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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Mar 10 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - March 10, 1944, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Devotion to duty Seldom equalled never surpassed tenth Catholic . Arthur Louis Aaron who in winning the Victoria Cross set an example of Devotion to duty which has Seldom been equalled never surpassed is the tenth Catholic to be awarded that great distinction in this War. Juis Mother is of Swiss origin a Catholic his father is a non Catholic their son used to attend mass in the Church near his bomber station. Flight sergeant Aaron the 77th . Of this War died nine hours after bringing his crippled plane safely to Ali Allied Airfield. Only three Catho Jisc .s have survived their acts of gallantry to receive the Cross from the King major Ervine Andrews commander Miers sergeant Ken Neally. The others were flying offi cer Garland leading Seaman Jack Mantle Captain Fogarty Fegen lieu tenant commander Esmonde Captain j. J. Jackman private Waken Shaw. The official citation says that when flight sergeant Aaron s bomber of which he. Was Captain Pilot was approaching Turin a Bullet from an enemy fighter struck him in the face breaking his jaw tearing away part of his face. He was also wounded in the lung his right Arm was rendered useless. Unable to speak he urged the bomb Aimer by signs to take Over the controls. Course was set southwards in an Endeavor to reach Sicily or North Africa. After being treated with Morphia i resting flight sergeant Aaron rallied mindful of his responsibility As Captain returned to the Pilot s cockpit where he was lifted into his seat had his feet placed on the rudder bar. Twice he made determined at tempts to take control hold the aircraft to its course but his weak Ness was evident with difficulty he was persuaded to desist. Though in great pain suffering from exhaustion he continued to help by writing directions with his left hand. Five hours after leaving the target the petrol began to run Low but soon afterwards the flare path at Bone air Field was sighted. Flight sergeant Aaron summoned his failing strength to direct the bomb Aimer in the hazardous task of land ing the damaged aircraft in the dark Ness with under Carriage retracted. Four attempts were made under his direction at the fifth flight sergeant Aaron was so near to collapsing that he had to be restrained by the Crew the Landing was completed by the bomb Aimer. Nine hours after Landing flight sergeant Aaron died from exhaustion. Had he been Content when grievously wounded to lie still con serve his failing strength he would probably have recovered but he saw it As his duty to exert himself to the utmost if necessary with his last breath to ensure that his aircraft Crew not fall into enemy hands. In appalling conditions he showed the greatest qualities of courage de. Termination leadership though wounded dying he set an example of Devotion to duty which has Seldom been equalled never Arthur Aaron the first. Leeds Man to be awarded the . In this War joined the Volunteer Reserve of the . In 1941 at the age of 19 went to Texas where he won his wings. At. The time of his death he had completed 19 operational flights. He won the. . A few weeks before his death for pressing Home an attack when a fire was started to the rear of the bomb doors of his aircraft. He was educated at round Hay High school from which he moved to the architectural Section of the Leeds College of Art. He was described by tiie head of the school As a most promising student one whom i think would have been an outstanding architect had he flight sergeant Aaron has one Bro ther Frank a doctor at the Leeds women s Hospital. Air marshal sir Arthur Harris chief of bomber command in a per Sonal letter to Aaron s father says i my opinion never even in Hie annals of the ., has the pc. Been awarded for skill determination courage in the face of the enemy of a higher order than that displayed by your son on his latest a Catholic chaplain officiated at the funeral in North Africa flight ser Geant Aaron an enthusiastic Cli Piber was buried at the foot of the Atlas mountains Franz Werbela the child my the Power of love in Banz w Erfel s notable Book the song of Bernadette is dedicated to the child Manon in in this article first published in the Commonweal new York. Werfel tells who Manon was Why he remembers her so. Well. T was not Manon s father. And yet Manon was my child. Our association endured throughout her life. She was barely a year old when i saw her for the first time. Even then she had Long dark Lustrous hair. She could not yet talk. But when she was asked How does a dog bark she made Bow wow a similarly Trot Trot when the in Quiry dealt with a horse. As we stood beside the Little lattice work bed i said to her Mother what a Lovely child you have. Manon looked at me with tranquil eyes which even then held a gleam of observation. Later her Mother became my wife. The three of us lived together. I was not Manon s father. But she became my child. The Little girl must have been about five years old when we first Dis covered her Talent for acting. At the time we happened to be in a big City where one of my plays was to be produced. To Day it seems to me that the play was As fanciful As it was confused. The action consisted of a Motley sequence of dreams. In one of these dream scenes the hero encountered his beloved in a grave Yard. Where a my child he asked her. You stand at his grave the woman replied. The dress rehearsal of this pretentious play took five hours. Since we did not care to leave Manon alone in the. Hotel we had taken her along to the theatre bedding her Down on the divan in one of the boxes where we hoped she would soon fall asleep. She did not sleep a Wink not even Dur ing the Long intermissions. Before the play ended she grew so Pale that my wife was alarmed. Despite the Little girl s wild screams of protest my wife gathered her up quickly took her Home. Time again during the ensuing weeks we surprised her acting out the graveyard scene from my comedy costumed in whatever wraps she could find. Dramatically stretching out her Little hand she tirelessly repeated question answer where is my child you stand at his grave Why Don t you pick out one of the brighter spots i asked her. There Are a whole lot of funny places in the i Don t like the funny places said the five year old. I Only like the sad places. They re much More my profession with its rehearsals stage performances constantly kept Manon in touch with the theatre. Despite the motion picture the Thea tre continues to exert an irresistible fascination on All imaginative Chil Dren. Vain parents often confuse Mere aping with True Talent Voca Tion. We were not so vain As that. Seven years passed before i recognised one Day to my own Surprise that within Manon there Lay hidden a truly creative personality struggling for expression. I had always been an ardent admirer Prophet of Giuseppe Verdi. The greats master of italian music wrote some 30 operas of which but seven or eight Are Well known yet dramatic Power melodic Beauty of a High order dwell in All of them. With Iii of my wife herself a musician i unearthed a number of these less Well known Verdi operas revising the text the dramatisation. One of these was la forza Del Destino the Force of destiny herself smiled upon the Force of the Brilliant premiere at the Dresden state opera House was enthusiastically received. Manon now 12, was of course pre sent not Only on the first night but continued on Page two what the marines found the War in the Pacific is doing one goo thing at least it is letting the Light in on the heroic work of priests nans missionaries generally on the Sterling re sults they obtain among the native Peoples. Few experiences in this respect Are More moving than those of father Meehan on new Britain As told by Noel Ottaway War Cor respondent i the . Forces. A print he two years that new brits had groaned beneath the japanese1 use the devout Mission natives a been without Church ser Chi. Tunings marriage burial services. Pathetic scenes were witnessed when natives in. The liberated area came joyfully into the american lines. Some 580 natives including 200 men the rest women children who had been hiding Semi starved in caves in the Cape Gloucester area during the recent fighting were found by marines patrols soon came into the american lines. They were approached by an Episcopalian padre who found that they were All roman catholics so he contacted padre Daniel Meehan from new Jersey the Catholic priest of an Engineer regiment who immediately arranged a Church service. It was most moving for. Meehan said later. When i started the Liturgy of the mass these poor Down trodden people followed it with a Low chant exactly As i have heard it in the United states. Usually the priest trains two of the older boys to make the latin responses on behalf of the congregation. But Here the whole congregation broke into the responses al though it was two years since they Hadr heard the service. It was pathetic profoundly impressive to see the tears rolling Down their Cheeks. The older members wept openly. They told me that their last two priests for. Carrigan for. Borrow had been seized by the japanese taken to Rabaul. I do not know if they Are still alive but if they Are dead the Man Ner in which these people have retained their teaching1 while being kicked from pillar to Post is their fitting for. Meehan contacted major general Rupertus commander of the marines who is also a Catholic invited him to attend next sunday s mass for the natives. For. Meehan warned the general that the service might be Long but Gen. Rupertus replied sure i will the service will be Long because for. Meehan has two years Christen Ings to perform plus a Large number of marriages. Of course Many couples have come together during the absence of the priest for. Meehan said. The Church provides that in such cases the couples shall plight their troth before the Village elders. The priest upon arrival solemn ses the marriage. I had read about such cases in the Seminary in the United states but i had never expected to have to per. Form such ceremonies As i will do next sunday. I am anticipating some difficulty in hearing confessions he went on. I do not speak pidgin English i understand that Many words which Are not respectable in Ordinary eng Lish Are generally current in for. Meehan however does not be Lieve the unorthodox words in pidgin English will Worth him. I have Learned subconsciously from the marines several words which i do not think would go Down in my Parish Back the natives told or. Meehan that the japanese had seized their gardens on the coast when they moved Inland again took Possession of their Large communal plots. They retreated further into the Forest foiled the japanese by scattering their plots Over a wide area cultivating Only Small areas concealed by the. Foliage of Trees. During their two years of exile the natives kept a Complete written re Cord of births marriages deaths which they brought in with them in tact. They never believed the Jap Rule would survive they waited eagerly for the return of the Whites. I 1amaceto catacombs Hub Omelau world wide sorrow Vatican incendiary bombs dropped on the outskirts of Rome on december 28 caused a number of deaths casualties damaged extra territorial property of the holy see. Damage was done in the zone of the catacombs Oft. Kalixtus St. Praet extitus St. Domi Tilla. This was the fourth bombing of Rome. It he. Other bombings were on june 19 August 13 by Allied planes on november 5 by a plane then unidentified but As is gathered from the remarks of his holiness to the College of cardinals on Christmas eve the identity of the aircraft is now known to the holy see. In the december 28 raid on Rome bombs damaged the building housing the directorate of the catacombs shattered Sarcophagi windows a skylight damaged the exterior of the ancient Basilica by the Catacomb of St. Domitilla. Greater damage was done in nearby areas particularly in the garb Atella Quarter Many were killed or wounded. The Chapel of the franciscan missionary Sisters of Egypt was among the buildings struck. Eyewitnesses said that incendiary bombs were dropped by the last plane in a Large formation. The residential Quarter at Garba Teilo near the Basilica of san Paolo was said to have been hit. According to nazi claims several houses were destroyed in the area numerous persons were killed or injured. The charge was also made by the Axis that fifty persons were injured by machine gun fire. Reports of the German . That the Basilica of St. Paul outside the Walls situated on the Ostian Way containing the major part of the body of the apostle was seriously damaged Are indicated As untrue in dispatches received by the . From Vatican City the catacombs of St. Kalixtus St. Praet extitus Are on the App Ian Way that of St. Domitilla is on the via a Deatina. These roads Lead South from Rome. The catacombs were reopened in the latter half of the nineteenth Century. The Walls of St. Kalixtus Are lined with tombs of third Century Popes Many of them martyrs bodies later removed to St. Peter s. The body of St. Cecilia Lay in a cubicle next to the Chapel of the Popes. Martyred about 229 a.d., Cecilia presents one of the startling miracles of history. Her remains were found i corrupt in her catacombs crypt in 821 transferred by Pope paschalis i to St. Cecilia s in Trastevere Rome where they still Are. In 1599, the remains were found still in corrupt by Cardinal a Frandoni. The famous statue of Madero showing the Virgin Saint s head partly severed is based on the official examination after the first bombing of Rome Pius Xii hurried out from Vatican City to Comfort the afflicted. The Basilica of san Lorenzo near Mili tary objectives was heavily damaged there were a number of casual continued on Page two to Day is the Day to act a death bed will is As sorry a substitute for a carefully prepared Docu ment As a death bed repentance is for a Well ordered the More often those words Are read the stronger does the truth contained in them become evident. The making of a will is not something to be performed in an extremity. It is a duty to be undertaken with a Clear mind when in perfect health. The testator should be in a Posi Tion to carefully consider what he intends to do with his property he should Bear in mind that whatever he May decide whilst alive cannot be altered by him after death. For this Rea son he should not be swayed by any momentary impulse but should calmly consider the claims needs of those dependent upon him. The appointment of a permanent trustworthy executor is a vital part of your will. Elder s trustee company offers both these advantages. Call or write for particulars. Elder s trustee executor company limited. Elder House -. 37r39 Curxie St Adelaide. �33

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