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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Jun 30 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - June 30, 1944, Adelaide, South AustraliaNational Library of Australia in conditions of Freedom . Broadcast t Ondon an arresting address on the Christian foundations of Freedom was imn on Che . Programme by the new Are bebop of Westminster or. Griffin. A Olee Ance of the religion of others must be guaranteed by every state Judd this guarantee should be confirmed by such sanctions As will prevent any nation whatsoever from persecuting its citizens on account of their religious beliefs declared the archbishop. His Grace also said that scone of the fear which Lias made men and. Women hesitate to marry until late in life and then shrink from haying children has been due to a Lack of Trust and Confidence in god but much of it has Arisen also from social unrest and International strife thus Only when equitable conditions of life have been assured to All classes of the Community by a system based upon the Christian principles of social Justice Only when men have Learned to live together in a spirit of True Christian brotherhood Only then shall we enjoy perfect Tranquillity at Freedom is a word frequently on our lips especially to Day when we Are fighting to preserve it said his Grace. But what do i mean by Freedom. The nazis said they were fighting for Freedom when they persecuted both tews and christians when they put thousands into concentration Camps when they taught children to. Betray their parents. When they devoted All their resources to making bombs and tanks and guns it was they said in order to defend their Freedom. When they invaded Poland and Norway and Denmark and Belgium and Holland and France they claimed that they did so to bring these countries the Boon of Freedom. In fact for them Freedom meant the Power to do exactly As they pleased so Long As it was to the Appa rent advantage of the German race. Now whatever Freedom May mean it does not mean the Power or the Liberty to do to say or to think just As you please. This is not the sort of Freedom we Are fighting for. We want that Freedom which is the Liberty of the sons of god Freedom to live As sons of god Freedom to do his will Freedom to obey his Law. You see therefore that True free Dom implies that there is a Law to he obeyed the Liberty of the sons of god is not just natural Freedom it is natural Freedom limited con trolled guided and perfected by the obligation to do not merely what one pleases but what one ought. You can ignore or infringe the Law which god has made for your welfare but if you do you spoil yourself and if you per Sist you fail to reach your eternal destiny. " by Freedom from fear we Don t mean from the Freedom of breaking god s Law and offending godt this fear of losing gods Friendship is. On the contrary the Mark of the True sons of god and the great safeguard of their True Liberty. No the fear from which we want to be free is the fear of All those evils which hinder the fulfilment of our duty towards god and our neighbor. We sigh for that Tranquillity of mind and heart in which alone we can serve g6d As we ought. In one generation we be had two world wars we have had strikes social unrest and revolution. Fearful of what the future might bring Young men and women have hesitated to marry until late in life and after marriage they have shrunk from having children from fear of being unable to support them. Some of this fear it is True has been due to a Lack of True Trust and Confidence in god and to remedy that we must return to a firm belief in the Providence of a father who knows j what is needful for us. But much of it has Arisen also from thereal Lack of Security in Public life social unrest and International strife must be eliminated Iff men Are to Nve in Freedom from fear. Only of Len equitable conditions of life have been assured to a classes of the Community by a system based upon the Christian principles of Bodal Justice Only when men have Learned to live together in a spirit of True Christian brotherhood Only then shall we enjoy perfect Tranquillity at Home. And it is by similar Means that we shall dispel the fear of further International conflict. No nation must grow Rich or powerful at the expense. Continued on Page two protective clauses in British education Bill Bishop s warning Ion Don april 28bis Bop Marshall in a 4 speech at Manchester on saturday said that the nor education Bill As it stands will 1 fear violate the consciences of a minority such As the catholics Are for it will hand our schools Over to grave injury by adminis his lordship contended that the amendment which obliges a local authority when securing the provision of primary and secondary schools to have regard to the wishes of the parents is couched in terms which deprive it to a great extent at least As far As the Catholic minority Are concerned of the Protection which it appears to secure for the conscience of the under the present Law he pointed out the necessity of a new Catholic school is decided by the Board of education and in so deciding it is obliged to have regard to the interests of secular education to the wishes of the parents As to the education of their children and to the Economy of the rates. In As much As in general from 1870 up to recent years the desire of Catholic parents to open new Catholic schools rarely met with opposition it has been maintained that on the grounds of use and wont the wishes of the parents were intended by Law to be the chief consideration. According to or. Butler s Amend ment the wishes of the parents Are not to be regarded As the chief consideration rather must these wishes be compatible with efficiency and Economy. Whether the wishes of the parents Are compatible with efficiency or not will depend on the views which local education authorities and future minis ters of education May hold concerning the conditions under which efficient education can be Given. Whether they Are compatible with Economy or not will depend on the interpretation which the local education authorities and future ministers May give to tie words unreasonable expense. Under this amendment it is quite possible that on the plea of efficiency a Catholic school May be rejected by one minister of. Education and recognised As necessary by another. How far will or. Butler himself recognise the wishes of the parents if he considers that they Are in conflict with efficiency for an answer to this we have Only to turn to the White paper on educational reconstruction presented by him less than a year ago to parliament. In it he states that the system of dual control is inconsistent with proper Economy and efficiency note his reasons for coming to that conclusion. For example he states a new non provided school May be set up although the children who will attend it Are already adequately accommodated in Council schools. If therefore Catholic parents wish to provide a Catholic school near. A county school which has vacant accommodation for their children will or. Butler s amendment allow it i doubt the Bishop expressed fears concern ing other provisions in the Bill and concluded i am glad to know from the parents and electors association that they Are not going to accept this Bill As a final settlement of the Case. In Calmer Days when our men re turn when our Homes become Normal when once again there can be free Dis Cussion and a really free vote without danger to the Unity of our country and the prosecution of the War then this Bill will certainly receive from catholics and their friends the attention it censored passages of French Bishops statements shackles tightened London the Tablet of april 15 devotes ions article to the suppression by the Vichy censors of essential parts of the state ment made on february 17 by the cardinals and archbishops of France. To this it finds that not Only did the censors suppress entire passages but Cut out sentences and phrases throughout the the full text which has been extensively passed from hand to hand is much More than twice As Long As that which the censors allowed to the tablets translation of the text As it appeared in the journal de Geneve of March 31 shows that the Vichy authorities entirely suppressed the following crucial passage but among All the trials which afflict our country How could we fail to put among the most severe the Vio lations of that natural and Christian moral Law of which our administration of the gospel has entrusted to us the Protection ? How could we fail to denounce first and Foremost the unanimous admission of the principle of total War of which All that we deplore is but the fatal consequence after the requisitioning of male labor which has affected hundreds of thousands of families and has brought anguish into the hearts of the mothers Here we have it that the women and Young girls of France Are threatened with being called for compulsory labor. Certainly we Are not unaware of the Steps by. Which the established authorities Are striving to restrict the social consequences of such measures. But whatever May be the conditions it is the Mere fact of this mobilisation which bears grave prejudice to the life of the families and to the future of our country to the dignity and moral dignity of the women and Young girls and to their providential the More general passages of the statement dealing with what the French archbishops had done to give help and sympathy during the Dis Tress of the past four years especially in the Case of the working classes Les Milieu Popula Irethe expression of their criticism of bombing of the unrest created in France by the present situation and the reiteration of their opinion that it is France s Mission to defend and play a Noble role in restoring Europe All these were permitted in a compressed and mutilated form. The Tablet article continues the Gazette de Lausanne writes when the editor of the great Catho Lic paper la Croix received the order to publish the curtailed and altered text he refused at Cardinal Serlier s request declaring that he would either publish the full statement or would publish nothing. Conversations took place in Vichy on this subject Between representatives of the French Episco Pate and Laval. The latter Fili ally agreed that la Croix should not pub Lish the text which had been imposed on the whole press under penalty of suspension. But the German authorities did not authorise the publication of the full text even in la Croix thus an event occurred which stands alone in the history of the Semi official Organ of French catholicism la Croix was the Only French paper to ignore the cardinals message thereby scandal sing Many of its readers. Later when the message began to be circulated clandestinely the motives of its abstention became for a year at least the Bishops of prance have been protesting at the Prospect of the conscription of women and girls for forced labor. Cardinal Lienart archbishop of Lille spoke strongly in this sense on March 15, 1943. No better demonstration of the Independence of the Hierarchy could be Given than this determination to speak their mind about even the possibility of unjust measures by the government. The present episode makes it seem almost certain that the statement which the cardinals and archbishops issued last autumn was also interfered with it May be remembered that that statement was widely quoted As a definite Call to frenchmen to associate themselves with the Vichy government against the resistance. The fans he Cri do people de clares that a final breach of the continued on Page two Vatican paper of scorched Earth Pouch into the abyss i 4 n article in Osser Vanoie roman Semia official Vatican daily newspaper h it Issue of Jan Nair 15, entitled scorched Barth comments on the general decline in Sam Daids both in the conduct of the War Ami it Asker Fields the article is especially concerned with the scorched Earth policy which the to mans Are Likely to pursue when the a Neil Retreat begins. The article states that the Ideal of peace which christianity brought into the world has always had an indefatigable Champion in the Catholic Church whose practical Genius has led her to adopt a maximum and a minimum policy the first aiming at the abolition the second at the humanization of War. In Antiquity the Osse Vatore went on War was entirely ruthless not Only in More re Mote periods but even in the Century of Augustus the most Brilliant period of the roman Empire. The so called Pax Romana was based essentially on Force and coercion and had nothing in common with that Pax Christiana which Christian Rome subsequently advocated and which was founded upon Charity and Justice. The article then referred to the Vari Ous efforts made during the. Middle Ages by the ecclesiastical authorities in various countries and by the holy see itself to mitigate and reduce to a minimum the evils inherent in War and it instanced the largely successful efforts made during the ninth tenth and eleventh centuries to establish that truce of god whereby belligerents consented to refrain from War on most Days of the week and during certain liturgical seasons and to respect not Only women children and the clergy but also other classes of persons such a Farmers fishermen merchants and those whose activities were regarded As essential to the common welfare. So it was that in that medieval period in which generosity and chivalry egoism and cruelty were so strangely combined men never lost sight completely of the Polar Star of Christian principle and they made of it a goal towards which in spite of every deviation their footsteps were for the most part directed. But when the Ages of Faith declined and the new Day of rationalism secularism and materialism dawned All the charitable institutions which the Church had devised were rejected. Rejected As part of what was regarded As an obsolete obscurantism while humanity marched Onward filled with Pride and self Confidence towards Aims which Are to Day so discredited. The men of the new epoch were Sar Castic about the Christian Conception of a mild form of War. Under such conditions they said War would not have room to develop its full striking Power the Clever might sometimes prevail Over the Strong and it was Only strength that should count. War was War it was no longer understood that the continued on Page two to Day is the Day to act a death bed will is As sorry a substitute for a carefully prepared Docu Iden As a death bed repentance is for a Well ordered the More often those words Are read the stronger does the truth contained in them become evident. The making of a will is not something to be performed in an extremity. It is a duty to be undertaken with a Clear mind when in perfect health. The testator should be in a Posi Tion to carefully consider what he intends to do with his property and he should Bear in mind that whatever he May decide whilst alive cannot be altered by him after death. For this Rea son he should not be swayed by any momentary impulse but should calmly consider the claims and needs of those dependent upon him. The appointment of a permanent and trustworthy executor is a vital part of your will. Elder s trustee company offers both these advantages. Call or write for particulars. 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