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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Jun 27 1947, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - June 27, 1947, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia if centuries mss Peter remains tiring Chain from Peter to Pius a next sunday the Majestic Basilica of St. Peter in Rome built Over the Tomb of the apostle St. Peter will be thronged by 70.000 worship pers. They will gather there to assist at pontifical High mass to be celebrated by Pope Pius Xii in com memo action of the feast of its. Peter Paul the first vicar of Christ his great fellow worker. The scene will be one of splendor magnificence the crowd will wait tensely for the arrival of his holi Ness. Suddenly the choir will burst Forth into the thundering Welcome of tues petrus. Thou Art Peter the Rock As the Pope makes his solemn entry Blessing All to left right from the sedia Gest Atoria while the people s acclaim will almost drown the singing. Long live the Pope god bless the Pope they will cry out in a dozen or rather in a Hundred languages for there will be men of Well nigh every nation on Earth in that gathering. Mass will begin its prayers actions will continue until Silver trumpets proclaim that Christ him self has come the living memorial of Calvary s sacrifice Emanuel god with us. The mass will move quietly splendidly to its end the Pope will leave St. Peters Blessing All once More the people will acclaim him again then pour out into the great Piazza gradually Dis Perse. Past links with present what is the explanation of this strange moving splendid ? this Pope Pius Xii is the Succes Sor of him to whom Christ said thou Art Peter on this Rock i will build my that is Why the choir gloriously proclaims tues petrus thou Art Peter the the Only reason Why there is such a person As the Pope at All to Day is that there was this first Pope ureter proclaimed by Christ himself at Caesarea Philippi Peter must have a successor to his office of vicar of Christ head of the Church. Pope Pius Xii is offering the Sac Rifice of the mass because 2,000 years is not Long enough to forget Christ s injunction to do what he did at the last supper do this in commemoration of Pope Pius Xii is greeted by men of every race Tongue on Earth because the Church of which he is the present head has carried out the divine command going. Therefore teach All nations. Given to Peter the first head the apostles his fellow workers. Peter s frailty though Peter was chosen to be head of Christ s flock that did not mean that he was a perfect Man. Very shortly after our lord had uttered his tremendous thou Art Peter the Rock he publicly very seriously rebuked Peter for his world Liness. Our lord had been telling the apostles of the sufferings death he must undergo. Peter began to remonstrate lord be it far from thee this shall not be unto Christ turned sharply to him go behind me satan thou Art a scandal unto me because thou Savo Reat not the things that Are of god but the things that Are when the hour of Christ s passion did come Peter disowned him denied three times that he knew him. Yet the Power of god is Best revealed when the instruments god uses Are weak Peter his headship of the Church confirmed after the resurrection by Christ s injunction feed my lambs feed my sheep went on Faith fully generously to fulfil the office assigned to him. Peter s leadership Peter is mentioned first in All the lists of the apostles Given in scrip Ture Peter it was who Rose up in the midst of the Brethren to arrange for the appointment of a new Pope Pius Xii. Apostle to take the place of Judas the traitor Peter it was who led the. Preaching of the apostles after Pentecost when about 3,000 souls were converted heeding his words do penance be baptised every one of you in the name of the lord Jesus Peter it was who did the first Miracle of Healing after our lord s ascension curing at the Gate of the Temple a Man lame from birth Peter it was who led the magnificent Defiance of the apostles when they replied to those who forbade them to preach Christ we must obey god rather than men Peter it was who even to those who sat in judgment against him proclaimed there is no other name under heaven Given to men whereby we must be saved Peter it was who received the first non jew into the Church Cornelius the roman officer opened the door for the spread of Christ s teaching amongst the gentiles. Later he presided at the Council of Jeru Salem which was called to discuss this very Point. Peter in Rome St. Peter after being scourged imprisoned in Jerusalem was for a Short time Bishop of Antioch in Syria. From there he went to Rome Accord ing to Eusebius St. Jerome Early in the reign of Claudius . 41-54 about the year 42. He was Bishop of Rome for about 25 years suffer ing martyrdom by crucifixion. There is an old legend according to which Peter in danger of being arrested by the romans fled out of the City along the via Appia. The spot is still shown where he is sup posed to have had a vision of our lord walking towards the City. He cried out Domine quo. Vadis lord where Are you going our lord replied Venio Romam it Erum Cruc Figi i am coming to Rome to be crucified again. This reply so touched Peter that he immediately turned Back to the City faced the danger. St. John in his gospel in. 21, 18-19tells us that our lord had already shown Peter what his death should be but when thou Shalt be old thou Shalt stretch Forth thy hands another shall gird thee Lead thee whither thou wouldst Peter on his return to Rome was then arrested condemned to be crucified but protested that he was not worthy of being treated like his master asked to be crucified head downwards. This request was granted. His martyrdom probably took place near where the Basilica of St. Peter now stands. His immediate Succes sors St. Paul is said to have been put to death on the same Day As Peter. That is Why they have As it were a joint feast Day. St. Paul being a roman citizen was not crucified but beheaded. The three immediate successors of St. Peter As Heads of the Church were Limus Cletus Clement. St. Linus is mentioned by St. Paul in his second epistle to Timothy written from Rome Eubulus Prudens Linus Claudia All the Brethren Salute St. Linus was not of course Pope at that time he occupied the see of Rome for 12 years then suffered martyrdom. Close to the Tomb of St. Peter there was found in the sixteenth Century a sarcophagus Sim ply inscribed in latin with his name Linus. It is extraneous to the subject but not without interest to note that the Claudia mentioned by St. Paul is said to have been the daughter of Carac talus the British King brought Cap Tive to Rome. St. Cletus was martyred about 91 . St. Clement is chiefly notable for having been the first Pope after St. Peter to leave a written document in his own name his epistle to the corinthians. This is generally looked upon As a most important document being the first recorded example we have of a successor of St. Peter asserting his authority Over the other churches. St. Clement too was martyred As indeed were the first 25 Popes. Questions answered Why did Peter go to Rome prob ably because it was the Centre of the roman Empire whence christianity could the More easily radiate through out the world by Means of the roman legions the civil officials the slaves who accompanied them. What does the word Pope mean it is an abbreviation of the latin Pater Patrum father of fathers a title that Well expresses the pre Emi Nence of the vicar of Christ. Do catholics hold that a Pope is absolutely perfect a completely sin less being no. St. Peter himself merited the rebuke of St. Paul on one Issue so St. Paul tells us in his epistle to the galatians adds that he ". 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