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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - June 23, 1950, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia of the businessman has no other ambition than to amass always More Money and to grow Rich he will betray his calling. Al he will play the game of those ill intentioned persons who make Commerce a living Vampire. Pope Pius Xii. What Pope Puis said id Ide businessmen the Pope some weeks ago addressing a group of businessmen to whom he had granted a special audience condemned As he has previously done on More than one occasion countries which keep All Trade in the hands of the state. But he also emphasised As he has often done before the obligation on businessmen to be Christian in their business manage ment. During an audience granted to Mem Bers of the Chambers of Commerce of 34 countries who had been meeting in Congress in borne the Pope said political motives to Day persisted in obstructing the circulation of people and goods. There Are even countries the Pope said where a system has been constructed handing Over More or less All Trade to the Public authority. This is contrary to the Christian concept of social Economy. Commerce is fundamentally an activity of the individual and it is this private activity which gives it its first impulse and which lights the enthusiasm of those engaged in it. It is not without a certain expressive significance that mythology gave wings to Mercury the Pope told the businessmen. Limited Liberty should one not see therein a sym Bol of the Freedom which the merchant needs outside As Well As inside the frontiers of his country certainly there is no question and none of you would dream of it of demanding unlimited Liberty in compatible with the aim and needs of the National Economy or with the permanent care for the material Prosperity of All. It is on the contrary with a View Xot this Prosperity that you As Pire to a greater Liberty in Trade. And you Are the Pope said businessmen would never reach their aim of Prosperity for All unless they put their personal exercise of Trade at the service of the material Well being of society. The merchant they say must have ability no doubt the Pope said he must be a businessman prudent rather than sentimental again no doubt. Vampire but he must link to these strictly professional qualities an elevated concept of his professional Ideal. As a businessman he must consider himself also a servant of the Community. If he has no other ambition than to amass always More Money and to grow Rich he will betray his Call ing. He will play the game of of those ill intentioned persons who wish to make Commerce a living Vampire at the expense of the whole economic the holy father called upon the delegates to bring up their children in this Christian concept of Commerce and imparted a special apostolic bless ing on them with a special wish for a Good and Safe Progress in your working is serving god earlier in the week his holiness had told a group of working people that rightful labor is for christians a service to god. And one of the most important Means of Sanctification one of the most effective Means for conforming the divine will and meriting the holy father attributed to. Day s discontent to indifference to the fact that there is no longer a True Clear idea of the Christian value of work or that at least the idea is no longer vital in men s minds. He reminded the workers that no christians can consider labor in any but the True Christian sense. Just rewards it in t merely something extrinsic Cathy so his holiness said that his labor must give daily bread to a Man and his family but it is intrinsically proper to rightful work itself according the divine in addition to its private role the Pope called attention to the Public nature of work. It must also serve the general welfare his holiness said it must evidence everyone s sense of responsibility for the advantage of in the holy gospel the Pope continued the divine teacher does not condemn riches justly acquired he praises or blames As right or wrong the conduct of Man regarding them. Woe to him who becomes a slave to riches deluded by them without caring for the account he must give god regard ing them. But on the other hand there is Praise and Reward for the Good and faithful servant who has made fruit Ful use of the talents he the dangers of delay have you made your will or Are you putting it off till later if to Morrow would surely find us alive and Well we could plan against it with More Confidence. If we could be certain that each of us would meet to Morrow in full physical and mental vigor our complacent self Reliance would perhaps be justified but we cannot Trust to Morrow. Those who have been delay ing the making of their wills should remember that delays Are dangerous. They should also remember that Pri vate individuals who Are subject to All the ills of which the flesh is heir Are not the Wisest Choice As executors of a will. Personal friends and acquaintances in the prime of life Are frequently being Laid aside by sudden ill Ness Accident and in Many cases death. These daily happenings on every hand emphasise the urgency of making your will and appointing elder s trustee company As your executor. It is exempt from All these human weaknesses. Write for a free Booklet wills and executors elder s trustee and executor company limited elder House 37 3b Currle Street Adelaide. El79 making the pilgrimage to Rome from Colombo to Suez Gulf of Aden saturday june 3. Though the australian National holy year pilgrimage has arrived in Rome by now the following account by Frank Murphy of the third stage of their journey will be of interest to Many readers. A Happy augury or better still a sign of Grace to the australian holy year pilgrims Landing at Colombo was the news first rumoured then confirmed that the statue of the Pilgrim Virgin of our lady of Patima was in Ceylon. The statue which is on its Way to Australia was brought to Cey Ion on monday May 22, a week before the australian pilgrims arrived at Colombo when As the times of Cey Lon personally described the scene she stepped Down from the special air Ceylon Dakota at the eat Alana thousands of catholics from All parts of Ceylon said the times extended her an affectionate Welcome. The Pilgrim Virgin australian pilgrims were unable to see the statue As soon after its Arri Val at Colombo it was taken on a two months tour of the Island but the Ceylon press gave prominence to the arrival ceremony. The Pilgrim Virgin is a replica of the original sit Fatima and is on a tour of the world. The statue was officially handed Over to the archbishop of Colombo most Rev. Thomas Cooray by the Bishop of ban galore most Rev. Peter Thomas from whose diocese it was flown to Ceylon. The entire Catholic Hierarchy of Cey Lon was present at the ceremony and the governor general of Ceylon was represented by his aide de Camp capt. R. H. S. O Grady and the prime min ister by or. E. A. P. Wiley Erayne Home minister. While the great crowd Knelt in prayer archbishop Cooray accompanied by the other Bishops carried the statue to an altar erected on the Airport grounds. The archbishop afterwards addressed the people in English sinhalese and Timil and exhorted them to prayer and penance and in an occasional Sermon in sin Halese on the significance of the visit of the statue v. Rev. D. J. Anthony remarked on the deep respect our non Christian countrymen in different walks of life Are already manifesting towards the Lanka tour of the Pilgrim at the end of the ceremony the archbishop carried the statue to a decorated Chariot while the clergy and Peoples Ngi foe ave Maris the procession passed round the air port so that everyone would have an Opportunity of seeing and generating the statue and from the Airport it was carried through various parts of the City on its Way to St. Mary s Church Dehiwela. Many non catholics Here the crowd was so dense that the statue did not arrive until 9 p.m., instead of 7 p.m., As scheduled. A vast crowd said the times thronged the Church from an Early hour in the even ing and services were held throughout the night. Many non catholics were present. The statue will return to the Colombo archdiocese on july 6, and will leave Ceylon on july 15 after closing ceremonies at St. Lucia s Cathedral. Of itself the Story of the statue s arrival in Ceylon merits reporting but it is particularly fitting As part of the australian holy year pilgrims Story for it is a striking evidence of the strength and vitality of the Catholic Faith in a land which gave the australians their first and completely novel experience of a foreign country. Not All pilgrims were Given the Opportunity of realising that the

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