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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Mar 24 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - March 24, 1944, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia three things struggling for Mastery in this liar mgr. Sheen s arresting analysis Ane of the most arresting analyses of the " vital forces that Are struggling for Mas Tery in the world upheaval of to Day is Given in the following article by the noted Ameri can priest author and radio speaker. Mgr. Fulton Sheen of the Catholic University of America. Phree dogmas or philosophies of life Are struggling for Mastery in this War the anti Christian totalitarian world View the non Christian secularist world View of Western civilisation and the Christian world View. In this talk we shall discuss the first the anti Christian totalitarian world View. This anti Christian anti human anti democratic totalitarian ideology exists in four forms widely scattered throughout the world first in a historical form As the revival of the Imperial traditions of the ancient roman Empire which is fascism second in an anthropological form As the glorification of the nordic race which is nazism third in a theological form As the identification of divinity with a dynastic House which is japanese imperialism and fourth in an eco nomic form As the proclamation of class struggle on the anti religious basis of dictatorship of the proletariat which is marxian socialism. In his Christmas 1942 allocution the holy father condemned these four forms As a Conception which claims for particular nations or races or classes. The Norm from which there is no Appeal " let me say Here parenthetically that i make the same distinction be tween Russia and marxian socialism that Stalin makes Between Germany and nazism. Stalin declared he was not fighting Germany but nazism. In like manner we Are glad to be allies of Russia to Aid them in the defence of their fatherland to protect them against barbarian invaders and to Welcome them into the comity of the Western world. Hut As Stalin would reject nazism As distinct from Germany so we must reject marxian socialism As distinct from Russia our courageous ally. Not one of the four forms is a state in. The political sense of the term rather each is a philosophy of life working through a unique party which acts As a substitute for the state. All agree in investing Primi Tive ideas of class race nation and blood with a divine significance. How did these pseudo mysticism originate in their european form they arose in part As a reaction against the excesses and defects of the secularist and materialist culture of the rest of the Western world. They corrected abuses after the fashion of a Man who might foolishly Burn his barn to get rid of a few rats. Anyone who looks at history in the perspective of the last few Hun dred years will see in it a progressive repudiation of Christian principles in social political and economic life which repudiation produced first a non religious civilisation and then by reaction an anti religious civilisation and finally the new false religion of nazism against which we Are Strugg ling. The strength of these totalitarian systems was that they supplied some kind of an answer false though it was to the hidden dominance of the lords of finance to the indifference of democracies to absolute values and to the claim of merchants that private gain must have precedence Over the common Good. The ills they attempted to cure were basically due to the de Christiania Tion of society. But through a false diagnosis they attempted to arrest that de christianization by anti Christian Ising the world. We Are less concerned with the Ori Gin of these systems and More with their nature. By answering this ques Tion we have the clue to the thing we Are fighting against. The. Essence of totalitarianism is threefold it denies the value of a person by affirming the Primacy of the nation the race the class the dynasty it denies the Equality of men it affirms that evil is the method and the goal of the the Basic principle is the sacredness of the individual As a creature endowed by god synth Able rights. The Basic in Sciple bf1-1 nazism and other totalitarian sys tems is that the individual has no rights except those Given him by the party or the state. In America free Dom resides in Man in nazism free Dom resides in the race. In America Man endows the state with rights which he received from god in nazism the state endows Man with rights which it got from Hitler. One of the Best expressions of this totalitarian idea that the individual has no value is to be found in that influential German Karl Marx who in 1843 rejected a democratic Conception of Man on the grounds that it was Christian. These Wetie his words that each Man has a value As a Sovereign being is an illusion a dream continued on Page two Pope Pius ii address on tradition and Progress new things and old Vatican City Jan. 22 asserting that

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