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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Mar 14 1947, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - March 14, 1947, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia of the world Are on Moscow nearly eight years since Hitler Stalin agreement the eyes of the world Are on Moscow. But there is More of despair in them than of Hope. In spite of. The assurances we Are Given that this time the soviet is going to play Ball that Stalin is going to use his influence to make the conference of big four foreign ministers a Success the general Public is prepared for the usual spectacle of backing and filling and appeasement ending in further gains for the soviet. The fact that Moscow of the big four con Ference is also the Moscow of the Molotov Ribbentrop conference is not easy to forget. Herewith we give information brought to fight at Nuremberg about that infamous meeting and its result world War ii. Despite the strenuous resistance of. The soviet the secret historical documents which Tell the inside diplomatic Story of the Hitler Stalin pact of 1939 were read into the record of the Nuremberg tribunal. Request for Molotov. Ribbentrop s defence counsel or. Seidl put in repeated applications for the calling of Molotov to the witness stand. It was of course in vain. He had petitioned the court for the release of the official signed Berlin and Moscow Docu ments both of which were now in the Kremlin Hitler s copy having been captured by the red army. Finally dramatically or. Seidl announced. That in connection with testimony Over the relations of 1939 he would introduce the texts of the treaties and their secret provisions into the record. The russian Bench in the court room was wildly distressed. General Rudenko protested against any introduction of the subject. But the texts were presented. They did not constitute the completed final form in which the treaties were signed but the first draft which had been prepared by Hitler s ambassador Gaus was accepted by the court. In the proceedings it was revealed that inasmuch As the polish partition had been agreed to in peace or War it was also agreed that Stalin would never accuse Germany of aggression because of its actions in affidavit of ambassador Gaus. My name is Friedrich Gaus. Until the end of the War i was Legal adviser to the foreign office in Berlin. My last rank was that of ambassador extraordinary. 1. In the Early summer of 1939, the then Reich minister of foreign affairs Ribbentrop. Asked the then Secretary of state of the foreign office von Weizsaecker and myself to come to his estate at Sonnenburg and informed us that Hitler had for some time been considering an at tempt to establish better relations Between Germany and the soviet Union. 2. Some time afterwards Ribben trop surprised me one Day in Tuschl by letting me read a document which contained the draft of a special Mes Sage of the Reich government to the soviet government and amounted to a proposal to initiate negotiations for a political treaty. Hitler approaches Stalin. A Telegram was sent to the Ger Man ambassador in Moscow instructing to transmit the message and a Short time afterwards the answer of the soviet government arrived it did not reject in principle the idea of putting.,, relations on a new political basis though it pointed out that Exten Sive examination and diplomatic preparations would have to precede the initiation of direct negotiations. A second German message was promptly sent to Moscow which expressed Germany s urgent wish immediately to initiate negotiations. It was proposed immediately to Dis Patch the Reich foreign minister to Moscow for the pin pose of be ginning political conversations to mis message an affirmative answer from the soviet government was received i think on August 21. R non aggression pact. 3. On August 23, around no6n, the plane of the Tohom i Fiad to accompany As Legal adviser in vie ii Day the first meeting of Herr von Ribbentrop and Stalin took place. The Reich foreign minister re turned very satisfied from this meet ing which had lasted a Long time and expressed the opinion that an Accord was As Good As certain on the agreements aimed at by Ger Many. I personally participated in the second meeting and also count Schulenburg and embassy Council Lor Hilger. The russians were represented in the negotiations by messes. Stalin and Molotov who were assisted by or. Pavlov As inter on the text of the Ger Man soviet non aggression pact was reached promptly and without difficulty. Baltic pawns. In addition to the non aggression pact a longer negotiation took place on a special secret document which As far i As i remember was designated As secret protocol or secret additional protocol and whose con tents amounted to a elimination of the. Spheres of interest of both parties in the european territories situated Between the two states. In the document Germany declared that she was politically disinterested in Latvia Estonia and Finland but she considered Lithuania part of her sphere of interest. At first there was a controversy with regard to the political disinterestedness of Ger Many in the two Baltic countries mentioned inasmuch As the foreign minister according to his instructions wanted to exclude a certain part of the Baltic territories from this political disinterestedness this was however not accepted by the soviet especially because of the ice free ports which were situated precisely in this part of the territory. The Reich foreign minister had put in a Long distance Call to Hitler because of this Point. This Call did not come through until Dur ing the second meeting and in a direct conversation with Hitler the Reich foreign minister was empowered by Liim to accept the soviet Point of View. For the polish Terri tory a line of demarcation was de. . The Noh age Grission react and the secret document were signed the same. Night at a rather late hour. Very 4. During the time when copies of the final text were being prepared refreshments were served a con j venation. Developed during j which Ribbentrop told How a Public speech by staun which he made in the. Spring had contained a sentence which though Germany was. Not expressly mentioned had been under stood by Hitler As a hint on the part of Stalin vthatthesoviet1 government considered it pos Ite or desirable to establish better relations also with Gam Iaac by r by a Short remark which according to the nations flan von Ribbentrop also mentioned that Hitler had recently shown to him a film of a Public ceremony in Moscow and that he. Hitler found this film and the soviet personalities shown in it very likeable sym Pat Hisch. 5. During the negotiations on the second German soviet political treaty which took place about a month later the second document was modified in accordance with the proposal submitted by the soviet government to Berlin on an earlier Date by this modification Lithuania with the exception of a Small tip adjoining Eastern Prussia was also taken out of the German sphere of interest while in Exchange the line of demarcation on polish Terri tory was shifted farther to the East. Secret protocol of August 1939. On the occasion of the signing of the non aggression treaty be tween the German Reich and the socialist soviet republics the undersigned representatives of the two parties discussed in a highly confidential conversation the pro Blem of the demarcation of the spheres of influence of either party in Eastern Europe. This conversation had the following result 1. In the Case of a Politico territorial change in the territories be longing to the Baltic states Finland Estonia Latvia and Lithuania the Northern Frontier of Lithuania shall form also the demarcation of the spheres of interest Between Germany and the , both parties recognise the interest of Lithuania in the Wilno territory. Friendly understanding in division of loot to come. 2. In the Case of a Politico territorial change in the territories be longing to the polish state the spheres of interest Between Germany and the . Shall be divided approximately following the line of the Rivers Narow Vistula and san. The question As to whether the interests of both parties make it desirable to maintain an Independent polish state and How the frontiers of this state should be fixed can be clarified i in a final manner Only in the course of further political developments. In any Case both. Govern ments will solve this question by Way of a Friendly understanding. 3. With respect to South Eastern Europe the . Emphasise their interest in Bessarabia. Germany de clares her Complete political disinterestedness in this area. 4. This. Protocol shall be treated by both parties in a strictly secret manner. A Moscow August 23,1939. For the German government. " 1 i Ribbentrop. I on behalf of the. Government of the . Molotov additional secret protocol. Point 1. Of the secret additional protocol signed on August 23, 1939, is hereby modified to the effect that the territory of the lithuanian state becomes part of the sphere of in Terest of the ., while the pro Vince of Lublin and parts of the province of Warsaw become part of the sphere of interest of Germany compare the map appended to the Frontier and Friendship treaty signed to Day. As soon As the government of the . Takes special measures on lithuanian territory for the purpose of safeguard ing its interests the present German lithuanian Frontier shall be Recti fied for the purpose of a natural and simple delimitation of the Frontier by giving to Germany the lithuanian territory South West of the line drawn on the appended map. It is further stipulated that the above mentioned measures by the soviet Union shall not result in any prejudice to the economic agree ments Between Germany and Lithuania now in Force. Moscow september 28, 1939. For the German government Ribbentrop. On behalf of the government of the . Molotov. Joseph Nso mgr. Joseph Tiso former president of the slovak Republic now facing 113 charges each of which carries the death sentence is 59 years old and is the son of rugged slovaks who by Trade were meat dealers. As a youth or. Tiso excelled in learning. The hungarian language was then compulsory in. Slovakia. He mastered it faultlessly As Well As his native slovak and was particularly adept at languages speaking and writing also latin and German excellently. Called to the Priesthood he studied at the augustinian Seminary Vienna. He became a great admirer and later Collaborator of the great slovak Patriot mgr. Andrew Hlinka. Head of the government. When the Czecho slovak Republic was created he had the Choice of siding with the new governors of the country or of struggling with Hlinka and the slovaks for slovakian continued on Page 15 uninterrupted service elder s trustee company passes the True test of the Worth of an executor. 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