its propaganda. These instructions caused a num Ber of incidents when the occupying Power forced its Way into churches and churchyards. Yet the Church al ways adhered to its Call in a specialist when a Man is ill he does not Call in an Amateur with a slight knowledge of Medicine. He obtains the services of the Best medical Man available. Is it not strange then that some men leave in the hands of inexperienced individuals the All important work of managing die fortunes which they have carefully built up during a lifetime they appoint someone whom they have known and trusted who because he May be a shrewd business Man they imagine will make a capable trustee. This Gamble for such it is May be successful but it is just As Likely to be unsuccessful. The private trustee if he is a business Man May put his own business first which is quite a natural tendency. Or growing tired of the work after a period of years he May just become apathetic and not trouble about the estate a worst Cala mity May befall your estate if he were to suddenly die. It is Wise to appoint qualified trustees who possess Perma nent existence and will not grow tired of the Trust. In Short the Wise testator will appoint elder s trustee and executor company limited elder House 37-39 Currie Street Adelaide e35 Tel. 3424 w. F. O. Grote dental surgeon Ltd. 3rd floor Bowman buildings King William St., Adelaide

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