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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Mar 17 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - March 17, 1944, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia official memorandum on reds and 111 civil services danger in War and peace. Washington Jan. 13. Any person found to be a member of the communist party or to be a Follower of the communist party line has no. Place in the government in time of War or in time of peace the civil service commission states in a memorandum made Public last week. Ryphe memorandum was accompanied a press release in which the commission said it was issued to clarify for its investigators policies set Forth in a letter sent out by the commission on november 3 last. In that letter the commission s investigators were instructed not to ask questions of prospective government employees concerning membership in the lawyers Guild the american civil liberties Union the socialist party the league of women shop pers or the Harry Bridges defence committee. In the memorandum intended to clarify its position the commission quotes from Section 3 of War regu lation ii 1 which has the sub title this Section gives As one reason for disqualification of an applicant or. Employee a reason Able doubt As to his loyalty to the government of the United it follows from what has just been said the commission s latest memorandum states that the com Mission holds to the Point of View that an applicant or an appointee found to be a Follower of the communist party line has no place in the government in time of War or in time of peace. Such a person has clearly indicated that he is willing to take orders from a political group located in a foreign nation and whose first loyalty is to a foreign government. Such a person cannot should not and must not be entrusted with the duties and responsibilities of a Public official. Such a policy does not reflect any Lack of genuine enthusiasm for the tremendous contribution which the soviet government and the soviet people have made to the winning of this War. Such a policy is simply a Frank recognition of the fact that a Man cannot serve two masters for sooner or later he will hate the one and love the other. It is absolutely impossible to Ima Gine the soviet government following a policy of tolerating As one of their Public officials a soviet citizen whose primary loyalty was to a political group whose primary loyalty in turn was to any foreign in dealing with the question of communism the memorandum states the commission has not adopted the attitude that before a person could be excluded from government employment it had to be shown that he belonged to an organisation which it could be proved had advocated the overthrow of our constitutional form of government in the United rather the memorandum says the commission has followed the policy that a member of the communist party or a Follower of the communist party line has clearly indicated that his primary loyalty is to a foreign political group owing its allegiance to a foreign govern ment and that there is therefore a Strong presumption in favor of his willingness to take Steps designed to overthrow our constitutional form of government if directed to do so. We believe that we Are thoroughly Justi fied in classifying such a person As a potentially disloyal person. Consequently the commission feels that inspire of the prohibition against making inquiry into political opinions or affiliations the Hatch act and the appropriation acts do give it the right to inquire As to a per son s formal affiliation with the communist party or As to his adherence to the communist party established 1847 Roylo port . Figures show great can Kane trends in 1926-42 period. View York Jan. 13.statistics presented in information service weekly Publica Tion of the Federal Council of the churches of Christ in America reveal trends in Church membership in the period 1920-1942 they show that the growth of the Cati Church in the United states far exceeded that of any other group. A figures Given for the Catholic Church show its membership in 1926 As 18,605,003 and in 1941-42 As 22,945,247, an increase of 4,340,244. Figures Given for the next largest group the Baptist bodies show a total membership in 1926 of 8,303,187, and in 1941-42 a total of 11,170,662, an increase of 2,867,475. The Baptist bodies include the Northern Baptist convention the Southern Baptist convention the negro Baptist Church the free will baptists the primitive baptists the United Ameri can free will baptists and the american Baptist association. The membership of the negro Baptist Church in 1941-42 is Given As 3,911,612. Figures Given for the second larg est of the non Catholic groups the methodist bodies show a total membership in 1926 of 7,966,082, and in 1941-42 a total of 9,474,870, an in crease of 1,508,788. The methodist bodies include the methodist Church the african methodist episcopal Church the african methodist Episco pal Zion Church and the coloured methodist episcopal Church. The total membership of the three coloured methodist groups in 1941-42 is Given As 1,560,979. For the lutheran bodies the figures show a total membership in 1926 of 3,766,912 and in 1941-42 a total of 4,814,866, an increase of 1,047,954. The lutheran bodies include the ame rican lutheran Church the Evangeli Cal lutheran augustan Synod of North America the evangelical lutheran Synod of Missouri Ohio and other states the evangelical Luthe ran joint Synod of Wisconsin and other states the norwegian lutheran Church of America and the United lutheran Church of America. For the presbyterian bodies the figures show a total membership in 1926 of 2,534,582, and in 1941-42 a total of 2,796,051, an increase of 261,469. The presbyterian bodies in clude the presbyterian Church in the .a., the presbyterian Church in the ., the Cumberland presbyterian Church and the United Presby Terian Church. The figures for the protestant Epis Copal Church show a total member ship in 1926 of 1,859,086 and a total of 2,074,178 in 1941-42, an increase of 215,092. For jewish congregations. The figures show a total membership in 1926 of 4,081,242 and a total of 4,641,184 in 1936, an increase of 559,942., two other groups Are listed with a total membership in excess of one million in 1941-42. They Are the disciples of Christ with a member ship of 1,655,580, and the evangelical Church with a membership of 1,052,701. The Survey estimates the total 1941-42 Church membership in the United states on the basis of reports from 258 religious bodies As 68,501 186, compared with a total of 54,676,346 in 1926, an increase of 25.5 per cent in Church membership for the. Period As compared with an estimated 14.3 per cent increase in general population. The study is based on comparisons made Between the data on Church membership reported in the Federal census of religious bodies-1926, and the latest compilation of the. Official reports of Church membership Corm prising mainly figures for the year 1941 or 1942, published in the year Book of american churches 1943." patriotic anger and Zeal exploited in Yugoslavia Tito and his men toward the end of lost year it was officially announced that the government of. Yugoslavia up to then the official Legal government was abandoned by the Allied nations in favor of marshal Tito s partisan group. That these latter Are but a handful of wholly unrepresentative ideologists is the Contention made in the following article reprinted from he London to May it be that there will be great constitutional changes in Yugoslavia As indeed in Czechoslovakia for both were synthetic creations of the last peace mixed states with one race placed in a permanent Majo Rity Over other Peoples who remain strongly convinced both that they had a moral claim to much More autonomy than they were allowed and that they narrowly a missed through ill Fortune or malice vastly More favourable treat ment at Versailles. But a detailed j study of the men now presenting themselves As an alternative govern ment for Yugoslavia suggests very strongly that the patriotic anger and enthusiasm of Large numbers is being exploited by a handful of wholly in representative ideologists. Tito the commander in chief of the partisan forces in Yugoslavia is now revealed to be Josip Broz a for Mer member of the International Bri Gades in Spain. It is also announced that the rank of marshal has been conferred on him but who conferred it is not stated and is not at All Clear. King Peter who alone had authority to do so has repudiated him Alto Gether. Broz is we believe the third to Bear the title of Tito the Suc Cessor to the russian Lebedev and the hungarian Kosta Nagye. At tempts Are being made to represent his activity in the International Bri Gades As the professional activity of a Soldier seeking military experience whereas it is the clearest sign of International communist ideology. Rut although the croat Tito him self is so elusive a figure and not a Soldier but a revolutionary de Carriere the men about him Are not by any Means All revolutionaries nor Are they by any Means exclusively croats. The people s liberation army uses the jargon of the left but there have for some time been British and ame rican Liaison officers at its Headquarters and it is certainly not under the exclusive patronage of the soviet Union. The conversations in Cairo Between president Inonu of Turkey and the Allied leaders suggest very strongly that a military Campaign in the bal kans is in Prospect perhaps with the turks As Active participants but no russian principal went to Cairo and the red army is not Likely to participate. When it begins All the local forces in Greece and Yugoslavia will become very important to the military plan but marshal Tito s will be the most important simply because it is the most numerous. Its importance will be entirely 1 military and the Allied High command will insist that both he and general Mihailovich direct the energies of their followers exclusively against the germans. The Man who has been made presi Dent of the new provisional Assembly and chief of state in the liberated territories is the croat or. Ivan Ribar who was chosen president of the constitutional Assembly which met after the last War to set up the kingdom of the serbs croats and slovenes. He was president of it at the time when it. Expelled its sixty democratically elected communist members after the communists had. Shown themselves unfit to take part j in government by Many outrages in eluding the murder of a former. Minis Ter Drachkovitch and the hurling of a bomb at the Prince Regent. Later or. Ribar became first speaker of the yugoslav parliament. His Posi Tion prior to this new appointment was vice president of the democratic party but he has a son who is Well known As a communist and is one of \ the leaders of the partisans. Or. Ribar is supported by three vice presidents these Are Mosa Pilade. A confirmed communist and formerly party Secretary in Yugo Slavia who is neither croat nor serb but a jew Ivan Augusti Novitch a croat sculptor not known As a communist on the contrary he recently made brats of Hitler and Mussolini to continued on Page two Russo polish question raises Many pro rims american reactions. Washington Jan. 20.the question of the Russo polish Border now so prominently and critically before the United nations is in the opinion of observers Here a matter not Only of geography and politics but of free Dom of conscience and of the gravest import to Western christianity. To is estimated by some that if Russia is permitted to draw the Boundary line where she wants to so As to incorporate half of pre War. Poland into soviet Russia it would mean the surrender of some 7,000,000 catholics to the religious policy of Russia. If Lithuania Esthonia and Latvia Are to lose their Independence to Russia it is believed that at least another 3,000,000 catholics would come under russian domination. Still other catholics in the Balkan states would come under the soviets directly or indirectly As a result of Russia s sex Parte settlement of its Western Boundary. Much has been heard lately to the effect that Russia has turned from its policy of religious persecution and that it is holding Forth the pro Mise if not the actuality of religious Freedom within her Borders. Still very Little is known Here about actual religious conditions in Russia and even less about the mind of the rus Sian leaders with regard to the future of religion in the land of the soviets. In any event even if most of the reports heard to Date should prove to be True there Are even More impel ling reasons students of such mat ters Point out for believing that pre Mier Stalin is. Strongly inclined to look upon the russian orthodox Church As a dependent and a posses Sion and a servant of the state. This is precisely the situation that catholics and protestants have struggled against in nazi Germany. To meet it again in Russia it is contended would be to face the same struggle on a vastly greater scale. Some observers have suggested two grave considerations in connection with the polish Border dispute first they Point out the situation involves directly a matter of Princi Ples among the United nations them selves. They cite the fact that Russia has in effect issued an unconditional surrender ultimatum to one of the United nations group and they assert that this constitutes a Challenge to All the pledges and agreements signed by the United nations. They contend that As embodied in the Atlantic charter these agreements foresee the restoration to Sovereign rights of All nations that fell victim of aggression. Second the unilateral establish ment of the Russo polish Boundary by Russia May have an effect upon Cen trial and South America that no one can fully appreciate now. Observers say latin american countries As most All countries recognise Poland As a Pioneer in resisting aggression and a most uncompromising fighter in this War. Catholic latin America they add is peculiarly Able to App re continued on Page two a task for experts no matter How carefully a will May have been drawn its purpose May be Defeated if the Choice of an executor is not wisely made. Every Day examples come under notice of this almost Elemen tary mistake. Private trustees Are human. They Are subject to the thousand natural ills to which the flesh is the administration of an estate is a highly Complex business which Calls for an extensive knowledge of the Law governing deceased estates. It is a work which when undertaken should be car ried out efficiently and dependably until the final settlement. 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