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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - March 31, 1944, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia some results of the Teheran conference polish problems too is made Clear Here that the ultimate Success of the Churchill Roosevelt Stalin conference at the ran will depend upon soviet sincerity. But in this respect the Moscow pravda Sas founding announcement that Britain was in touch with German agents with a View to Liparate peace is not helpful. He news published by pravda was supposed to have been re lived from Cairo though an official search of Cable files and censor re cords failed to show that any such message had been sent from there. Obviously the whole thing was manufactured in Moscow but what is disturbing is that it was done with official approval for pravda like other papers in Russia is state owned and controlled. Newspaper comment in great Bri Tain and the United states has strongly expressed the indignation Felt in both countries regarding the extraordinary action of pravda in publishing the fictitious Story of negotiations Between Britain and Ger ii by the new York Herald Tribune says Moscow s Clumsy psychological manoeuvre follows the russians rough rejection of the polish offer to open negotiations through Britain and the paper Points out that since the polish offer is believed to have been made upon the advice of the British government the inference is Clear that Moscow with none too Clear a conscience Over its attitude toward Poland is trying to cover its position by finding a stick with which to beat the British. The Washington correspondent of the new York times says the pravda Story struck the capital like a Bombshell. Its implications were so serious the correspondent adds that lord Halifax British ambassador immediately took the almost unprecedented step of issuing a direct denial for direct quotation saying there is no truth in the report. People who believe it will believe officials did not Rule out any pos sible explanation for pravda a action in publishing the Rumor Boft doubted that the charge was to cover separate Russo German negotiations the new York times correspondent adds. At any rate the pravda Story fits into the pattern formed 1 by the soviet pact with Czechoslovakia 2 the support Given to Tito 3 the Kharkov trials 4 the rebuke to or. Willkie which is construed As a warn ing to president Roosevelt and or. Churchill not to intrude into the bal tic states Poland and the Balkans 5 the polish Boundary dispute. Apart from this pattern there Are the Moscow and Teheran agreements promising co operation among the chief allies during the War and the Post War period. While it is not Felt that Russia intends to depart from those agree ments nevertheless the pravda charge and other developments Are causing uncertainty the Manchester guardian says russian comment on the polish declaration will cause severe disappoint ment among the allies. The first russian declaration generally was interpreted a presenting an opening for discussion and the polish answer As acceptance of the opening. We can Only Hope the allies will be Able to persuade die soviet govern ment to take a less rigid and uncompromising View. It is disappointing too that at this moment a leading soviet newspaper should have been so reckless As to print a grotesque Story about two leading British figures meeting Ribbentrop of All people British newspapers Are unanimous in expressing regret at the tone of the soviet reply to the polish govern ment s statement on the Border dispute. The daily Herald describes the reply As not Only disappointing but puzzling. It adds it is far from Plain what the soviet wishes. Surely the next move for the soviet will be to explain this More clearly to the the daily Telegraph says that if continued on Page two established \847 special old dry Sherry pastoral of interned missionary Bishop released after two years with other italian and German missionaries in India in 1942, the italian born Bishop of Allahabad mgr. Angelo poli was released towards the end of last year. He has issued a pastoral letter in which he has declared that his Long intern ment will in no Way Lessen the respect and loyalty he owes to and has always Given to the British authorities in India. Mgr. Poli has been working As a missionary in India for Over 30 years. In my Farewell letter of february 11,1942, the sad Day of my exile from the diocese writes his lordship i assured you of my absolute innocence and loyalty a fact which was Well known to you and which has sustained me in this Long and unexpected trial. Now after a year and 10$ months of internment i have no hesitation in reaffirming before god and men that my conscience assures me that there was no foundation whatsoever in the accusations brought against me and if these had been enquired into from the beginning i would have been spared the humiliation and the Gall ing experience of a Long banishment from the diocese. During the 22$ months of my internment i was surrounded by the affection and respect of a Large num Ber of Young and pious priests from All parts of India and Burma whose cheerful dispositions and innocent merriment went a Long Way to soften and even brighten the otherwise monotonous and depressing Atmo sphere of an internment Camp. To All and each of them i extend once More my grateful acknowledge ments and Hope that they too May soon be permitted to return to their missions and that a Rich Harvest of souls May follow and Crown their Long banishment from their flock. I must also express my Heartfelt gratitude to the commandant and the officers of the internment Camp at Dehra Dun who treated me with unfailing kindness and who did All in their Power to make me As Comfort Able As possible under the Circum stances. I must however confess that in spite of such surroundings and the Courtesy of the officers my thoughts were continually with the orphaned diocese i had loved More than my life and with the priests Brothers and Sisters whose work had been in creased and rendered More difficult by the internment of the italian and German missionaries and by my in ability to assist them even with a regular correspondence. I was however somewhat relieved to know that my vicar general the v. Rev. For. Conrad and when he too was interned the v. Rev. For. Leo and after him the v. Rev. For. Francis Xavier actually multiplied themselves in order to Cope with the additional work placed on their Wil ling shoulders and for. Leo actually broke Down under its weight while i and the fathers interned with me were pining away for sheer want of some thing to Bishop poli expresses the Hope that the holy see will allow him to retire to private life and prepare himself for the great summons which now cannot be but very clergy in North Italy face fierce storm Cardinal of Milan leads new by 63-year-old Cardina schuster of Milan the Catholic Church in Lombardy and other parts of occupied Italy is following the same pattern of Resis Tance set by churchmen in various nazi controlled countries of Europe says the United states government information religious news up he clergy s opposition is shown in sermons attacking the occupation regime in efforts to shelter jews seeking to escape persecution and in warnings to italian youths not to enlist in the fascist army. Swiss sources report that priests in the Region of Como Are actively co operating with secret anti fascist groups in helping american British and greek War prisoners to escape. The Bishop of Cremona the most Rev. Giovanni Cazzani and the Parish priest of Olivio in Varese Are the latest of a number of priests arrested for condemning acts of terrorism and pillaging on the part of occupation forces. When another Lombardy priest father Prosper of Cremona was previously arrested on a similar count the regime fascist warned that under martial Law the death penalty could be imposed for actions against the puppet fascist state. The nazi controlled radio also threatened that any interference by the clergy and any attitude which conflicts with the National interests will be Cut Short in the most energetic the anti Church Campaign is being led by Roberto Farinacci minister of state for the fascist regime and a notorious propagandist who has accused a great number of Church dignitaries of being the Bishops have been warned to remain in the background and let themselves be heard no the Hierarchy refuses however to keep silent in the face of repeated outrages against the Church and the widespread pillaging by nazi and fas Cist troops. Following the example set by Cardinal schuster dominant figure in italian Church resistance Catholic prelates have issued several pastoral letters which Are being read in Parish churches in spite of efforts to suppress them. With a View to preventing fascists from carrying out threats of mass executions in reprisal attacks against fascist party members his Eminence Cardinal schuster archbishop of Milan has decided to intervene directly with the nazi occupation authorities according to la reports said that fascists had threatened to carry out mass executions at funerals of assassinated party members. From his bomb damaged Palace the Milan Cardinal archbishop denounced vandalism being committed by Mem Bers of a godless late word indicates that his letter was occasioned by the theft of consecrated hosts from a Tabernacle though the Liboria were left behind. The fascists have Many scores against Cardinal schuster charging that he has Given shelter to prominent anti fascist leaders and has encouraged his clergy to take an Active stand in opposing the occupation regime. In a pastoral letter some months ago the Cardinal warned that the authorities must Rule according to the principles of christianity which is the primary source of Justice and of the roman born Cardinal s More recent pronouncements include a letter read in All Milan churches threatening to excommunicate anyone who offers help to the nazi or fascist authorities. Occupation authorities Are keeping a Sharp watch Over priests who Nave condemned anti semitic measures. Fascist police in Frontier areas Are reported to be disguising themselves As jewish refugees in a new Campaign to trap priests suspected of aiding prisoners to escape. In one Village the local priest was approached by a police agent professing to be \ jew and asking for shelter. The priest took him in and was about to conduct him to the fron tier when the jew revealed himself and arrested the Clergyman. In a similar incident elsewhere the priest scented danger and did not commit himself but was nevertheless arrested. Released after a Short Lime he was greeted by pealing of Bells and warm congratulations of parishioners. Agreement Between the Pope and statin without foundation says Rome Vatican statement made by . Columnist Drew Pearson in a radio broadcast that the Pope and Stalin had reached an agreement concerning the russian annexation of part of Eastern Poland with guarantee of religious Freedom to polish catholics is stated Here officially to be without foundation. To his statement denied in this Dis Patch from Vatican City Pearson alleged that the Pope and Stalin have reached a virtual agreement on the following terms 1. When Russia takes Over Eastern Poland its people largely roman Catholic will be al Lowed Complete Freedom of worship 2. In return the Vatican will raise no objection to Russia s annexation of Eastern Poland 3. Stalin has assured the Pope informally but definitely that Complete Freedom of religious worship will be guaranteed throughout All Russia from now on a number of occasions Pearson who is author of the Washington merry go round newspaper column and also regularly broadcasts a radio programme has made statements concerning Catholic churchmen and Catholic activities that have been shown to be false. He attacked postmaster general Walker a Catholic As permitting zealots of the Church to become unofficial censors on the mailing of magazines. At another time he asserted that the most Rev. Francis j. Spellman archbishop of new York talked regularly by trans Atlantic Telephone with the holy father concerning Russia. The falsity of these allegations was brought out in Public statements by the most Rev. John f. Noll Bishop of fort Wayne in the one Case and by archbishop Spellman in the second. Later Pearson made a statement concerning the most Rev. Francis j. L. Beckman archbishop of Dubuque which the latter labelled As absolutely false. It is recalled that Secretary of state Cordell Hull condemned the Pearson column for spreading Mon Strous and diabolical falsehoods and that Pearson was described by presi Dent Roosevelt As a chronic How Long is life we hear frequent reference to the allotted Span of three score years and ten but we know from our experience of the world just How Uncertain is the tenure of life. It is Well to remember this when appointing an executor of your will. Is it Wise to appoint a Friend when it May be ten Twenty thirty or even More years before your will comes up for administration ? remember if your appointed executor is no longer available to act when the time comes there May be All sorts of Legal com plications leading to delay expense and disappointment for your dependants. It is by far the Wiser course to appoint elder s trustee and executor company As your executor. 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