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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives May 12 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - May 12, 1944, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia . Press scores soviet attack on holy see unjust incendiary intemperate new York feb 12.the attack on the Vatican by the official soviet newspaper Izvestia has been denounced As insincere baseless reckless incendiary and a distinct disservice to the Allied cause by influential newspapers in new York and throughout the nation Orphe unjust and intemperate at tack on the Vatican As pro fascist launched by Izvestia of Moscow is damaging to the Unity on which Victory depends says an editorial in the new York the editorial adds of All the incendiary literary bombs manufactured in mos cow since the Teheran conference and thrown with such lighthearted recklessness into the Unity of the Allied nations none is Likely to do greater damage than Izvestia s unjust and intemperate attack on the Vatican As pro fascist. The palpable insincerity of this document May be judged by one of the accusations it makes. It denounces the Vatican for having kept silent when Italy launched her Stab in the Back attack on France in june 1940. And where May we ask was Izvestia s own protest on that Occa Sion where was the protest of the soviet government ? history re cords that at the moment when mus Solini stabbed France in the Back the soviet government was sending War supplies to Hitler. There is no profit in recalling matters of this kind or in raking Over the old coals of what ought to be by gone disagreements. Izvestia makes it necessary to do so As the Only available Means of measuring the Good Faith of own attack. Izvestia is the official newspaper of the soviet government. It ought to be Well enough informed to know that the Vatican As a temporal Power is a Neutral state with which Russia s two great allies Britain and the United states have Friendly and confident relations. These nations have no doubt where the real sympathy of the Vatican lies in this struggle they recognise the inescapable neutrality of the Pope s position but they have had no difficulty in finding in his Elo quent declarations Clear evidence of his detestation for those who have Vio lated the rights of the Little nations who have committed bestial acts from one end of Europe to the other and who have attempted to elevate the Dogma of totalitarianism to the dig nity of a new religion. " Izvestia s attack is damaging to the Unity on which Victory depends. It is All the More disconcerting be cause it comes at the very moment when an Allied army stands at the Gates of Rome and when an Allied commission in which Russia is a full partner must soon accept new responsibilities for salvaging what can be saved in Yalter Lippmann in his syndicated column in the new York Herald Tribune and other leading newspapers asserted that the publication by Izvestia which is the official newspaper of the soviet govern ment of an article calling the Pope and the Vatican pro fascist is a highly improper action. By the terms of the declaration on Italy adopted at Moscow fascists Are recognised As enemies of the United nations. There fore the name fascist is no longer a word that can be used loosely by it is a word which has to be used carefully especially by governments because we Are now pledged to treat fascists in Italy As enemies. Now at this moment British French and american armies Are fighting to take Rome. When they enter the City the Vatican and the continued on Page two established 1847 Roylo port anti Catholic Leader s in Ven i for reds new York press hits out new . K. Leslie publisher of i the protestant anti Catholic Magazine organiser of the text Boob commission to eliminate anti semitism in american text books has an adoring almost mystical Vene ration for communism As represented by Russia Frederick Woltman new York world Telegram staff writer says in a series of articles in that paper commencing february 7. Jeslie and his associates have been responsible for a series of advertisements in Twenty daily newspapers throughout the country denouncing As anti semitism statements of Chris Tian teaching in text books. The new York times refused the advertise ment. As a result of the advertise ment or. Woltman said it the textbook commission clashed head on with the american textbook publishers Institute representing 36 american publishers and 80 to 90 per cent of the country s textbook Busi Leslie the world Telegram Arti cles say has had a somewhat inter Esting and varied career. A native of Nova Scotia he at one time or another taught lectured Farmed an Apple Orchard bought and sold Stock led a dance orchestra studied acting wrote poetry operated a butter milk restaurant in los Angeles Sang Here Dian songs Over the radio and wrote and published popular songs under the firm names Leslie and Fitzgerald. At one time he was on the staff of the first Baptist Church of Montclair . For a period according to for Mer associates he went in strongly for catholicism studying ritual and teachings and even carrying a St. Theresa medal. His anti catholicism has been of More recent Date. He started the protestant digest in 1938. It is unaffiliated with any Church two favorite objects of or. Lies lie s ire in the protestant Are Arch Bishop Francis Spellman and the most Rev. Thomas e. Molloy Bishop of Brooklyn. Recently both issued state ments deploring religious and racial animosities but with or. Leslie these fell on unreceptive ears. For immediately thereafter at. The protes Tant s annual banquet an attack was made on the Catholic Church and upon the National conference and the american jewish committee for co operating with Leslie s close associates on his committees As Well As on his Magazine have been Pierre Vanpaassen the author Johannes steel radio commentator and Joseph Brainin or. Woltman says. In their frequent outbursts against the Catholic Church mostly in the Magazine or. Leslie and his three associates have spoken of the Hitler Vatican shenanigans denounced mgr. Fulton j. Sheen As a dangerous. Subtle fascist held that the Pope is interested chiefly in a fascist world Hegemony and called archbishop Francis Spellman the Dainty servant of Vatican intrigue at the 1943 annual dinner of the protestant Vanpaassen asserted that the answer to the question of Why it was taking general Eisen Hower s splendidly equipped army so much time to drive Rommel out of North Africa lies in the secret coun cil Chambers of Madrid in Vatican City in Washington s state depart ment and in the Arch episcopal Palace on Madison Avenue new York at this year s banquet in addition to attacking the Catholic Church Vanpaassen denounced Bishop William t. Manning the Rev. Harry Emerson Fosdick and inter Faith movements which he asserted numb the sensitivity of jews and everybody else so the Church can put it Over on the russians in the polish Border Dis professing to be waging a crusade against anti semitism one of Leslie s favorite targets is the american jewish committee headed by such prominent jews As former appellate Justice Joseph Proskauer chairman and Irving Lehman chief judge of the court of appeals he charges that the committee s backers support appease and condone notorious fascist groups in this responsible jewish and other groups seriously concerned with anti semitism believe that his pro communist ties and his bitter antipathy toward catholicism in the Long run have a tend icy to excite anti semitism rather than Abate it or. Whit Man writes. Leslie s All out support for communism is indicated by his denunciation last May of the recommendation of professors George s. Counts and John Childs of teachers College that the comintern be dissolved to further Allied soviet Unity. Says or. Wolt Man the May protestant denounced the suggestion As nothing Short of absurd there might ensue it warned a tragedy so great that every Hope that Liberal men have Trust fully preserved throughout this War would be destroyed on May 22 the com intern was dissolved and communist parties everywhere dutifully applauded. When american liberals and Trade unionists who wished Well of our rus Sian ally were horrified at the execution of alter and Ehrlich the two polish labor leaders Leslie in the protestant joined the american communists in applauding it. He called his editorial alter and Ehrlich giving credence to the charge few non communists believed that the two jewish poles were spies for the Ges he denounced mayor la Guardia William Green David Dubin sky and others who spoke at a mass meeting of protest asserting that those who arrange and project these mass meetings live in the very moral and political climate which produces such despite jul Essie s record and attitude Many prominent americans have al Lowed their names to be used As Spon sors for his work even catholics have endorsed his committees. So extremely partisan did the protestant finally become or. Wolt Man recalls that four months ago mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt withdrew her endorsement of it after she Learned of attacks on catholicism. Or. Leslie never published her letter but did. Reply to the president s wife in the leading editorial of last month s protestant mrs. Roosevelt wrote or. Leslie is a tragic lady caught in the exigencies of party politics the democratic party with which she is involved is unfortunately under the spell of bondage to the Little vat cans of our great 3,100 polish priests killed summary of reports of 46 Bishops allowed to stay article published in the Catholic times Here deals with the German persecution of the Catholic Church in Poland and bases contentions on reports received at the Vatican and the k.a.p., the polish Catholic press Agency. Ryphe article said latest statistics compiled at the holy see fixed the number of priests who have died in Poland As the result of German terrorism at 3,100,-, which is 30 per cent of the total number of priests who were stationed in pre War Poland. Many priests were shot or died in concentration Camps the report said at present there Are about 5,000 polish priests in German concentration Camps and the most degrading tasks Are especially assigned to them. In pre War Poland there were forty six Bishops in Twenty five dioceses and one vicariate apostolic. To Day Only seven Bishops remain in their dioceses. Seminaries have been closed. Religious teaching has been prohibited in schools. Religious associations As Well As the publication of Catholic papers Are forbidden. These Are Only some of the Means by which the germans Hope to crush the resistance of the polish the second soviet beast against the Vatican i mgr. Sheen answers again Washington feb. 12.a Reuter g despatch received in the . On tuesday says that a russian paper has printed a new attack on the holy see saying that True peace will be possible Only if the influence of the Vatican is removed. Recently the soviet paper Izvestia accused the holy see of being pro fascist. This charge brought immediate refutation from the it. Rev. Mgr. Fulton Sheen of the Catholic University of America. See the Southern Cross april 21, 1944.ed. 1 now mgr. Sheen deals with what he Calls the second blast from mos cow. In his reply mgr. Sheen says the second blast of the soviets be came necessary because their first fell Flat. In the first they accused the Vatican of being on the Side of the nazis now they themselves Side with a nazi to show they Are right. The soviets Are Down at the Bottom of the barrel when they Appeal to germans and industrialists to prove a lie. But perhaps this is unjust for after All Stalin did say that he was not an enemy of the German state or the German military staff or the German people. A few years ago during the popu Lar front Days the soviets declared they were friends of the Vatican and religion. Knavery could not Long hold itself in such reverence. Now the Wolf throws off sheep s clothing As the soviets apply to the Vatican the second touch of the Brush from the bucket of smear. In soviet politics after the smear comes the attack then they throw the bucket. The old devils used to quote scripture to prove their Points the new ones quote the nazis and thus i clothe my naked villainy with old Odd ends and seem a Saint when most i play the Devil this second soviet blast against the Vatican is More right than it would seem at first sight. It is right on three counts first it is right in declaring that the Vatican is unsympathetic to their idea of democracy. It must always be kept in Nind that the soviets never use words in their accepted sense. What does Russia mean by democracy Stalin says there Are two kinds of democracy first the Ordinary or universally recognised democracy in general and socialist democracy the first he teaches us is not democracy because it is a government by the minority. It strikes us As strange that our democracy should be so labelled since we assume it is government by the majority. The answer of Stalin is that our democracy is controlled by a minority that is the press the capitalists and the non revolutionists. Not until these Are skimmed off by persecution and exile can the real majority assert it self. The real democracy for him is one without Freedom of the press or speech and with one party in an elec Tion. The idea is stronger in his own continued on Page two a task for experts no matter How carefully a will May have been drawn purpose May be Defeated if the Choice of an executor is not wisely made. Every Day examples come under notice of this almost Elemen tary mistake. Private trustees Are human. They Are subject to the thousand natural ills to which the flesh is the administration of an estate is a highly Complex business which Calls for an extensive knowledge of the Law governing deceased estates. It is a work which when undertaken should be car ried out efficiently and dependably until the final settlement. Even when a private trustee is competent and reliable he cannot give any guarantee of Perma Nence. 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